Friday, May 14, 2010

Look what I found!!!!


Raising chicks via broody hen verses incubator is SO much more fun!

And so much easier too...

Because Momma does all the work while I just sit back and enjoy...


  1. Oh Goody! What a mama! I just got my buffs a few days ago and it is love at first site. Mine are juveniles however, not lil chickpeas.

  2. Congrats, Chicken Grandma! What kind of grand-chicks did you end up with?


  3. Oh those are gorgeous babies. Did you just stick the Marans eggs under her, or did she lay those? (Is that possible, or is that a really dumb question?) Funny story - I have 32 chicks arriving Tuesday in the mail - I ordered about 20 different breeds. Three other people ordered with me. They won't breed label them for us, so we are recieving 50+ chickens, with NO IDEA what kind is which. Ought to be fun! I AM looking forward to my babies though!!

  4. Sandy,
    We have all crosses. I was really bummed when non of the full blooded Marans eggs didnt hatch. Unfortunately that was soley my fault as I slide the eggs under her a few days after she had already starting setting. So once the other babes hatched she stopped setting on the eggs. I feel aweful about it because there are forming birds in the eggs... I am just sick about it.
    So we ended up with Orpington Marans Crosses and Rock Marans crosses. They really adorable sweet little babes. I cant wait to see what color egg they will lay.