Monday, June 28, 2010

A Lazy Summer Sunday

I worked a bit in the garden, picking peppers,


Pulling onions,

Digging potato's, and...

Inspecting plants.

Then I painted some old rocking chairs,

Played with our beloved goats,

Cause they are just so darn cute...

I watched Hijeevey peck the ground for a bit ...

and then rubbed on Milo's tummy...

Sundays are days meant to be spent with family, humans and animal... So I did that too...

Ok, ok, ok.... so the gardening wasn't too much work, playing with the animals is just fun and I love being around my family BUT after watching the guys work all afternoon, the kids and I were just beat!

The babes rested...

And I enjoyed the rest of my Lazy Summer Sunday on the back porch, sipping on an ice cold Orange Crush...

I love Lazy Summer Sundays but Lee, he doesn't like them so much.... I just cant imagine why.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Handsome Devil

Some things are just too pretty to eat....


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Awaiting the miracle or the myth.
A rock or a stone.
Little is left, almost gone.

Forgiveness is divine.
All of which were left behind,
Others taken over to the other side.

Left to bare the strength among the pits of a fiery hell,
Where the desolate spirit remains jailed.

A waste land of the meek and petty,
Yet still awaiting sovereignty.

A doubtful appearance in this place.

Throw to the wind to watch the wretched pieces descend.
In among the spiritless, the brothel of wickedness.
The honorable replaced with the hangdog face.

Dysphoria begins to prance among the others heads,
While they sleeplessly linger in their beds.

Awaiting for the hour,
As they have given in to the power.

Awaiting for fate to be placed,
All to be lost in the desperate eyes of the hangdog face...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Reap What You Sow.

After feeding the chickens cats and goats I walked over to the garden and began to retie tomato plants, weeding, picking beans and peppers, examining each plant searching for what I may reap from the seeds the we have sown.

I had sweat dripping into my eyes as I plucked pepper after pepper, bean after bean. I was so into the picking frenzy that I even pulled a few premature potato plants. The tender young potato's will go nicely in a pot of green beans. I was pleased with the mornings harvest. I am thankful for the opportunities that mother nature has laid out for us.

After I finished my chores I walked back to the house to wash the veggies and get the children ready to play outside for a bit. Upon my moms insistence on getting the bird ready for flight we brought Little Sparrow out for a while as done every day. We still feed our little one and upon Little Sparrows insistence... she comes in the house at night.

I think right now would be a good time to point out that we are no longer sure if we indeed have a sparrow, hence "Little Sparrow" is now "Little Bird". Also since I am pointing out things I should also state that reintroducing a bird into the wild is not an easy task. Little Bird spends much of its days flying around the yard but anytime someone is outside, Little Bird flies in to great who ever is visiting the yard. Which although we all find very endearing, I remain thankful that I didn't do a release in one of the state parks as I could see Little Bird flying down onto someones shoulder just to visit a bit and then getting swatted like it were a rabid bat.

The children played in the yard while I watched Little Bird fly about, occasionally landing on my shoulder or the back of my chair. The Mocking birds that are nesting in the rose bushes have taken a great interest in the antics of this little bird. They inquisitively watch turning their heads left to right in wonder. I cant help but to watch in wonder myself, "what are those birds thinking". I am sure the wild birds have wondered "who are these creatures that offspring little birds".

The first evening of Little Birds test run, curiosity got the best of the Mocking bird. We were all huddled around watching Little Bird perch in a Red Bud tree. The curious Mocking bird came in, landing just a couple feet from us but left as quickly as it arrived. We looked around the yard searching for our flighted friend, only to notice that we must have made quite a spectacle of ourselves. Two other birds sat watching on the telephone wire, occasionally flying closer for a better look and the murder of crows living in the woods circled around a few times to satisfy their own curiosities. We all sat there oddly watching this... this miracle!

We now watch the Mocking birds as closely as they watch us. They have taken a great interest in Little Bird. Its a delicate relationship. We are unsure if they will try to hurt Little Bird but we also feel that the Mocking birds presence gives Little Bird some security as they are nice cat deterrent. It all hangs in the balance of a watchful eye.

Without a doubt, one day Little Bird will go in search of a mate. We may never see our precious one again, but hopefully, God willing, we will see many young Little Birds flying over head and we will once again be allowed to enjoy a bounty of pleasure from the seeds that we have sown...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Seize the Day

A day around the homestead tends to be much like every other day but luckily the beauty in the day is constantly there but forever changing making each day uniquely beautiful in its own way...

Whether it be the way the clouds float in the sky....

or a yellow dusk...

Sometimes its in the birth of a friend...

or the heavenly smiles of my own children...

The neighbor boys gianormous catch...

or the way Hijeevey's feathers sparkle in the sun....

Perhaps the beauty is in a field of freshly rolled hay...

or maybe it is the sequence in which the three musketeers eat their afternoon snack...

Sometimes the beauty is found from Jasmines inquisitive nature...

Or just her sweet face...

There is a unique beauty from walking in the silky texture of a freshly tilled ground...

AND a beauty in the way the garden grows...

But rarely in the way it DOESN'T grow....

(psst... that was my nonchalant way of saying my garden isn't doing so great)

Seize the Day...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Viewing at 9am, Bedside Services Held at 10am...

She fought a good fight but it was just her time...

Back in Dec my HP Pavillion was ailing. I rushed her to the Computer Doctors at the first sign of the flickering screen. I knew it wasn't good. It never is when we have to go there. They are like the final stop on the way out. The Doc. told me that her days were numbered. I took my lovely laptop home to finish out her final days among the people who loved her most...mostly myself.

The months to come were touch and go. I made several attempts to prolong her life. Rarely turning her off for I feared each day would be her last. I even spoke with a few people about performing an exorcism... It was just too risky in her already fragile state.

I know it sounds like I should have been more prepared for this day but who can ever be fully prepared for this!? There was a time that I thought she was feeling better, better than she had ever been before! I had hope! I told you before I am a die hard optimist. The belief that my beloved lap top had miraculously recovered from a burned up mother board and a bad screen is the sure fire sign of my unwavering optimism! That is love my friends... and I loved her dearly.

Last night I logged out and turned her off. I didn't know that would be that last time I would have my precious ole gal around. (If I would have known I would have stayed up unto the wee hours of morning spending quality time with her) I have to say I knew her time was coming but I didn't think she would be taken so soon!

June 15th my lap top bit the dust. I will bury her underneath my bed next to my deceased Compaq Presario. They will find comfort in the other broken electronics that have been put to rest in the dark dusty shallows beneath my bed.

This is a pic of dead chick and Hp together. Little did I know when that pic was taken that I would lose them both in such a short time.

This is a pic of me and HP spending quality time together... Look how happy we were!!

Rest in Peace ole' gal. You will be sorely missed....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lets Drive

Throughout the years my Dad and I would go on little car rides. I am sure that over the years when I would ask my Dad if he wanted to ride a bit it sent fears up through his spine like a gun shy dog hearing a the sound of a shot gun in the near distance.

Inside the doors of the old pick up truck, that was where I went to make my confessions. I now smile when I think back over all times I said, "hey dad, ya wanna ride". I remember at times being terrified to confess my sins. Not that he would ever be angry, he never was, I just didn't want to disappoint him. Now being a mother myself I understand why those rides were never disappointing for him. We talked. Our open communication voided all things bad.

I never did anything too terrible. My confessions were typically about boys I dated that he may or may not approve of, or telling him an injustice in our little world that was weighing heavy on my heart. The good thing about my dad, we could talked about everything! Although we did talk about the simpler things in life like our pets, childhood memories, family, and trips we had taken but we also talked about the tough stuff too like drugs alcohol and sex. There was never a time he said "you shouldn't do this or that", it was always like, "well, do YOU feel that is right, what do your values tell you". Although I have to say, I earned my load of intuition and a strong gut instinct from my mom, I revealed the burdens of such to my father. I am not sure why. He was just easy. Maybe it was because I looked to him to fix the injustices in my world? Maybe its because there was always a lot of listening on both ends, there was a mutual respect there. I felt like I could tell him anything because it wasn't going to be met with judgment but with an attempt of understanding. Which I was lucky to have two extremely understanding parents so I am not sure why him, either way, the truck was a spiritual place. Our drives gave us time to connect, to formulate game plans and dreams with out losing a minute from our busy lives... time stood still while we rode. The truck was place were my Dad and I connected on a different level. We were not father and daughter but friends.

Today we went for a drive. Although this time he was bringing me home from dropping off my truck at the Firestone store, we still had one of those meaningful discussions. We talked about the Gulf oil spill, his days in the coal mines, politics, and the visiting jake's in the back yard of the ole' homestead.

We discussed the grey areas of life. My dad and I are both grey people. Although as he has became wiser in life he has learned how to weigh the grey area and choose a side while still being objective. I am still crippled by the fog and very indecisive. Ultimately being grey people, I think that's why we connect so well. There is not a damn thing in this world that isn't shaded by some form of grey. We know that, We see that and therefor we tend to be slow to pass judgement and easy to forgive. Which in turn creates a lovely space to meet on common ground. The grey area is an area of peace balance and respect... much like our drives together.

As the view beyond the window has morphed into something different throughout the years, inside the ride, time has remained still, sacred as the first and unchanging as the last. Just my dad and I driving through the grey areas of life as time stands still.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Journey

I have been in an odd thought filled mood lately. I have been reflecting on the past wandering through the present and curiously looking to the future. I suppose you would say I have been thinking of our individual "journey" and its contributors.
Therefor I am dedicating this weeks series of post to my family, the greatest contributors to my personal journey.

Here is an old post to kick off the series...

A Sappy Love Story to My Family.

In life, in love, hang in there.
When faith is but a dim light, follow it.
It will be the light that leads to better days,
A better life, and a deeper love.

Faith is the glue that holds my heart in place,
my head up, and my family together.

In wind and rain,
Shattered life and pain,
My faith protects us.

When I question everything around me,
my family is my unmeasurable joy,
my unbearable pain.

I will forever bare the storm for just a moment of sunshine with you.

Mom- My constant ally. The world can never be fully against me as long as you are by my side.

Dad- Often my partner in crime. I am the reflection of my father.

Josh- My best friend, my awesome childhood would have been impossible with out my brother.

Dom- My sweet boy, my first born nephew. You prepared me for parenthood.

C.Lee - What can I say... There is no other person in this world that has walked in my shoes as close as you have. You are my 80% and together we make 160%, which is pretty damn good in my opinion. There is no other person in this world that will find the humor, amazement and joys of raising our children like you. You amaze me. Only you can convince me that I am beautiful when I look like hell. I know that no other person in this world can love me as deeply, as passionately and as steadfast as you. You understand me, even when I want to push you away. When I run, you run with me so I wont be alone, to me that is love. As tired as I may be, as burned as I may feel, I will run with you, forever.

Sissy- My beautiful angel. You are so amazing. I love to watch you create. You are a fire ball that blazes through the sky, painting the world with beautiful colors! You have inherited a talent that was your great grandmothers, passed to your uncle, then to you. You are treasured just as your talents are treasured. You are such a gift.

Pajama Boy- My sweet boy. Every morning when your heavy eyes and tired feet patter against the floor, I smile because I know that beautiful smile is about to tap on my door! The twinkle in your eyes brings light to any dark day. You are exactly what I hope you are when you grow into a man, sweet, charming, sincere, and loving.

My heart swells when I think about how blessed I am to have two children who are so unique and beautiful. How in the world we created such beauty I will never understand!

Tab- My sister. You are my little black book of every little (sometimes big) dirty nasty thing that I ever did. You never flinched, no matter what I ever did. You speak what others fear to say. You do what other fear to do. You refuse to roll over. You are perseverance. I couldn't ask for a better sister and I wouldn't want one either. When you got sick, I was really scared. I thought once that I may not have a sister any more. Words can not say it but... I prayed for the first time in a very long time.

Written April 20th 2009

Thanking Mom for Her Greatness.

My Momma is the the strongest links in our family. She holds everything together. She is an amazing woman that has a strong sense of motherly intuition. Her instincts are like the nose of blood hound. My mom can read us all like an open book. Growing up, it made it really hard for us kids to hide anything. As the years went by I would watch my mother and learn from her. Maybe her intuition was hereditary or perhaps it was something that she learned through hard earned experience. Either way I hope that my hunches are as accurate as hers. I could go into such details about her instincts/intuition/premonitions but you would probably think we were both nuts. If there is anything that I believe in as far as the supernatural it is definitely my mothers instincts. (You would think that with all this strong faith in her "knowing" that Id actually listen every once in a while!?)

Even though in my teenage years I enjoyed time with my friends I always treasured the times that my mom and I were able to share. I specifically remember one night when my mom and I ran out to grab a burger. She said, "did you ever think you would be spending a Friday night with your mom". The truth was... there wasn't another place in this world that I would have rather been. We share a similar sense of humor with a touch of cynicism that always encourages contagious laughter that bruises the ribs and draws tears from the eyes. That's one of my favorite things about my mom. She can make me laugh... in the most inappropriate times.

I remember this trip we made back from WV when my daughter was just a wee babe. I cant remember everything that went wrong but I do recall having car trouble which lead us to drive at a sluggish pace for hours with a screaming baby in the car that messed all in her car seat. (shaa...I also recall accidentally hitting my mom in the head with the car door while examining the broken back latch... Whoops... I still feel bad when I laugh about that- no that wasn't a miss print). It was hellish trip, we finally pulled over cussing mad, asking ourselves what else in the hell could possibly go wrong. We were both near tears when the uncontrollable laughter set in. That's my mom. She laughs through the tears and carries on.

We share the same distaste for functions such as weddings baby showers and just about any other type of large get together. Its not that we are party poopers (okay maybe) but it just seems like cruel and unjust punishment to have to make awkward conversation with people that are left as just aquaintences for a reason! When my mom and I are forced into such situations we like to make the bast of our time. For example one of my great Aunts is one of the meanest people you will ever meet. She is extremely insulting and has not an ounce of tact at all. Over the years she has went to great attempts to give my mother and I a complex. Its just not us, she is cruel to everyone. I apologize if you have ever met my Aunt, I am sure it was hell on ya. Anyways, My mom and I entertain ourselves during these moments with our dear Aunt by taking bets on which one of us she will insult first and which of her favorite insults she will use. Its all in good fun and a nice way to make some extra cash. It entertains us and makes our time with our dear old Aunt more bearable. Some of our greatest times have been centered around the cruelty of our Aunt.

God, Ya just got to love my mom! She is one of those people who knows how to make the best lemonade when life hands ya lemons... ya know what I mean!?

Well even though we are nearing Fathers day and Mothers day has since passed... I dedicate this beautiful Monday afternoon to my mom. Thanks for being the greatest, mom ever!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Improving My Track Record, I Hope...

As the little sparrows release date draws near slight anxiety is starting to set in. What will that day be like? Will she have a fighting chance against the predators in the wild? Will little sparrow be capable of finding her own food? Will she fly like a bird that was taught by experienced flyer's? I mean, I wont even fly in an airplane! This is the blind teaching the blind here! I have a lot of worries... I can only do my best and then she will have to do the rest. When you love something you must set it free.

My anxiety is well earned as I recall a similar release day just a few years ago. Sissy was about three years old. She had been playing out on the back patio. I had the screen door open while I was working in the kitchen. She came running into the house. "Momma, I found something big and wonderful", she said. I walked over to her as she made careful steps in my direction. In her hands was the rare majestic Luna moth. Its large lime green wings were a beautiful site.

"Can we keep it", she pleaded. I told sissy that she could not keep it at all, especially in the house. I gently placed the Luna into a wide mouth mason jar as sissy took off to search for the Audubon Society Field Guide to Insects and Spiders. Even as early as three Sissy knew that this was indeed a moth and not a butterfly as she skipped right passed the butterfly section. Finally she found the perfect match... a beautiful glossy photo of a Luna moth. Sis sat next to me as we read all about the species. She was tickled pink to find something so beautiful.

Then I told Sissy it was time to let it go. We went outside to the corner of the driveway facing a large field with tall grasses. I gently threw the beautiful moth into the deep blue sky. Sissy and I stood there just absorbing the moment, watching this majestic creature take flight back into the wild. It truly was a heart felt special moment for us both...

In the midst of our awe and amazement out of the corner of my eye, in all my horror, I see a bird. Like a flash of lightening it just swooped down and gobbled up our moth! Right there in front of us! Just picture the scene from Madagascar with the crocodile and the duck! I shrieked and Sissy screamed out "that bird ate my moth"! Needless to say "Mommy was the evil villain that set it free... TO BE EATEN"

So yes, anxiety is well earned.

We are taking the sparrow out tomorrow for a test run. Although I am sure little sparrows release will be soon, I know that it wont be tomorrow. The Pin feathers on the left wing have not filled out completely (properly) and I am not sure how well she will due on her right leg. It is splayed which isn't from nutrition but was noticed the day we found her. I should know something very soon if our little one will be able to return to the wild or find refuge at the Wildlife Center. Ideally, I would love to see a little sparrow fly by and wonder if it is her or not but if that isn't possible, she would make a great learning tool for the refuge. Either way I hope our track record improves.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day at the Lake

A fun day at the lake....


Makes some of us very sleepy.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Helpful Homesteading Tips

Urban Homesteading 101
Chapter One: Helpful Homesteading Tips
Section One: The Work Boots

A good pair of rubber boots will be one of the most important tools one will have while homesteading. These boots will be a life saver! Otherwise the menagerie of shoes (flip flops and high heels included) that you have collected throughout the years will diminish rapidly but as with anything, care of the rubber boots is of the up most importance...

A. Clean the boots regularly as it is a crucial sanitary measurement in order to deter the passing along of nasty germs and parasites to your flock or herd.

Although spraying the boots down with antibacterial soap before a rain storm is thrifty and environmentally friendly ;) , it is not always recommended. As in all things take precautions...

- Always check your boots before placing feet in them,especially if they were left on the back porch during a rainstorm the night before.

- It is also wise that if you have a toddler and chickens to check your boots for eggs on a regular basis as well. Need I say more?

You may find these other interesting tips helpful as well, Trimming Hooves 101 and Helpful Tip for Chicken Owners

Stay tuned for more Helpful Homesteading tips by Leigh.

***Completely facetious blog post but on a serious note... its ALWAYS wise to check your barn boots for spiders and snakes... and for water....and for eggs... Just check your DAMN Boots! ;)***

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Its a Small World After All

This weekend I had the privilege of meeting two really wonderful people. After several months of following Karen Thomasons blog, Gordon Setter Crossing and connecting with her through various writings, we found that we have much in common... her home town being just one of them.

Karen and her husband Dan were down from Montana visiting family around the Nashville area this weekend. Whats the odds!? I was so excited when we started making plans to meet up. Whats the chances of randomly connecting with someone from the opposite end of the country, not just any "someones" but extremely nice, unique, fun and inspiring someones like Karen and Dan!? That's just awesome!

There is nothing like good food and good conversation among good friends. It really was a wonderful evening filled with amazing stories and tons of laughs. We look forward to visiting their neck of the country soon.... as I am now dieing to see a Moose!!!!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Resistance

The clouds roll in...

The darkness fights for domination as the sovereign sun bravely attempts to stand her ground...But we all know... though her efforts are mighty, she hasn't a chance...

It never fails... at the end of the day, over the hills behind the trees, she retreats...

Darkness vengefully wraps its self around this world, touching each with its cool cool embrace....

The night sky sparkles victoriously, as the lonely whippoorwills sweet sweet calls console the weary spirits left behind.....

Until dawn steadily lifts the light from the evenings shadows...