Sunday, May 2, 2010

Flood Water

Again yesterday morning I woke to the rumbling of the thunder. I rolled over and look out the window to see the dark sky still lingering from the night before.

As I ran down to check the animals I checked on the garden again as well. Our trench really is working and held up well on into the day. I am very relieved by this. Unfortunately once in the barn, I made a frightful discovery. Our goat stall had water in it. I moved the goats into a dryer area. They seemed much happier not to be walking in damp bedding.

For most of the day we sat in front of the tv watching the news. The devastation from the flood waters was heart breaking. A great amount of Nashville and surrounding areas are underwater. Many people trapped in the raging waters have lost their lives. It will be hard to know the exact number of people lost until some of the water subsides.

We had been stuck in the house for two days, cabin fever and natural curiosity was starting to take its toll. We put on our rain gear and headed out to check on friends and family as well as to assess the damages.

We actually have the advantage of being on the plateau (about 30 min north of Nashville). There are very few homes in our little town being flooded out but the rising uncontained creeks have made travel near impossible for many of us living on the plateau.

I leave you with the photos that I took yesterday evening after much of the flooding had subsided....


  1. Wow, great shots, Leigh! What devastation! You, and everyone else affected by this, are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Wow. Unbelievable. I haven't watched the news in what feels like weeks so I wasn't even aware of all the flooding until I read your blog post the other day. I also got a notification that our conference at the Gaylord in Nashville is in question now, because the Gaylord is flooded and closed. Lots of prayers for ya'll and your families and friends! Scary times indeed.

  3. I love a good rain storm, so you're welcome to send some of your excess our way. Seriously, I am so very sorry that that is happening in your area. It is one of the few times when I am thankful I live in western NY - seldom do we ever suffer from any real natural disasters here; no hurricanes, tornadoes, mudslides, forest fires, or even floods of epic proportions. Pretty uninteresting, and expensive, state/area to live in, but safe, I guess. Thank God! Be well. And stay dry.

  4. Thank you everyone for your well wishes.
    Stephen, tonight was the first time that I saw pictures of the hotel. I am pretty sure that the hotel will be closed for at the very least a few months. Such a bummer because it really is a very beautiful place.

  5. So horrible and devastating... I've been watching the flood news in Nashville lately too. So glad to hear you and yours are safe!