Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dropping in?

Holy Jalapeno Skippy Jon! So much has happened since I last posted. If there are any readers left, let me give you an update. I had to privatize my blog for a bit, due to a long annoying custody battle. Although I didn't have anything bad on here when someone who wishes to do you harm is watching your every move its just a teeny tiny bit stalkerish and it creeped me the flip out! By the way, in case you are wondering, the custody battle went well. My husband and children are happy and doing grrrrrrreat!

So... catch up shall we? My husband is currently deployed. I honestly have NO IDEA WHERE HE IS!? He is out somewhere busy kicking butt and taking names but we hope to be reunited some time next year. I can't wait! We miss him! I am a little nervous though. Our son Andrew wasn't very old when he left.  So... yeah I have that weird ridiculous fear, "what if they don't like each other"!?!?! But I mean whats the alternative? hahahaha Andrew craves male attention and bonding so I am sure they will be just fine once they are united...

In relevance to being fine... I one heard someone say "the easiest choice we have is to do this successfully". That's a pretty honest statement if you think about it. Choosing to be fine is such an easier alternative than choosing to not be.  I mean it seems a bit presumptuous but if you analyze it, it is pretty honest. Failure is nothing more than the procrastination of success and from my experience (which I have a TON OF) , failure tends to take up a lot more emotional effort in the long run... the same as not being "fine"... So I guess what I am saying, be lazy like me  AND  CHOOSE TO BE FINE! ;-) <- day="" epiphany="" for="" my="" p="" the="">
So the hub and I moved the fam bam before he left to save the world. I really like it here surprisingly. We live in a large 2 story house on post in a pretty child congested subdivision. Sounds appealing right!? It isn't too bad. We have a nice little fenced in yard which I dug up and planted a jungle in this past summer. I am not sure if housing is going to love me for it when we move though. BUT  its my own little oasis of love and determination. I love the outdoors and I am determined to grow something darn it! I am not really a subdivision type of girl but when life hands you lemons, danggumit, you dig a hole and throw the seeds in it!

 Speaking of lemons... Sammy my Siberian husky x is still living on the farm near my parents house. I had this fantastic idea that he would love to live with me again. Well after some prayers and some serious assessments, I realized that with Sams age and demeanor, this lifestyle here isn't conducive to  his happiness. My parents agreed to care for him out at the old homestead while I love and miss him from afar. Sam is 13 years old and I know it wont be long before I have to return home to see my old friend off to meet the big guy in the sky. I pray for his health but I know his time is drawing near. I have faith that after this life, we will be together again.

AND....  Speaking of faith, as you can possibly see things have changed a bit for me. My life has taken on a different shape. For me to be in this place of spiritual/ emotional fine-ness it has only been by the grace of god. I don't like to use the word "born again", but yeah... my faith has "blossomed". So as I hope to get back on track with writing, you will also notice references to my spiritual walk. Please note, this is MY relationship with god that I am documenting... I have no expectations to beat anyone over the head because.... well, I am just learning and worried about myself (and children) right now, not to sound selfish.  So if you are not on board with the Jesus train don't worry, I am not going to try to drag you along.

Well there is much more to come but I just wanted to say Hi and I am here and alive. I hope to be back in full swing soon.  :-)