Friday, May 28, 2010

He finally has a face

Big John has changed quite a bit. He has saved up his pay and actually bought him self a new face! I think he is right handsome, if I do say so myself!
Now that he has a set of eyes, he will no longer have an excuse as to why my compost bin wont be completed. Get to work Big John!

The compost pile is an eye sore and is bugging the tar out of me.
I even laid out the material for Big John to get started but excuses excuse is all I hear.
"O whats that Big John? You are staked in the ground and can not move"!?

"Good grief BIG John If I have to build you a pair of movable legs I may as well build the compost bin myself! Sheesh..."

"You know, I am sure you could be easily replaced. Thousand of unemployed workers would love to be in your shoes"

"What!? No I didn't forget that you don't have feet!!!"

"Keep it up John and I will find someone else, I mean it!"

"I will to do it!"

"What was that? But they wouldn't be as handsome as you... with big dark eyes, muscular arms and legs, small waist and a sexy mustache with handle bars!?"


"Big John, who in the hell do you think I am!? I am a married woman for crying out loud!!!"

Boy, it is so hard to find decent help....

*I played by myself a LOT when I was little. ;)


  1. Luckily my wife prefers clean shaven men......Keep big John in Middle Tennessee or we will have some trouble

  2. Haha. I doubt you have much to worry about Big John is hard to get along with, cocky and extremely lazy! In fact there were crows standing next to him just this morning... and he did absolutely nothing! lol ;)