Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jeepers Creepers.... Its Halloween!!!

Have you ever had a moment you were thankful that no one was around as a witness???

Last evening I waited too long to do the evening chores. Even though I carried my flashlight along with me, it only illuminated the narrow path ahead. The eerie sounds of wind blowing the fallen leaves along the ground made me proceed with the utmost caution.

I was greeted by the low whimpers of the goats. They didn't appreciate being left in the savage darkness as coyotes howled in the distance. They followed me into the dimly lit barn. I could hear the brittle tree limbs scrape across the metal walls outside... Jasmine jumped at the sound as did I. Yes, it was a creepy night indeed!

I fed the girls and Milo their evening meal. They chopped their grains and kibble with much delight. Being back at the threshold of safety, filling their tummies, everyone now seemed content.

 I walked  out  of the barn. The wind greeted me with a shivering hello. I snub such a welcome and preceded over to the chicken coop to do an evening headcount. I flashed my light around the room. Everyone was tucked in, safe and sound on their perches.

As I backed out of the coop, I heard a sound in the woods line. It sounded like someone or... SOMETHING was taking slow gentle steps through the woods. "Crunch, Crunch, Crunch". Were the sounds of the leaves crunching from that of the heavy weight of the Boogie man?  I walked briskly towards the house.

I could hear the sound getting faster. I became nervous. What was waiting for me in the dark, I wondered. My heart began to race a bit. My speed hastened.

Then all of a sudden, it gains on me! It grabs a hold of my right leg with its fierce claws and deadly fangs! In the midst of the scuffle, my flashlight flies into the air."Its got me!"  Ha.elll.ppp!", I screamed internally.

 I struggled to steady myself as the ferocious beast attempted to pull my leg out from under me. The flashlight which was resting on the ground shined a ray of light across the arching back of  my terrifying predator, reveling what was his true identity!

 "Damn it, Milo". I said causing him to startle, releasing my pants leg. "You scared the BEEJEEZES OUT OF ME! I thought you were the Boogie Man!". Now realizing my absurdity, I attempted to recover my dignity with  "or a Rabid Raccoon or something"!

I scoffed back towards the house as he playfully rolled around in the fallen leaves.
 Barn cats! Sheesh!

I'm just thankful no one was watching. :-) The trick was on me....

Happy Halloween! Keep the tricks but don't forget to leave some treats for me!


  1. THAT will teach you bumble around in the dark on Halloween!

  2. Hahahaha!!! I have walked that walk a time or two in my life! And YES ... so very glad nobody was there to witness.

    Enjoyed the post!

    Happy Hallowe'en!

  3. Gorge,
    Sure did! LOL

    LOL! I think we have all been there, no need in pretending it doesn't happen, right! LOL
    Glad to see you made it back from your trip safe and sound too!

  4. Aha the old spooked in the dark trick, good on ya Milo, LOL. Great post Leigh had me holding my breath then grinning like a Cheshire cat.

  5. Wow. I thought that was going to end badly for a minute! (Like the pumpkin face photos.)

  6. What a delightful post! At times I couldn't tell if it was a story or really happened. Milo--what a great name for a pet.

  7. John,
    Good day Sir! Im glad you enjoyed that! lol Next time I'm taking a big stick! ;)

    Thanks a bunch... yeah there for a minute I thought it was too! hahaha

    I'm happy you enjoyed it! There is never a dull moment here at the homestead!


  8. Oh yes, the power of imagination.
    Once when wildcamping in Finland, I was sure I heard a bear in the woods. Sure of it!

    Terrified I locked myself in the car is what I did. There were no bears in that area (probably) but in the dark that idea was hard to shake of.

  9. Martijn,
    LOL, I see that my imagination isnt the only scary playground that should be forbidden after dark! :)

  10. Haha! I imagine all sorts of things in the dark too. At least you have Hakloween to blame. I want candy corn pie!

  11. Truly is amazing how the mind tricks you on this very special 'slurpy' day! Bwahhhhhhh!

  12. thats the best - perfect example of how our minds can make the dark seem so scary. I'm at my moms new house in the mountains of north carolina and its very dark outside. leaves are crunchy and theres deer, bears, foxes, turkeys and my imagination out there. But the thing that gets me is the long creaky staircase up from downstairs. i have to walk up facing them cause they creak lower down even after ive stepped on them. like someone is following me. creepy