Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Girls....

Have you ever heard of a child being abused and then the only thing you could think about was going home and holding your own babies until they managed to squirm and wiggle out of your arms? You shower them with hugs and kisses and thank god that he decided to leave your babies in your care and not with some maniac? Well I have... and not just with my two legged babes either.

I believe that all things have a right to live out their lives healthy and comfortably until their purpose here on earth has been served. Even when we raise animals for meat, that animal has lived the best dang life it possibly could until its final breaths. I believe that's the way it should be. Unfortunately some people do not feel like that about animals, especially with livestock....

Earlier this week I caught wind of animal abuse case. In this economy issues such of these are rapidly popping up all over the place. This is happening with people that you would never think could do something like that. Once I heard of this particular animals suffering, I just wanted to love on my favorite four legged girls!

Sis and I headed out for the rocks. The girls started calling out to us before we arrived at the front gate. We walked over to the stones in the pasture and sat down. Jasmine and Jessica proceeded to rub their bodies against us like two happy dogs getting a delicious treat.

I leaned my head against Jasmines warm full tummy. She turned to rub her nose against mine. I could feel her breath against my cheek...At that moment her happiness and well being put my troubled heart to ease.

I think I even saw Jessica smile for the first time... yep  she was smiling. She's happy to be our goat too.

attempted to climb onto my lap a couple times. Goodness, that brought back those early memories with her. When we bought her, she was wilder than a buck! I was in way over my head! I would have to catch her and hold her in my lap for a couple of hours a day while she would struggle to get free. I did this for a couple of weeks until she got use to me. We went through hell. She has come so far. I know that if she would have went somewhere else, there was a great possibility that she would have remained wild and therefor dispensable... We all know what happens to dispensable animals right? They are bought and sold and bought and sold. Eventually animals like that end up in bad places. I feel so lucky that these girls are here and apart of our lives.

Jessica is so much like a baby still... Monkey See Monkey Do. She wanted to give lap time a try too.

Its all fun and games until Jasmine mistakes my hair for hay!

Goats are like children that never grow up.

 When you obtain a goat you are making a life long commitment to raise a permanent toddler....

But like most toddlers they provide hours of entertainment!

How could anyone ever be cruel to this???


  1. Leigh, I am soooo with you on this one. It breaks my heart when I hear of abuse. Animals give us so much love, there is never a good excuse for hurting one. Those cute little goats of yours are obviously very happy. Cute pics of her running with her ears up! Yep, I'd say she's happy.

  2. Such a touching entry. Sometimes it makes me wonder about folks who abuse animals. I loved that running shot with the ears flapping!

  3. Amen, sister. To all of it. Great pictures too! Made me smile!!! Love on them for me, too, since - for the time being - I can't have goats, and really, really want them.

  4. There's a couple that live down the road from us in a very nice home. She works for the Postal Service, and I assume that he has a decent job, too. First, they had two horses they underfed. Then, they got a couple Rottweilers they tied in the hot sun all day with no water. Then came a couple pygmy goats that eventually disappeared in favor of another neglected horse. Each predecessor left before the newest arrival, I suspect because people keep calling the law about them. Some people shouldn't have animals, and if they don't want to pay any attention to them; why DO they?

  5. leigh-you said it better then i could. a lot of people do not understand that animals have feelings also. animal abuse makes me irate and we are quick to call people on it if we think it is happening. thanks for sharing this writing with us. maybe it will have an impact on someone who needs it. Jim

  6. I love the photos – the only problem is now, I want a goat too. LOL: And is it just me – or were they smiling?

  7. Love your cant wait to get us some!
    *sigh* one of these days
    until then I will just have to enjoy yours ; )

  8. Karen,
    One of these days I will figure out how to post videos on here. Jasmine has quite the personality! lol

    You and me both. I don't understand why they just don't give them away to someone... we even have a livestock rescue close by, why not say "I'm in over my head will you please help me?" I don't understand it myself.

    Dog Hair,
    I will indeed shower them with hugs and kisses from you. They will appreciate their fame! lol ;)

    I have noticed that most people who neglect and abuse animals tend to keep a steady flow of them on their property. I understand why people like to have animals. I would love to take in every single one if I "could" But I am not physically able to take care of every animal in need. I know that if I took in every animal that my own would become neglected because there just isn't enough hours in the day... for some reason those animals hoarders or neglecter's do not see that animals need more than they are able to give. Its really sad.

  9. Jim,
    Thank you for being their voice, Jim. I'm the same way. I will observe the situation for a while and if it is indeed neglect or abuse then it is always reported.

    Australian Satirist,
    Goats are great! BUT its one of those types of animals that you either love or hate them... they are big babies and cry for attention often... I mean like when they hear the back door open they are crying at the fence for us to come sit with them. They are also notorious escape artist. Although we have yet to have a problem with them jumping the fence, Jessica likes to jump the divider wall in the barn. If allowed out they will eat your roses, your garden veg. and climb on your vehicles... trust me.... first hand experience talking here! LOL;)

    You guys have a great set up for goats!!! And just think of all the fun your boys will have! When they ask for a Go Cart for Christmas you can get them a Goat Cart instead! lol ;)

  10. Hi Leigh! It's been a while and I just wanted to stop by and say "hello". Your post made me smile because I remember when you first got Jasmine and you said "will she ever like me?". Too funny!! It's good to catch up with my blogger buddies. Stop by my blog and check out our news when you have a chance.


  11. I just can't get over how you made an actual goat smile. Truly amazing!!!

  12. Sandy,
    It has been too long! I cant wait to read EVERYTHING about the big move! Congrats again, it really looks like a special place you have.
    haha I remember saying that phrase (among many others) You were so right too. She did indeed come around and Jasmine is now my fav!

    Welcome!How do I make them smile? I make them happy of course! lol Thanks for stopping in. :)

  13. Seeing those photos of your toddlers just makes me smile! They're so happy! Funny how much animals can teach us about life, huh?

    Hugs ~Andrea~

  14. You are an excellent writer.

  15. Andrea,
    These girls have taught me a lot! Glad they could make ya smile.

    Thanks for such a kind compliment! :)