Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why I love it here.

I thought this was cute. I took it with my cell which is why the clarity is aweful... maybe you just had to be there but I thought this little fella was adorable peeking out of mommas feathers.
Get out your magnify glass! I promise you wont be disappointed! ;)


  1. Don`t you just love mama hens and thier peeps! Congrats!!

  2. See, told you that there is always an upside for every downside, just let the cycle turn and it all balances out. Nice to now that your smiling again.

  3. Oh that is ADORABLE! I love it!
    How is the baby bird doing? Is it still hanging in there? I have to believe there is a special place in heaven for people who care even about trying to save a baby bird's life. :)

  4. Feral,
    I do love it. I am really surprised by how nurturing they are.

    You couldnt be more right. ;)

    The baby bird is still doing very well. I had an appointment to take her to the rehabbers but with it being a few hours away and my truck "issues", the little fella is going to have to settle for me for a few more days. I can not believe how much this little one has already changed. I will post some update pics soon.


  5. Indeed a very cute picture. The chick looks like it was posing for the photo. Proud momma hen. Have a good weekend.