Monday, October 4, 2010

Tree Identification Class.

This morning the children and I headed to the state park for a follow up on our tree identification class.

 The objective in todays trip was to more or less have a scavenger hunt with the leaves that we had already collected and identified. Sissy was able to use her binder as a reference. It only took her a few minutes and then she no longer needed a reference in order to identify the leaves that we had studied... Mission complete!

Although there were many leaves to keep us busy... We also found other interesting sights in the woods...
When a doe has got to go, a doe has got to go!

We found wondrous trees that twisted and turned...

And deer that napped in the security of high weeds...

Then there was a turtle skeleton that we found not far off the well beaten trail.

Even though I had my eyes peeled for snakes... stumbling upon this little guy still came as a surprise....

I was shaking in my boots, hence the blurry shots. ;) I'm not a fan of snakes.

After our day of excitement... I was ready to get back home to a nice warm cup of coffee... and snuggle in for a nap....

But unfortunately every time I close my eyes I would see this.....


  1. Wow. Those are gorgeous trees! Makes me wish I'd been able to come to this tree identification class. My favorite is the one that seems to have swallowed a couple of basketballs at the root. Very cool pics--they really make the story. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Samuel,
    Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately my camera's days are drawing to an end. I just don't think it will make it through the new year. Perhaps a new one will be coming soon! Nonetheless, Glad you enjoyed the post! :)

  3. I'm not fond of snakes either. At all.

    I guess that makes two! ; )

  4. What a fun day, and such neat things you saw... I mean, really, a deer going potty??! I've never seen such a thing, LOL.

    Perhaps the hubby will get you a new camera for Christmas. ;-)

    And I see in your sidebar, you want something I also want... an old pick-up truck. Yep, I mentioned it to the hubster a few weeks back, and I actually think he's keeping it in the back of his mind. He said he'd be able to work on it since engines back then were so much simpler. So I think he might be excited to find one too.

    And one more thing: I didn't know Robert Pattinson was a singer... great song!

  5. Rural,
    haha! I have came a long way... Now I only kill the poisonous ones!

    It was really funny... She actually saw us first and then turned around and used the potty! I think she was trying to tell us something! I think that the camera will have to wait until after Christmas but Im happy with trying to get as many miles out of this one that I can.

    I loved the 50's model chevy's... just makes my heart go pitter patter! One day I will have one... one day.

    As far as Robert Pattinson, Im not a real big fan of his film career but I love his music! Unfortunately he has dedicated his time to the Twilight fame and hasn't put an album together. Heck, I cant blame him though. :)

  6. Seeing the deer must have been pretty cool! In all of the time we spend in the woods, I never see anything like that ... of course, I probably have to get a little further out of the suburbs, don't I? ;). Snakes, though ... we have snakes - none are poisonous, but we actually saw a snake devouring a toad, which was pretty cool, and the other day, my daughter found a skunk skeleton in the woods out at her dance school, which was also pretty cool (it's in the trunk of Deus Ex Machina's car, minus the skull, which they never found).

  7. Great pics girl! My favorite is the the Doe takin' care of business though...priceless. How often does one get to take a pic of that...Lol.
    Is the leaf study for a school project? or just something fun to do with the kids...If so great idea!

  8. Snakes? Oh, heck no. Had I known there was a possibility of stumbling across one in the woods, I would never EVER have gone out there. You are one brave woman. My stomach did flip flops just LOOKING at the picture. Cool trees and deer though!

  9. Wendy,
    I was actually pretty surprised by everything we saw... although I was really hoping to spy a turkey or too. The skunk find must have been pretty cool... Have you or the girls ever dissected owl pellets? Super fun stuff!

    Thanks! The project was in a list of suggested activities to keep the kids busy over fall break... no grades but has been a ton of fun and we have even added to the study a bit.

    LOL, I dont think that the four of us ophidiophobs will be able to hike together... who's bringing the ax?

    Dog Hair,
    Funny you mention that, I was just thinking about how weird it is that I don't even like touching the pages on my snake ID book... like one will pop out of the page and bite my finger! LOL

  10. Hello, I haven't visited before. Trees are wonderful, have you ever hugged one. Its a great feeling. I loved all your photos and seeing your little ones, so prescious!
    In you first photo of a deer I almost thought it was a Kangaroo..while living in TN one passed on the top of our ridge one day and I also thought it looked like one, the face is similar.
    Snakes, you can keep those. We get python's here (with the rest) and they freak me out. I won't allow my little dog out at night, afraid he will be a meal. Really enjoyed this adventure. Bless you from Queensland.

  11. Crystal Mary,
    Welcome! I never really thought much about a deers face looking like a kangaroo, but now that you mention it, I see it!

    Unfortunately in the more southern states there are pythons. Although not native but due to a breeding population of released "pets".

    I find it Tennessee has a fairly low number of poisonous/deadly snakes... We are blessed. ;)

    Glad you enjoyed the post!

  12. What a wonderful little "field trip" and how lucky you were to have run across so many marvelous sightings. What a lovely photo of you and your son!

  13. Oh I'll bring the axe, and the gun, and the shovel and the big stick and get the picture. So that's what we're called, huh, ophidiophobs? I couldn't find that in the dictionary. If that means, terrified of snakes, well yep, that would be me! We ARE sisters!

  14. Wow - its like a jungle out there. cute picture of you too!

  15. Jeri,
    I smiled at your comment. Every time I wander into the woods I think about your books! Thanks for the added imagination! It gives me a renewed appreciation for the hidden worlds. ;)

    Wikipedia... One of my biggest allies in writing.. o and ;-)
    O and what a hysterical picture that would make! LOL :)

    Thats what I was thinking!!! I couldn't believe all the wild life. Ultimately I was really hoping to see a turkey... but I wasn't so lucky... snake instead.

  16. Great shots, Leigh! Looks like you got pretty close to the deer or did you zoom in? Either way, impressive wildlife. A good day's work.

  17. Kevin,
    Thanks. Actually I got very close to the deer. It was really cool. The perk to Bledsoe State park is that a local wildlife rehab facility releases in the area, so even though the animals aren't tame they are fairly unafraid of people. It makes for a nice up close experience in the woods. Although there are many arguments to how close one should come to "experience", I tend to side with Steve Irwin. Interaction breeds love and love breeds conservancy.