Friday, October 1, 2010

Just a Day

Today we had Leaf Identification Class... I was sort of disappointed in my own lack of knowledge. Identifying a few of these tree became quite tricky. I'm glad I toted along the Audubon Field Guide to North American Trees (Eastern Region).

The children frolicked through the woods searching for any leaf they could find in order to stump their ole' mum. O, they had a blast!

After our treasure hunt, Sissy designed her leaf book, while Aubs counted the stash of acorns from his pockets.

Sissy I were able to identify eight different species of trees in our yard.

Although I feel like the children had fun researching the trees and writing their titles down in the book I think its important for them to understand the potential roles that each species of trees play in their lives. I have noticed that when I teach the youngsters about the outdoors, they understand and appreciate them more when they are able to see how the natural world benefits them. Sissy and I talked about the sugar maples. We dreamed of the day when they will become large enough to tap. We discussed all the uses of the trees from making paper to plywood, for sweeteners to their medicine properties. I confess I learned as much as the children did today!


  1. Sounds like a perfect day! We had a field trip to a local store the other day and learned about cheese. I probably learned more than my girls did ;).

  2. What a great idea! These are the kinds of lessons they'll never forget. Awesome!


  3. Wendy,
    Isn't it odd that when we teach our children, we are learning as much as them? Aubs just turned three and learns quite differently than Sis. Watching his mind absorb information, I'm in fact learning new techniques of teaching along with being enlightened with the regular lessons!
    A day learning about cheese sounds like so much fun! I love cheese! :)

  4. During the two years that I taught adult Sunday School, I felt that I, too, learned more than the class. I don't know if that's good or bad, but from speaking to other teachers, I think it's very normal. God bless you for taking responsibility for your children's education!

  5. I have a really neat poem that I'm going to email you, about trees and how they serve us. You'll like it. Great lesson to teach the kids. ~ K

  6. Very neat idea Leigh!

    I love how Sissy is wearing pink converse, by the way. That is AWESOME! Lol

    We have a tree in our yard and I have done a ton of research but I just can't figure out what it is. I think I'll blog about it, maybe.

  7. Like Jasmine the goat! Last week, I saw one in an industrial site and it was like a guard dog. They’re very clean animals too.

  8. ah Leigh, a day with children is a day of sunshine,after all "them little buggers" are our future. As a grandfather, I truly learn from the little ones all the things that I rushed by in my former life. So, I guess that makes them the teacher and me the willing student. As their world unfolds, if we take the time then our world will also- Thats what memories and families are made of and the bottom line is "what more is there"?

  9. fantabulous....this is the best way to learn..hands on out in nature...I love being out and so do my guys! We have dozens+ trees on our property and I sniff everyone and check out the bark, leaves and trunks. So do the guys...trees are so majestic and we love to lay down under a tree and look up..look way up...mmm!

  10. Rural,
    It was great fun! I hope they dont forget, but I also have a something else planned to help them retain what they learned... We'll just have to wait and see if it pays off. ;)

    I learn something new from these guys every day. Thanks for the blessings. :)

    I cant wait to read it. I will share it with the children at out next outdoors lesson.

    She loves the converse... actually they both have a pair. I look forward to your post about your tree. I love solving mysteries:)

    Australian Satirist,
    There is no sneaking into my pasture with out the goats sounding an alarm! LOL But with their lack of upper teeth, I dont think they would be able to do much harm. ;)

    We didn't press them. But Sis and I actually talked about it Friday. I think I am going to construct a press, and allow the children to paint and decorate it... any ideas or suggestions?

    I agree!!!! I know your guys like to get you out in nature, and its an excellent way to learn! ;)

  11. Are your goats like family pets? I heard about this local lady who made soap from goat’s milk. I thought she was clever. Made loads of money too (selling on the internet).

  12. I love walks at this time of the year and always need to stick a few acorns in my pocket, too!

  13. Australian Satirist,
    The funny thing about goats is once they imprint on people... its impossible to make them anything other than family pets! LOL But our girls are just doelings, as soon as they are old enough to breed we plan to keep them as milk goats(milk cheese and soap).

    I really enjoy this time of year as well. I emptied my pockets earlier... 13 acorns to be exact! ;)

  14. Plant ID takes time and it's so easy to forget. Give it time & don't get frustrated.

    Once you learn your way around some of the plant ID web tools, it becomes a lot easier (you can narrow down your tree by a number of different factors).

    Stick with it! My parents didn't know plants, and I figured them out on my own (with a plant guide) around age 14. Others I didn't figure out until well into my 20s with a wildlife management degree in-hand.

    It's not easy but you'll get there!

  15. Swamp,
    Yes, Im learning that part too! You dont use it you lose it! My parents were the earthy type and enjoyed researching plants and animals when we were kids but later the fun times of our teenage adolescence years robbed us of our memory. So its like I am just now remembering all this stuff!
    Just trying to get myself and my kids back to where we should be with what we should know. ;) Thanks for the support!