Friday, October 29, 2010

Tomatoes = Atonement

Remember our volunteer tomato plants??? So far they have managed to survive the season. We have even been able to eat a few ripe ones straight from the vine!

The forecast predicted frost for parts of lower Kentucky, being so close to the border we decided to take precautions.

We picked the large ones....

Supposedly if I wrap them up in newspaper...

 And don't stack them on top of each other they will ripen on there own instead of rot... We'll just have to see how this experiment works out.

As I was laying each one in the basket, I prayed that they wouldn't turn out like the maggot filled mess of mushy pumpkins that I had stored underneath the house last year. I had to use a scoop shovel and a barf bucket to get the mess cleaned up. (In case you didn't get that, the barf bucket was for me!)

Anyways, after the tomatoes were wrapped, I covered the existing plants with a tarp. I'm keeping these plants alive as long as possible in order to achieve Atonement for the pathetic garden this past season...

I hope to be eating fresh tomatoes in December!


  1. Good luck with your tomatoes girl, and your plants. Those sure are some pretty green tomatoes!

  2. Fry them up! The ladies in the movie seemed to really enjoy that.
    I hope the best for your tomatoes!

  3. I assume that you aren't big with fried green tomatoes, or you would've said so. My wife loves them, but they tear her stomach up. Don't care for them, myself.

  4. tberry,
    Thanks I thought they were mighty pretty myself... they are much nicer looking than what we had this summer.

    You could fry just about anything and us southerners would eat it. lol

    I really like fried green tomatoes but they are just to greasy for me. But I have some green ones I intend on freezing because the family loves just them!

  5. Hey Leigh,
    You could always make green tomato chutney, it's great with cold meats, cheeses and the like - and I like it.

  6. i like those pictures. very settling uniform artistic kinda look to those neatly ordered and wrapped tomatoes. hope the print doesnt transfer onto them tho. or maybe it would be fun to read your tomatoes, not sure

  7. John,
    Thanks for the idea! I have never had chutney before. I may just have to give it a try.

    Next time I will make sure that I wrap them with the cartoon section just in case is does transfer. :)

  8. Leigh – if you make it to 163, I’ll know why.

    (Granted I’ll be dead by then but you know what I mean.)

    Your family eats well.

  9. Ben,
    If I dont I know it has something to do with the all the Halloween candy I just ate! LOL

  10. Do you mind if I ask what kind of camera you have? The quality is very good – although you have a good eye too.

  11. Not at all Ben. I am using an older Canon Power shot A610. I am hoping to upgrade soon. I have had this one for a long time. It is starting to show in some of the pics. Most of the time I have to upload the pics to photo bucket and do an auto adjust on them to get the colors right. I'm surprised that having it go through everything that I have put it through that it still functions at all. I have to say even with having to do the photo bucket upload, this is still a nice affordable camera. I tote it around every where. It has been dropped and stepped on and then dropped again, and it has last me several years.
    Regards Leigh

  12. Thanks Leigh – it looks professional.