Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Savoring the moment

This morning I grabbed a piping hot cup of coffee and headed down to the barn to do the morning chores. The heavy dark morning clouds hung down low as a cool breeze swept the barn yard. The leaves rustled and billowed along the brown fall grass. I glanced towards the back property line littered with large Poplar, Gum, and Maple trees. I thought to myself how beautiful this morning is and  how badly I just wanted to sit and savor the moment.

The leaves are changing and it is my most favorite time of year. Its a shame that the changing of the leaves doesn't happen the entire season. It seems like there is just a couple of weeks of the oranges, yellows and reds, and then its gone until next year. Yes... this is the time of year to savor the beauty. Savoring the moment lingered in my mind.

While in my reflective trans this morning, I was thinking about how wonderful this weekend has been. Really, it has been great! In fact so great that I get a little misty eyed thinking about it. Hmmm O where shall I start???? I don't know where to start....

Sat. Lee and I laid new floor down in the chicken coop. Sis carefully peeled away the paper as she helped her daddy lay down the new adhesive tiles. I'm not sure how it happened but some how we all managed to get into a playful wrestling match in the middle of the chicken coop floor. I think perhaps you had to be there to understand that one. Moving on...

While laying the tiles down, my brother dropped in for a quick visit before he was off the be a brides maid in a wedding.... perhaps you had to be here to understand that one as well... Moving on. (I told you I didn't know where to start)

Since the wedding was held only a few miles from our home and instead of my bro having to trek an hour home late in the evening he decided to camp out at the house for the night. While he was at the wedding my father returned from visiting his dear friend and fellow wood worker in N.C. He brought back many treasures for the wood shop. His friend who I will now and forever refer to as Uncle Joe sent me a few Diamond Willow branches to work on for walking sticks. He also gave us a greatly appreciated belt sander. (Thanks a ton!) My father keeping in mind my new primitive wood working passion, picked up a spoon knife and hook knife for the shop. He also found some native Cane growing along the roads of North Carolina. Being always prepared, he jumped out with his ax, and brought home a couple shoots. I cant wait to start crafting!

We all enjoyed digging through the thoughtful treasures that my Dad picked up on his trip. The children greatly appreciated all the interesting rocks and fossils. The children stood around the long shop table with a large magnify glass pressed closely to their eyes as they studied each stone carefully. I don't know how to explain it too you but their enthusiasm made my heart sore with pride. Pride, that my children enjoy things like that. Pride that my father knows that it doesn't take a gift from a gift shop. Pride that we could all sit down together as a big happy family and look at rocks and wood with such  wonder and amazement. Yep, doesn't take much to keep us happy. And that my friends is precisely why I was so thrilled.

We visited with my parents for a long time, discussing our bonds and memories with Uncle Joe. We talked about ideas and dreams we had for wood craft... and even whittled a bit.

My brother arrived back at the house just in time for the after after party. We all sat out in the shop just catching up on our lives, listening to a little Mumford & Sons, some of Pop's favorite bluegrass music, and my newly discovered missing Nora Jones CD. We had a friendly but somewhat competitive game of darts going, and somewhere along the lines a hoedown broke out... but I think that had more to do with the liquid refreshments than the music... Anyways I cant quite explain it but that moment of cheer with my family felt almost magical.. I haven't laughed that hard in a really long time. It was this sense of companionship, camaraderie, overwhelming joy in unison that spilled over. For no rhyme or reason at all that night we celebrated. What we were celebrating wasn't anything other than our deep bond and love for one another. Life is good!

The next morning we were all feeling a little sluggish to say the least. The youngsters going to bed early the night before and rising at the break of dawn didn't make the day any easier. Although it did help because Sissy had to be at school by 7am. Lee jumped up and carted the little one off to school while I sluggishly worked on the morning chores.

Lee came home all smiles. He shook his head as he told me of the tale that unfolded in the car with Sissy. Due to post fall break nerves Lee stopped off at the local gas station to pick Sis up a little incentive to get her back in the mood for school after a long fall break. Yeah he bribed her. Don't act like you haven't done it before! :)

Anyways, so he gets back in the truck, and Sissy curiously asks "Let me ask you a question"? She smiles at the impending answer.

"Why do I have an egg in my pocket". She grins ear to ear as she recovers the egg from her jacket.

Lee laughs "I don't know why", he enthusiastically announces. (long pause) "Why DO you have an egg in your pocket"?

 I don't know!?!?! She says.

I vaguely remember sometime last week Sissy was helping me collect eggs and I guess she put it in her pocket and forgot about it. I couldn't help but to laugh at all the possibilities. Homesteading Tip... Always check your kids pockets for eggs.

After I finished up the chores, Lee and I headed out for the day. We did a little Christmas shopping and drove around the country side for a while. Our ultimate goal was just to enjoy each others company. Monday was our eight year wedding anniversary.... Surprise! We still enjoy each others company.

Lee and I are pretty young at heart. Some of the childish past times still gives us great amusement. For example... we were driving down the road and Lee gives me a gentle punch in the shoulder... Green he shouts as green Volkswagen passes us. Surprised by the playfulness I rubbed my shoulder for sympathy. So here comes a line of cars in the distance... I internally grin!

*PUNCH* "Red", *PUNCH*, "Green", *PUNCH* Gray, *PUNCH*, "White". In complete shock, "What the hell, It has to be a Volkswagen!", he exclaims.  "Oh" I smiled. (mahahaha)

Somewhere a long the lines "Slug bug" turned into "Slug sign" Next thing I knew we were swapping licks over real estate signs. And that my friends is how you celebrate eight years of marriage! ;-)

Just the thought of our day together makes me smile. We had a blast. I am happy to married to someone who doesn't take life too seriously. Lee is the type of guy who can laugh at himself as well as to make others laugh at themselves. Its easy to be around him... guaranteed never a dull moment. ;)

Lee and I finally returned home just in time to pick up Sissy from school. Sissy jumped in the truck still amazed by the fact that her Daddy had an extra day off. We were excited to present her with a new pair of shoes... I handed her a shoe box. "I bought you some new shoes today," I said. She was absolutely thrilled to have a random gift waiting on her . She joyfully opens the box to find her new pair of shoes. The excitement drains from her face. I have to give her credit. She did her absolute best to hold a smile. "Do you like them" I asked. I could see she didn't want to lie but she also didn't want to tell the truth. "Sissy, if you don't like them we can take them back". "Its not that I don't like them"... she slid them on. "I don't think they fit". I could tell she was relieved that they were too big. Hey we have all been there. And frankly the thought is great and never goes unappreciated... but sometimes the thought just doesn't make us like em' any better. "No worries", I reassured her.

After we arrived home. I started not too feel well. I became nauseated, my face tingled and all my energy depleted. After dinner I was hoping to feel well enough to take Sis back to the store so she could return the shoes and find a pair that fits. Unfortunately as we were about to leave I felt even worse.

I looked around for my glucose monitor but couldn't remember where I put it. Standing was making me feel much worse. I finally laid down on the bed while Lee continued the search. Finally I remembered I put it in the dresser. The longer I laid there I could tell that my sugar levels were rising as I started to feel a little better. I decided to check just in case. 88 wasn't a bad number but its not an ideal number. I decided to drink a soda and head out anyways.

I was really dreading the trip. I didn't feel the greatest and I don't like to be in the truck very long but I felt like I needed to go while exchanging the shoes was fresh on my mind. I tend to put stuff like that off. Sis and I drove towards Nashville.  On the way there I checked my sugar again just to be safe. It was up to 120 and frankly I couldn't believe how much better I felt. Its been a long time since I had I felt that bad. I was nervous a splitting head ache would soon arrive like it has in the past after a sugar "incident" but I was pleasantly surprised. I'm happy that didn't destroy our evening.

We drove on. The evening sky crept down on the city. Sparkling lights illuminated the streets. I popped in the Nora Jones CD that my father had previously borrowed (for a really long time). I asked Sissy if she remembered the song playing. "I use to sing this to you, Do you remember?" She shook her head no. I lightly started singing the lyrics as she reached over and grabbed my hand. She didn't talk. She just held my hand and looked out of the window beside her.

We finally reached the store and returned the shoes. Sissy couldn't find a pair that  "fit" so we tried another store. We enjoyed our time together; talking, laughing and singing. Its been a long time since we have just had time alone together with just the two of us.

At the other store we hit jack pot. Sissy found a lovely pair of Twinkle Toes that we both agree were absolutely adorable. On our way home I looked over at Sissy. Her eyes were heavy. It was getting passed her bed time. She caught my glance and said "Momma this has been the best girls night of my entire life". I smiled and reached for her hand... Savoring the moment.


  1. The leaves are very beautiful and I ♥ this time of year too.

    Having fun and acting a little bit childish every now and then is good for the soul.

    I may have missed it, but how is your Rooster doing?

  2. BM,
    Love to have fun, so the soul must love it too! :)

    I noticed Jeeves is looking better but we are far from out of the woods. I did another treatment this past weekend. So hopefully it will jump start the healing. I'm going to try something new if I don't see better results by the end of the week. Thanks for asking. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing some of your savored moments...very beautifully written. Felt like I was right there. Happy eight years to ya'll!

  4. I could go for two weeks of summer, two of winter, three months of perfect spring and eight months of autumn. Love it! (Also love the parquet floor in the hen-house. You realize it's going to get white and green poupon it.) Glad you're feeling better.

  5. The eggs in the pocket... Yeah, we've had that also... Such is life in the country:):).

  6. Girl, that was a wonderful account of savouring the moment. There's nothing I like more than to know someone who has it all and appreciates it. Know what I mean?

    Happy Anniversary and that weekend impromptu party you had sounded like lots of fun. They're always the best and watching our children get so much enjoyment just from 'life' is the greatest moment of all.

    Wonderful post!!


  7. Thanks for writing such a beautiful piece about the joyful experiences in your life recently. The love shows through every word, and it felt like I was right there with you enjoying family and good times too. The Autumn leaves are so beautiful, and I'm also going to savor the ones I see.

  8. Leigh, this post may not be poetic, but it's one of the best ones you've ever done! I felt like I was right there in the truck and in the shop....even enjoying the drinks and Nora Jones (one of our favorites). I had sooooooo much fun with you all! And at the end of the day, I pictured you and Sissy in that truck...heading home...into the sunset. I actually teared up a little. You're WAS the PERFECT day.

  9. I once put a handful of fresh eggs in the cupholder of our car. You see, I checked the nest boxes on my way out of the house, and I didn't have time to take them inside.... so I just took them along for the ride. My girlfriend glanced at them when I picked her up from the park and ride. She smiled, I smiled, and the eggs enjoyed the ride back home.

  10. Leigh,
    I cannot express with mere words how this post made me feel when reading, just such a lovely piece. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love reading your blog posts Leigh. Saviour the moment indeed!


  12. tberry,
    I'm so happy that I was able to take you there!I have to say having someone say that they felt like there were there is by far one of the best compliments I can here! So happy you enjoyed it and thank you for your well wishes!

    LOL! I know but I promise it is way easier to clean. ;)

    So funny! I find myself learning all kinds of new little lesson like that! LOL

    I tell you what, I feel so lucky every day to have my life... even on the bad days! I think that for so long our generation was told that the simple things aren't good enough, but now I believe that those simple things in life will be the only thing that saves us.... so enjoying them and teaching the children to enjoy them makes survival that much easier. ;) Thanks for the Well wishes.

    I'm so happy that the words were able to convey the deep meaning behind them! It does my heart well to know that you enjoyed it.

    Awe, I had to grin ear to ear when I read your comment! You are too good to me!

    I could picture you and Dan there too... Shame you guys weren't really, You and Dan would have fit right in with our family get together... In fact the next time you guys are in town thats exactly what we shall do! By the way... I started working on that little project we discussed a while back... I cant wait to send you pics when we actually start to progress... right now we are constructing... detail work will start soon!

  13. taylorgirl6,
    I also seem to drive around with a pile of eggs in my cup holders! Very few people ask why now. ;)

    That is a great compliment from someone with your knack for writing. Truly appreciate it. :)

    The pleasure is all mine, so happy you enjoyed it!

  14. That sounds like a blast! Next trip....we're there!!
    We'll get the guys to play a little guitar too. Get ready Lee! (:

    I am really looking forward to seeing your pics on the project. I am so honored you liked those pics that much! I know it's going to be beautiful.

  15. Oh wow. This was wonderful. I just love when you talk about your time with your kids. It reminds me so much of the fun adventures my Mom would take us on. So much love.

  16. Karen,
    Cant wait either!!!

    So glad you enjoyed! Thanks for the comment.

  17. Great post. It seems like as we get older, time goes by faster and faster, and so these moments where everyone is comfortable just "being" are so much more precious.

  18. Love the nature pictures – you really do live in a nice part of the world.