Monday, November 29, 2010

The girl who played among the trees

Sometimes our dreams are actually our reality in color...

Last night I had a dream. It has lingered with me like many of my more meaningful dreams do....

I saw a girl with long dark hair walking into a woods line with a dog. He was her companion. I know this because he walked willingly beside her. She never spoke or looked at him though. She didn't have to. It was like they were connected, internally linked.  Each confident stride was like they were walking towards their preordained destiny.   I wondered where they were going.

As the girls feet touched the leaf littered forest floor she morphed into a tall cedar tree. Her legs turned to ruff flaky bark, as the transformation continued up her body. The last part of her human self to change was her left hand. Simultaneously the dog morphed into a man. In the split second of their simultaneous transformation the man and girl were holding hands. He never looked at her but continued walking forward in his human form releasing her hand as the space between them widened with each step.

Then I woke up. I'm wasn't sure why the image of the dog man and the Cedar tree girl holding hands stuck with me. Having it do so makes me wonder of it's deeper meaning... Maybe it means I had an extra heaping of crazy?

The other day I had made a comment to my mom that I wanted to plant pine trees along the our property line. She suggested that I transplant the volunteer cedar trees out of their flower garden. Although I understood her suggestion as being a good start for my project, I don't really like Cedar trees. I like the wood after its been planed. I like the smell of the wood, but as far as the actual tree... its not much to look at if you ask me.

I wavered back and fourth on the idea of transplanting them. Even though I don't really like the looks of cedar,  I just hate to pass up free trees. "Surely I could fit them in somewhere" I thought.

As I was digging my holes for my new Cedars, I drifted back into images from my childhood. I use to play in the woods all the time as a child. My brother and I built our own little village out there. We moved fallen trees to create forts and collected stones to use as a work stations (for mud pies). But many times I found myself out in the woods alone with no one to play with me. I didn't like playing village with out any "villagers" so I would pretend that some of the trees were people. Specifically there was this super large tree. (I'm unsure of the variety).  I would pretend that he was an old wise man (like a chief). He was a good strong man that looked after the village. He kept the peace. Then there was this locust tree. He was tall with long spines protruding from his bark. He was always causing a ruckus in the village. The old wise tree didn't like the grumpy Locust....

One day while playing in the village I stumbled upon a small cedar tree.  This little seedling stuck out among the many because it had a strange orange fungus of some sort on its tiny trunk. I loved the little tree and pretended that it was a small child in the village.

Eventually the fungus spread. I dug my small tree up and showed it to my mom. She told me that the fungus would probably eventually kill the little tree. I don't remember if I shared with my mom how sad that news made me but I'm sure she knew as I was determined to save my friend.

I went out to my dads work shop and pealed the fungus off the little tree with his wood carving tool. I planted the little Cedar tree in the wind break row next to the house. I checked on the little tree often.

I drove by  my old childhood home the other day and the once little tree is now a huge towering Cedar!

When I saw my childhood Cedar I  thought "Wow, he has grown into a wise old man"!

So this morning as I planted this little guy,

I thought to myself... "Cedar trees are in my roots".  I laughed at the epiphany.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ice Poop and Thanks

The  frost is blanketing the ground with regularity these days. The leaves shimmer in the morning light with a million little diamonds sparkling across the ground. With each inhale I feel the crisp morning air cleanse my lungs. Even my face feels refreshed in the cold morning air. Its exhilarating. Here comes the days of my Schmidt insulated overalls and fleece lined jacket. I even dug out my deer skin gloves to keep my fingers toasty warm as I go about my morning chores.

 With the hustle and bustle of preparing for the Thanksgiving Feast, I have felt withdrawn and rushed during my chores. Briskly I would pat Milo on the head or shout  "good morning" to the girls as I would hurry about the feeding. I hate mornings like that. I like slowly strolling to the barn, gazing across the meadow, scanning for the wild flock of turkey that often eats breakfast in the field. I love listening to Hijeevey call out his morning crows as he sees me round the last corner of fencing. I like Milo weaving in and out of my feet as I attempt to walk without tripping over him. I like the time I spend there... just being in the moment.

This morning in order to get refocused, I threw on my bibs jacket and boots, reached from my hot cup of Joe and took me a little ole' stroll down to the barn. I sat on the kids wood swing and drank my morning cup of coffee.  Hijeevey belted out his morning hellos. Milo rubbed his body along my pants leg. Jasmine and Jessica quietly chomped their cud, as I listen to the melody of sounds that sang out to my heart, drawing me back into my little piece of heaven. Here I can relax. Here I can breath. Even on thanksgiving its easy to forget to be thankful... but here, looking out at the trees, the grass, the animals.... here, I am easily reminded to give thanks.

Finally my meditative state had to come to an end... I said my final "thanks", and started the chores. Tuesday I cleaned the chicken coop but due to the freezing cold rain I had put off the barn cleaning for brighter days, which was this morning.

I started with the girls stall. For two little goats, they use the bathroom a lot! I piled the manure on last years garden plot. I examined a pile of goat poops from a few months ago... It was the darkest richest dirt I have ever seen! If you don't understand my excitement, come on over. Ill teach you  how to become excited over poop and dirt! It's a lovely sight!

Next on the list, everyone needed watering.  Everyones buckets were frozen over. Even the rain barrel had a couple inches of ice. While busting out the water buckets I was forced to remember our first winter with livestock (last year). For some reason the absolute most valuable lessons of homesteading with chickens slipped my mind!

*Never, I repeat NEVER bust the top layer of ice out of poopy chicken water with your mouth slightly ajar.... 

Its a good thing I gave thanks before the chores. ;-)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend wrap up; Thankfulness

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I know I did!

Friday afternoon I took a trip to the doctors. I told the Doc that I had a sinus infection and what I needed from  him was an antibiotic. He asked me if there was anything else he could do to make me happy and I said "nope, that will be about it". He wrote me a prescription and because I made it so easy for him, he didn't even charge me!  LOL Yeah right... then I woke up...

Seriously I went to the doctors Friday because I was sick. I was pretty sure it was a sinus infection, because my headache and sneezing started while working in the wood shop on my spoon a few days ago. So I did tell the doctor that I had a sinus infection and what I needed from him was an antibiotic. I'm normally not such a big baby that I would run to the doctors over a sinus infection but my mom and I were going out on sat, and I really needed to feel better. I told my doctor this and he said ok but he needed to do a few test first. I said I figured as much.

 While waiting for my test to come back we chit chatted for a bit. My doctor loves to chit chat... yep he's a chit chatter. I love that about him. Anyways, I noticed that one of his fingers had been broken. I said "Hey doc your finger is all crooked like mine. 
He said "yeah I noticed you had a crooked finger". 
I was like... aaaa, Thanks???

 Anyways,  comes to find out he was a crazy navy man that like to hang out in bars, broke every finger on his right hand in a bar fight!!! I was like "ugh.... so did this inspire you to go to medical school? He was like," ugh, yeah sure right", and started laughing like he didn't go to medical school. 

I was like "Doc, you went to medical school right" and he just chuckled some more... My doctor is a jokester, o yes he is... I mean... hmmm (scratching my noggin) I think he was joking....

Anyways he gave me my antibiotic along with some steroids and off I went... I didn't take the steroids though... I don't want to look like the female version of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator. I mean, I understand some women like that but that just isn't for me.

 Saturday was a fun day out with my mom. Mom wanted help doing her Christmas shopping. I was excited to go with her. It has been years since we have been out just the two of us. The funny thing about me and my mom Christmas shopping is that my mom likes to shop as much as I do. So you can imagine how much fun we had complaining about the crowds, the prices, the germs, etc. My mom hates to shop! And out of all the hellish choices of stores that she could have picked to shop at she chooses the worst! O yes, she made me go into Toys R Us! It was pure chaos in the store. Screaming kids, screaming mothers, catatonic fathers, and lots and lots of germs. Toys R Us just about did us in. After we got back in the car, I think my cloths were tattered and my hairs was a tangled mess (I'm completely exaggerating). 

Next we went to old navy. On the way to Old Navy, my mom said "Leigh, will you just pick out the Christmas gifts for me". I said, "okay". We get into Old Navy and I am looking around trying to knock people off my moms Christmas list when she says "Will you hurry up". I looked over at her questionably and thought "hmmm she should have clarified in the car that I was suppose to pick out the gifts but I also had to do such in a brisk manner. I shook my head and blankly stated "no, sorry that wasn't the deal". She knew I was kidding and  I hurried to wrap it up.

Finally we were on our way home. I was looking back over my receipt stating that my bill was a lot higher than I intended. After examination of my items I realized I picked up the wrong size  fleece sleeper suit for my baby nephew. Mom insisted that we turn around... but not before running over a trash can lid. We had to pull over in a car dealership to see if we were still dragging the lid. Lets just say it sounded like it. Anyways I jumped out of the car to examine the under carriage  and out of my peripheral vision I see a salesman headed my way.  I jumped back in the car and yelled out to my mom "gogogo, their coming"  and off we sped away. Just kidding... sort of. I don't like salesmen. If I were to have stayed there, I promise you I would have drove home in a Cadillac Escalade.... 

We finally made it back to Old Navy. When we pull into the parking lot we notice there were fire trucks and ambulances blocking the main part of the building... "UGH, just my luck, a stand off at Old Navy, now I cant return the sleeper". I then noticed that there weren't any police cars so it must be safe I thought. 
I exchanged the outfit and off we went... again.

By the time I returned home I felt like I had be beaten and the ran over by a bus. Night turned into morning and I have finally recovered. Next time mom and I go out... we will not be shopping!

Theres nothing like watching your chickens scratch.... unwinding from a busy day in the city. 

I don't think I could cope living in a world surrounded by asphalt. I would have to go to a petting zoo to see a face as cute as this...

There is nothing quite like eating a homegrown mater snack and counting your sweet little country blessings......

Weekend wrap up; Thankfulness

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Whats going on?

There are so many little things going on that I wanted to tell you all about. If I write an individual blog post on each of them it will take me until Spring to get you all caught up. So here is a little update....

Remember the green tomato experiment in the shop? Talking about  extending the harvesting season! We are eating garden tomatoes in mid November!

 Now I just have to figure out how to stagger the ripening. We are a little over ran with ripe tomatoes now.

 Does anyone want to come over for some BLT'S?

My next big experiment was to carve a Welsh Love Spoon. My pal Martijn is an amazing wood carver. He was as so kind to send me over some templates. I confess I used electrical tools on my spoon and Martijn uses carving knives and gouges. (but Martijn has mad skills). Anyways this was the outcome of my first Welsh Love Spoon...

The next update...

 Remember when my mom was going to teach me how to quilt but she couldn't because I didn't know how to use pair of scissors... or put pieces together? Well with no help from me, my mom finished her quilt!!!! I'm so proud of her. She worked her bum off! I didn't even last an hour working on this sucker. The entire quilt is hand pieced and hand quilted.  Isn't it beautiful!? Way to go Mom!

There are various things in planning mode here at Come By Chance Acres. Top priority is to get our tractor up and running. We should have turned the garden by now but being this close to the holidays buying new parts for the Tractor will be put off until after the first of the year. 

The next big project will be to extend the chicken coop. After the situation with Jeeves I realized that we really do need more space and a way to partition off an area for breeding pairs or in case of injury. So the addition is in the planning phase.

After we have the the Tractor Running and the Coop addition wrapped up I want to fence off the far end of the goat pasture and build a small lean too. Jasmine and Jessica will be ready to breed  in the spring. I had initially intended to just use someone else's buck but do to the fact that I am not willing to send my does off to someone else's farm... it looks like we will be getting the girls a husband. It may or may not be a permanent arrangement though. It all hangs in the balance of the neighbors.

We are also wanting to plant more trees. We have three acres that is situated behind four houses. I have been fairly lucky to have really great neighbors (Minus the Bleep neighbor), but I really enjoy privacy. I would rather be watching the birds in the trees than watch the neighbor kids go swimming. Nuff said.

I am hoping to have everything finished by April. As soon as the ground is dried out enough were are putting a gravel road in that will go all the way down to the barn. It will be a miracle if we have all this completed before planting season but I will just have to keep my fingers crossed.

If by some crazy chance that we get all these lovely jobs completed in a fairly brisk manner, Lee is wanting to build a large workshop over the hill. I am all for it! I really want to just get these other projects wrapped up asap so we can start on his shop. O and of course its not like I have any personal investment in Lee's shop. I mean its not like the extra space in the barn is going to be converted into a studio or anything... I mean that would be ridiculous! *Wink* Wink*

So there you have it. Our most recent successes and our future plans.  ;-)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My neighbor is a *BLEEP*

 Those of you who really know me, know that I am a very understanding open minded chill kind of person. I give EVERYBODY the benefit of the doubt and I am rarely bothered by what other people do. That's why I am struggling so much with this... I don't know how to put it nicely because well its just not nice. It bothers me not to be nice but.... well ok, Ill just say it.... I think my neighbor is a *BLEEP*.

Last year our neighbor hit hard times and had to sell some of their property. The people who bought the property got it at a steal. To give you an estimated idea of what they stole the property for... it was just three thousand dollars more than what I had in my savings account when I graduated from high school. Now it seems kind of petty to not like someone because they got a bargain. But you have to understand its not because they got a bargain. I don't like them because they profited off of my other neighbors misfortune. I have been in the situation before where people were circling around me all the while just to profit off of my misfortune. I tell you,  that is a horrible feeling.  So you see, this was the beginning of my disdain for our "new neighbor".

Now lets talk about the property in which the new neighbor stole bought. It was a really nice 1.45 acre lot with a large beautiful red barn situated in the center. The barn was old but very well cared for. There were many times that myself and my family would sit and watch the antics of the barn pigeons while they would fly in and out their beloved barn home. I cant explain it to you... It was like the big red barn wasn't just a building but it felt alive with a unique since of character and history. The barn pigeons made it just that much more special.

Sure enough the new "neighbors" "needed" to tear down the barn. To add a little salt to the wound, they sold the barn lumber for almost exactly what they paid for the property. Wow, I bet they were feeling really good about how lucky they were (at my old neighbors misfortune). I really wish my old neighbor would have thought about doing that himself. I would have understood if he would have done that.

Anyways, I would see the men over there working on ripping apart the beautiful barn and I would just have to shake my head. Yep I resented it. It annoyed me.

 One evening I heard a large crash and I knew that what was left of the structure had finally fell down. It was such a sad site to see. Aye but I bet the new neighbor was just thrilled.

It was a hot summer morning. I was down at the garden. The crickets and Katydids were in mid song. The sun was beating down on  my back as I was hunched over a row of beans. The scent of  billowing smoke tickled my nose as I sat up. I could see the sky darkening as the thick large black billows of smoke covered the blue sky. I stopped what I was doing and walked back towards the house. I stood in the front yard and watched them burn the big red barns remains. It was a sad sight to see... but what was to follow was just plain heartbreaking...

The pigeons frantically circled the the barn. They would fly in out and around the large black clouds of smoke.  They were panicking. I could hear them crying out. I knew that they must of had young in the barn This went on and on... finally I just had to walk away. It was painful to watch and there was nothing I could do. The next morning all that was left was charred remains of the old tin roof. The pigeons were still at it. They continued to fly around the pile of burnt ruble occasionally landing on the hot tin roof, and then flying back into the air.This went on for days and days while the fire smoldered. I could feel their suffering.

After all the rubble was removed, I would still see the pigeons flying around the site. It was as if they were lost or looking for something.  I knew that they were lost and they were looking for something.

The weeks to follow the pair of pigeons searched out new homes but still occasionally returning to the burn site. They would fly down to the abandon property that adjoins ours, which has an old abandon barn similar to their old one. Occasionally they would come down to my barn and check it out. I had really hoped that they would decide to say but our barn just wasn't the same. I understood that. They eventually moved on.

Once the new neighbors had their property for very little investment and removed the barn and its inhabitants, they started constructing their own home. In the place of the beautiful majestic red barn the new "neighbors", built one of the ugliest houses that I have ever seen. It is a plain ugly rectangle house. There isn't one thing charming about it. Seriously. When anyone is talking about it, its known as "the ugly house". The conversation goes something like this... "O yeah, the road is two houses down from the ugly house"... and then whoever your talking to gets this look on their face like a light just came on and goes, "O okay I know where you are talking about". See, I'm not the only one who thinks its ugly! You would think with all that "blood money", they would have built something spectacular! Ya know, to make it all worth it.

Well the story doesn't end there... O no it doesn't! In less than a year they have successfully gain from my old neighbors misfortune, tore down a historical structure that added charm to the neighborhood, killed baby pigeons and built an ugly house in the big red barns place, AND NOW they have listed the property for sale!!!!!!!!!!!

 I cant decide if I am glad to be rid of them or pissed that they came only long enough to take take take....


Monday, November 15, 2010

My Big Brother

Growing up there was this kid that could be a real pain in the butt, literally. Every Sunday we race each other to Sunday school class in order to beat the other to the special chair in the front of the classroom. He would beat me every single Sunday.

 I remember it just like it was yesterday. I ran to class, saw the unoccupied chair and thought "EUREKA, I'm going to win it today"! All my hopes and dreams about finally beating the kid were about to come true. I ran into the class as fast as I could, plopping down in that chair.

 "AWwwwwW", I screamed as I felt several pinches on the bum. I jumped up in agony while two boys were rolling around on the floor in laughter. Thumb tacks! He put thumb tacks in my chair! AT CHURCH! Just in case he is reading... "JESUS SAW THAT, I HOPE YOU KNOW"!

This kid was the same kid that cut a long golden lock of my hair when I was about four years old. I got a spanking for it but I never did rat him out.

He was also the mischievous little shit that could talk me into doing just about anything. Like when we were vacationing at the Canaan Valley Ski resort. He along with two of my cousins convinced me to jump over the railing and run across the roof connecting the two lodges... one by one, they each crossed it but guess who got caught by the security guard???

He was an ornery one, that one was! If he were reading this right now he would also remind me to tell you guys of the time he knocked my out of my chair breaking my collar bone. I have to say that was one of his sweeter moments though. I remember my mom holding me as I cried. My brother sat beside me almost in tears too saying, "Sissy I'm so sorry I didn't mean it, it was an accident".  He felt awful.

The same kid that put tacks in my chair, cut my hair and lead me astray was my very best friend growing up... My brother...

I remember the two of us jumping out of the neighbors hay loft into huge piles of loose hay.  By my third or fourth jump. I cracked the back of my head on a pulley that was sticking out on the way down. His face was the first thing I saw hovering over me when I finally opened my eyes.

When we were in high school, my big brother played match maker with me and one of his best buddies. It didn't take long before my brother saw the kids true colors. He told me the boy was up to no good. I knew he was right and heeded his advice to ditch him.  I know that it wasn't easy for him and it complicated his friendships for a while.

Yep, he was stinker of a kid but good big brother. When I was about 16, I went out one night with one of my girl friends. My big brother told my friend as we were leaving the house, "Be careful, you will have my little sister in that car, DRIVE SLOW". I thought about how upset he was going to be when we ended upside down on creek bank. My brother made it there before EMS arrived.

He was also the same kid that even though he was just two years older than me wouldn't allow me to watch rated R movies. Everyone I knew was talking about this graphic movie "Natural Born Killers". My tween curiosity really wanted to see it and it just so happened my big brother had it. I popped it in the VCR and pushed play about the time he walked in. "WO WO wo, you cant watch this sis, Maybe when you are older", he said as he pushed the eject button. Even though I really wanted to see it, I don't really recall arguing much about it. And like he promised a year or so later he let me watch it.... but I never made it to the end. I think I should have waited a little longer....

We moved around a lot as kids but he was always the steadfast friend. I knew that I always had one friend that would always be there that I could count on. We felt a responsibility towards one another. We looked out for one another. Although we were often partners in crime, my big bro never let me stray to far from good fun. And on the rare occasion that I did do something that crossed the line of kids being kids, it wasn't the disapproval of my parents, but the disappointment in my brothers eyes that would get to me every time.

I have the very best big brother! And for all the mean things that he did to me growing up, I've just about forgiven him...
 O but wait you didn't really think that I would just forget about the thumb tacks did you!?

"I'm really glad you liked your birthday pie"

Hmmm,  Am I licking the top of his birthday pie!?!?!?!?

Happy Birthday. I love ya bro!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Woodland comforts

I have been in a retreating mood lately. I cant put my finger on it but something has changed. I cant say its an internal struggle because inside there is very little fight. I just feel like my spirit is changing, growing, moving on to a different level. The only internal conflict with this is that I am unfamiliar to the growth. Growing is uncomfortable for me. It signifies change, which although is thrilling and exciting, its kind of scary too.

 Usually when I feel uncomfortable I retreat into the woods. Even as a little girl when I was worried upset or uncomfortable with life in general I would wander off into the woods. For hours I would sit and stare off into the distance.  I could have a billion thoughts running through my head and two minutes into mother natures embrace my head would be clear. The worries that would be screaming through my head would be drowned out by the sly sounds of a lizard moving underneath dry leaves. I could hear a tiny seed drop from a gum ball hanging in the gum tree, I could here the subtle chirps of a tiny bird or feel the eyes of a squirrel watching me in a tree.

Its the oddest feeling being disconnected from a world that has endless communication and then become in tune into something so subtle. I can feel mother nature luring me back in to her world. I am drawn gently near. Its a smooth magnetic force to her that whispers in my ear, "Come back to me child". I can feel it in my bones. And she is all I think about...

Things are changing... A new season is ahead.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My first bowl

I'm stumped... Bone dry... Not a thing in the world for me to write about....

 Aye but I did finish my first bowl!

I learned a lot from this experience. When I first started the bowl I really didnt anticipate it taking as long as it did for me to finish. Once I realized how long it was going to take to clean out the center, it sat untouched for days. Finally I realized it wasn't going to finish itself. I do realize that I made a fatal mistake in using the center of the wood (its most definitely going to crack) but probably the biggest lesson I learned here was patience.

Made from scratch scrap.

Before polish
After polish

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Harvest Day and Fiber Fest

Everywhere I go I look for different ideas. I want to see something I have never seen. I want to hear things I have never heard. I want to learn something that I didn't know before. I want to be inspired!

I went to the Harvest Days and Fiber Festival at the historical Cannonsburgh Village in Murfreesboro Tennessee a few weeks ago. I have been impatiently awaiting the arrival of my developed film. I have just been busting at the seams  to share the experience with you. Unfortunately the pics didn't do the fun any justice.

Most of the visit I eagerly watched on with my mouth open. What a talented bunch of people!

I watched the entire fiber making process....

Here is a sheep... It looks kind of scary though.

A sheep being sheered...

Maybe the other sheep was pissed because his human was going to steal his wool... maybe he didn't want to be naked in front of all those people?  It does look kind of humiliating...
Close your eyes! Their Naked!

Anyways, the wool was washed, dyed and  then carded... There were endless tables of colors. It was like walking through a rainbow!

Then there was a nice lady doing a spinning demo. Actually there were a ton of people doing spinning Demos. I watched all of them in awe... it really is amazing to watch.

I think I need some sheep! Don't you think I need some sheep!?!?!

Next, I walked over the Museum...

 Sorry, I only got the one photo inside before my flash buggered up and the rest of the pics were all dark. This log was used for curing meats... That must have been a big tree.

 The museum was full of old farm equipment, old doctors tools, and military gear etc.Outside of the museum I struck up a conversation with a really nice lady who was weaving. I became so involved with our talk (imagine that) that the kids ended up patiently sitting on the front porch of the museum and watched a pottery demonstration.... They had their mouths open in awe too... I wonder where they get that from? All the kids loved this guy. He had a very soothing Mr. Rogers tone to him...

I walked over to the old church and peeked my head in the door. I didn't want to walk in though... it was a real nice church... ya know I would have hated for lightening to strike... Look at the stain glass, beautiful!

Next thing I knew the littlest one had to use the restroom, but this place wasn't what he had in mind...
Its kind of cute though, don't ya think??? Naw, maybe its just the wreath...

Then we walked over to the old school where I got some ideas... Guess what I want to make now?
Then we walked over to the blacksmiths shop. It was nice and toasty in there. Its amazing to think that they do this in 100+ degree weather.

If you thought those four horned sheep were scary ladies, wait to you see what we found next! "DON'T GET  TOO CLOSE SISSY"!

 Just kidding! Hey if I had one of those I would have known my BlackBerry was in the wash way before it hit the spin cycle.

There was so much more that I didn't take pictures of, like the soap making booths... It was such a shame too because those were really interesting. I met a another really nice lady from Hidden Springs Farms. She had the most beautiful goats milk soap display. Then there were baskets full of dried fruits and veggies and there was the art gallery too... I guess I was just so busy taking in the atmosphere that I forgot to take more pics.

Before the end of our day we took a tour of the old grain mill...

It was the perfect end to a beautiful day with my family.