Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sneak Peak, Come By Chance's Newest Members!!!

Last night I had big plans for today but then I woke up to this.....

But after hearing that our doeling is finally taking a bottle, I decided the weather wasn't going to be an obstacle. So down the road and over the hill to Honeysuckle Hollow we went. There, Jasmine and Jessica was waiting for us.

Jessica is a registered American Nubian. She was the only doe born out of six kids this past Saturday. She wasn't nursing from her mom nor would she take a bottle. The breeder was tube feeding her. Finally last night she took her first bottle! I was super excited to hear the news. Soon Jessica will be finding her forever home here at Come By Chance acres.

Jasmine is a pure breed African Nubian. She was born in November and is now ready to come home. I will be so happy to have her here as soon as our fence is completed.

Being able to cuddle with our new friends was the best way to spend a snowy winter afternoon.


  1. They're adorable! We saw two mini goats at the garden show this weekend, and I melted. I really wish we had the space to give a pair of goats, but our backyard sinmply isn't large enough for all the romping a goat needs to do. Keep those kid pics coming!!