Friday, October 8, 2010

The Non-Garden

I have had several people ask me what I planted in this years fall garden. With my head hung low, I shamefully reply, " Well, I planted Spinach x's 3 in the Non-Garden". With puzzled looks, I explain that this is our 3rd planting of the season. I have planted twice in the far right side raised bed and once in the empty herb bed... and because the large garden was such a bust we decided to just plant one thing this fall... which was the freakin' non-growing spinach... *Sigh* So frustrating.

On a positive note, (seeing how I am just an optimistic positive ray of sunshine on this lovely morning)... *grumbling* Dang, spinach! When we moved soil from the compost to the far back raised bed, I had a few volunteers sprout up, picking up the pace for the lacking spinach....

Tomatoes by late Oct!!!! Don't worry about frost. I have my plastic ready and waiting to go .Just.In.Case!

So, the next time someone is proudly rattling off the contents of their fall garden... Turnips, spinach, cabbage, carrots, peas.... I'm going say, "Well I HAVE TOMATOES "! ;-p

Thank you Brandywine Roma crosses... I love you. Your shining fruit helps me get through the fall gardening season with just a little pinch of dignity...


  1. Your tomato`s look good! Our garden is done and plowed under for next year.

  2. Fall tomatoes = awesome!

  3. Maybe we all need to do a little studying on edible "weeds"; the number may surprise you and they seem to grow better than anything else. Of course, that might change if they figure out that we are trying to grow them on purpose!

  4. I like Miss Jasmine....

    She's a rather intellectual lookin' babe......

  5. Those tomatoes look beautiful and healthy. Wish I was there...I'd make us fried green tomatoes! Don't you fret about that fall garden. A lot of people did not have a good garden this year because of the weird weather all across the country. Enjoy those nice home grown Tennessee tomatoes!

  6. I love it! I love volunteers the best. No matter what I plant and what grows with my coaxing, those volunteers are just like gifts...meant to be...

    Love the spinach plants... they look unhappy, to say the least!

  7. I absolutely love spinach. My maternal grandfather was a farmer and he seemed to plant everything, but I don't ever remember him planting spinach.

  8. Feral,
    Thanks. I almost decided to do that this year but I just couldn't help but to throw a few more seeds out there. :)

    Agreed! Ill check out your blog asap. ;)

    I think you are on to something there!!!!Yes, I shall keep my desire for the edible weeds to grow a secret. Weeds can be so fickle ya know. ;)

    Jasmine is my fav! Just ask anyone! ;) She has so much character. Its quite amazing really.

    I would love for someone to cook fried green tomatoes for me!!! Im usually the one frying. Yep I think you are due for another visit! ;)

    Volunteers are always a treasure... and yes the spinach is unhappy, I think its because I said some hateful things about the other seedlings not growing. ;)

    Spinach is one of our absolute favorite spring/fall foods. From my experience it seemed like much of the older generation choose turnip greens over spinach... which is ludicrous to me! lol