Monday, May 10, 2010

Is it just me?

It seems like I take two steps forward and three steps backwards. I am beginning to wonder if it is just me?

I am shamelessly venting on this cold wretched Monday morning.... ok I am slightly ashamed but it is Monday and all bad things are a go on a Monday. So I am pushing shame to the back of my conscious. Let the down pour of woes and word vomit begin....

The clouds roll in...
My check engine light has been on since the last time I took my truck into get it worked on. I had every intentions on taking it back in and finally when I decided it was time to take it back to the shop, the shop that previously worked on it shut down due to the poor economy. Friday I found myself in quite bind. I finally found a Chevy dealer to work on it. The dealer called around 3pm Friday and told me they have yet to find the source of the problem but by having to hook it up to diagnostic twice my bill is already at $157. They asked how far monetary wise was I willing to go. I really need a functioning vehicle as this is our only vehicle. So I said "call me at $200". The mechanic laughed and reluctantly said "Okay". I am sure he laughed because he gets paid $50 an hour. I could go into an entire other post on price gouging and inflation but I will spare you. So it is Monday and I am still with out a truck.

The first few drops begin to drip from the dark clouded sky...
Saturday we were celebrating my daughters 6th birthday. As I was taking snap shots of my nephew climbing up a rope, I noticed that my camera was not functioning properly. I have to say I have been noticing that the sharpness of my photos have been waning but I held onto the belief that perhaps it was the operator. Now I know that my camera's days are dwindling. We bought a cheaper digital cannon and said that when it dies we will put the money into a camera that my lenses from old film camera (a Cannon Rebel) could fit on. Well I think its needless to say if I cant afford to get my truck fix I certainly can not afford to get a new digital Cannon Rebel.

Should I also mention that just a few short months ago that the screen on my laptop was flickering and so I took it in to The Computer Doctors. Fifty bucks later they told me that I need I new computer. Instead I have kept my screen open and tilted at a certain 45 degree angle so it will no longer flicker, and am still using it. Maybe this is also the time to state that when we had our Construction company that has since shut down, tax papers were not filed properly and now we owe money to the state for unemployment. Or perhaps I should mention the endless slew of medical bills that keep rolling in due my husbands company's recent health insurance change.

So the rain picks up its pace and it begins to pour....
I go out to the barn to visit with my favorite four legged girls and I notice the my sweet Jasmine has an abscess from her CDT shot. Being a new goat owner I panic. I called a few of my friends and they said treat it with a topical antibiotic... neosporin. So that's what we have been doing. I feel it to be a good time to point out that only about four weeks ago we almost lost our sweet Jasmine to bloat. She was very sick, and it took a few days and quite a bit of dough before she was feeling better.

So the thunder and lightening begins to shake the barnyard.....
I went down to barn to doctor Jasmines abscess and then went into the coop to check on brooder hen. I am worried about her. She is very pale. I hope her babes hatch soon as her constant setting it starting to make her look puny. So upon my examination of broody hen, Hijeevey my handsome Roo comes over to visit me. I look down to say "Well,good morning Hijeevey", and I notice he is bleeding! Blood! There is BLOOD EVERYWHERE! "Hijeevey, what happened"!? He said nothing. That is the bad thing about animals, they never tell!!! It drives me nuts! Anyways, I pick up Jeeves and notice he has a toe missing! "How did this happen Jeeves"!? We do not have any other Roosters that are even old enough to do this kind of damage. I am at a loss. I doctor Jeeves, kissed his comb and sent him on his way.

I am looking around at my friends talking about getting boob jobs and their kids getting brand new cloths from Ambrocrombie, the neighbors buying new wheels for the rhino and taking trips to the beach. I am a grown up not to be swayed by peer pressure and commercialism... but I am human! I am wondering why in the hell are we the only ones feeling the smacks as the rain pounds blisters our face? Am I jealous? Not really because I really don't care to have men looking at my boobs while I am trying to talk. I prefer to walk verses hearing the rumbling of a Rhino... even if it has pretty wheels with new tires. I would like to take a trip but not to the beach... I am severally homesick for West Virginia. I am too practical for Ambercrombie. So no worries there. I know that in today's world,
financial woes are everywhere... So am I jealous? Not really. Maybe envious of their luck but not jealous. Am feeling sorry for myself? ABSOLUTELY!

I have no idea what is going on here at Come by Chance acres. I am reflecting on what I have done... wondering what I should do to change the Karma around. I am going to have to step up my game a bit. Maybe some meditation and a fast is in order, a little prioritizing and a whole lot of prayer.... I don't know... All I know is I have to change the pace of things around here before everything falls apart.

"WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS, and it is a monsoon"......


  1. Don't fret Leigh, as with all storms this one will pass, Tis nothing to be done but to batten down the hatches and await for those first rays of sunshine to stroke your face and let you know that things are not to bad after all. Chin up me dear, all things pass and come around, it's just the circle that we all live in, anyway if you never felt crappy then how'd you know when things are good? Hope this ramble helps, all the best,

  2. John,
    Your comment made my eyes fill with tears. ;) Thank you for your beautiful comment. It just has been one of those days. You are very true in your words... how would I have ever truely been able to appreciate sweetness of this life if I had never tasted the bitter. I will be fine... and there is always good out of every bad, just have to let go of certain things in order to embrace the greatness of new things. Thanks again John!

  3. Oh, it is SO not you. Or perhaps it is just you AND I? I am right there with you. I can change the specifics - I don't own a truck, for example, but am sick to death of paying for repairs and gas for the Jeep I own, while still paying exhorbitant car payments on it, too. My vet bills, since January, have been ridiculous - truly (a dog with a bone stuck around her jaw? A cat who needed 4 teeth pulled? A spay - ok, THAT one was necessary, but the rest? Unexpected, and no money laid aside for), two college tuitions to pay which means the cable bill didn't, which means the electric was turned off overnight because we forgot that one, etc. etc. My laptop DIED, my husband's OLD laptop that I was then using died, the home desktop burned, and my daughter brought MY camera home from a concert with the lense sticking out, and the screen black. "I don't know what happened mom, it just quit working."
    Oh, I hear you. And I sympathize. Yes, I'm fortunate, and blessed beyond measure in so many ways - as I know you are too. But sometimes, sometimes, I just wish it would rain someplace else when I feel already soaked through. Sigh. Yes, the sun will come out tomorrow, but today, dammit, it's raining!

  4. I hate to hear such luck has fell upon you as well but do just as I do and find comfort in the fact you are not alone. :) Hmmmm, maybe that is where that saying "misery loves company" comes from? Either way I am going to wallow in self pity for a while then I intend on following some great advice I once heard... I think it went something like, "when life hands you lemons... toss em out grab a lime and drink a Corona"??? I think thats how it went anyways!? ;)

  5. It is funny how we all need to go through these times. This is how we learn and grow. I really loath being in these "phases".

    I believe that we create our reality and have the power to change the reality we find ourselves in. Picture what you want and how you want them to be, then make it happen.

    By the way, depending on the year of your vehicle, all cars have an OBD port that allows you to read and reset diagnostic codes. The check engine light is simply an indication that there is a code. Around here, one can buy a reader for about $50 and then diagnose the problem. I understand that you don't have the money now, but .... I got sick of paying $75 "to hook it up to diagnostics" with 5 minutes worth of effort and no work done. Then, you have the option of doing the work yourself, if you have the time and tools, or bringing it to someone local that you trust.

  6. Deus Ex Machina,
    I completely agree. I think I am through my wallowing for now. ;) And thanks for the heads up on the reader. I will look into that! What has happened is that the code keeps pulling that my Oxygen Sensor (sensor 1 bank 2) is going bad. We have replaced it three times and also replaced the engine module. We were hoping that would fix it but the light came back on again and the reader said that the sensor was bad again. The mechanic working on it now says that it is an electrical problem. As far as a mechanic I trust.... I thought the dealer we went through before was honest but unfortunately it wasnt the case as the last oxygen sensor that I bought and handed over to the Mechanic to put on the truck was a Bosch... when we replaced the SAME sensor just last week it was an old corroded AC that we removed. Unfortuantely in this neck of the woods mechanics see me walking in and seem to see ignorant sucker written on my face.... which is now why I insist on a male speaking on my behalf as far as vehicles are concerned. Very frustrating.
    But again thanks for letting me know about the reader, I will definitely look into that. We have a 2000 Chevy Suburban as it seems (for me, anyways) once they hit the 10 year mark they seem to need a lot of work.

  7. I will happily join you for that Corona. :-) This economy sucks big-time, and it certainly does seem there is more outgoing and not enough incoming. So very frustrating. I feel the same pains as many of you do, but try to feel blessed for what I DO have. It's not easy some days.

  8. Love your blog - looking forward to reading your posts.

  9. just a bit of info if your laptop screen does totally crap out - mine did the same thing and someone told me i could hook it up to a computer monitor (the ones that look like tv sets) and i did and it works just fine. I would guess it doesnt have to be an old monitor and could work the same with a flat screen but the old ones are easier to come by. there should be a port in the back of the laptop with a little monitor picture - all you'd need is the proper cable

  10. Thanks for the tip, Ben. I think mine has a port on the left side of my lap top. I will try that when my screen bites the dust. ;)

  11. I hear you and perhaps it is in the air?? In which case, we should probably all stay inside for a while with masks on. While I didn't love my job, I'm thinking the boss (my FIL) that told me to 'just go now' is probably telling that I quit...but if that was the case, don't you think I'd be a HECK of a lot more prepared to not have income and insurance?? I'm thinking so... Then I got a flat and you are supposed to replace all 4 tires on an all wheel drive vehicle at the same time, even when your flat and other 3 have LOTS of tread...who'd have thunk that?? And the rain keeps coming, but I know the rainbow will be AWESOME...hang in there, girlie!!

  12. My goodness, sounds like you got a years worth of bad luck in a months time! Surely something really great is about to happen to balance all that out!:)

  13. Oz,
    You are more than welcome to share a Corona with me! lol

    I have to say... I am truely looking forward to what is too come to balance this beautiful disaster out. I have faith that great things are to come.

  14. Karen Sue,
    There are so many people in that same position. The last year we had our contruction company we were sitting on three houses and our personal mortgage when the economy began to peter out... I could go into details but needless to say things didnt end pretty. I know all about being unprepared. Know that you arent alone and find comfort in many people have been in the same position... As Karen said "it will all balance out". Faith is the key factor and I wait along side of you for that rainbow. ;)