Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Chapter Ends...

I am back at Come by Chance, for the weekend "farm sitting". I am sitting here at the same table that I sat at when I wrote about our adventures here at the Homestead. It is bitter sweet. Sweet to return and smell the fresh air, to hear to rooster crow, smell the scent of crisp hay... It makes me nostalgic... Its an odd feeling being here. I will always think about the memories we made. I often close my eyes and drift back to the pasture where I sat with the warm sun beaming down, Milo's purr heard even over the laughter of my children and the nays of the goat kids. How sweet those summer days were. I sometimes dream of the smells of fresh cut hay. Other days I crave the moments that I had to literally stop and smell the roses. Come by Chance, Its a place that I will always visit but I will never fully return to again... Funny how things change, how chance comes and just carries us away.

I received a message from a dear friend not too long ago reminding that it is time to write again. I wish I could just pour out the words like I did before but I just don't have it in me anymore. Its not from lack of desire. There has been many times a day I think about posting a picture or wish to share a funny story. Its not from lack of adventure. It seems with my new life every day there is a new adventure waiting for me... I could say that I just don't have the time like I use to, but we all know if I really wanted to I would make the time... So what is it? Perhaps I have lost my focus.  I am so use to writing about the farm life but I now no longer have the farm.

Life has changed.

I crave the days of story telling and I think I am going to make an honest effort to get back to it but I am not making promises that I will keep this blog.

It has became apparent that this chapter has been long gone, and its time to write a knew one...