Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Hands are Pink...

And I have strawberries in my hair...

What does one do with all these strawberries (with four extra boxes in the outside fridge)?

We make LOTS and LOTS of Strawberry Jam.

Yes, we are indeed fans of PB and J. But that's not all we use our jam for... we will use the jam in glazes, on biscuits and in pastries. Homemade strawberry pop tarts are FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!

The extra flats of berries that weren't used in the jam will be cut up and frozen for future use in juices pies and with out a doubt, Strawberry wine!

And last but of course not least we will also use our strawberries to make happy chickens!

Yes I am trying to suck up to Jeeves... cause I think I may know what happened to his toe... BUT I WILL NEVER TELL!!!!


  1. A banquet for the chickens, and jam for the humans. Great deal!

  2. :drops jaw:

    How big a plot did it take to grow that many strawberries? I planted some. Miserable failure. Lol.

  3. No worries... we bought those from a local farmer. We only have a small raised bed. They are doing well once we figured out how to get rid of the slugs. Hopefully we will be able to seperate out our plants and have a bigger patch next year. Dont be so hard on yourself the first two years we flopped on ours as well. ;)

  4. wow, what a pretty scene! did you grow all those?

  5. Oh, too early for strawberries here, but I'm getting a hankering! And the college student did a lot of cooking last year, so perhaps he's into 'jammin' in June, too!! last year was so wet, the had almost a mildew taste and the jam didn't set as well.

  6. Ben,
    Thanks for the compliment. We actually bought those from a local farm. We are hoping to split out our slips and have enough to fix Jam with our own strawberries next year.

    Karen Sue,
    Ya just cant beat homemade Jam! Hope you have better luck this year. :)