Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It feels like Heaven

After a day of running errands my suburban pulled down the long gravel drive. Feeling the gravel under my tires was like a breath of fresh air... a sigh of relief... I couldn't wait to be home.

I drove straight down to the barn. As I turned the corner and passed the freshly plowed ground where our garden will soon be flowing beautiful green plants with fresh vegetables, I was excited that summer is just around the bend as well.

I unloaded the straw and pine shaving from the back hatch then proceeded to let Jasmine out of the barn. I scattered the straw on the newly seeded ground and then decided to spring clean the hen house. After shoveling out old bedding and replacing it with the new, I washed all of the feeders and washed the window. I then shoveled out the old bedding from Jasmine's stall after staking a poplar tree I accidentally ran over not to long ago.

After the work was finished I laid down in the emerald green grass with the warm sun beating down on my face. I closed my eyes and listened to the faint sounds of chickens clucking birds singing and Cat Stevens playing on the radio in the back ground. I open my eyes to soak up the scenery to see down the hill directly in front of me the children playing in the left over mud hole, to my left Milo laying in the grass pawing at a twig and to my right my new best buddy Jazz snuggling close to my leg. I took a deep breath of satisfaction... and then once again peacefully I shut my eyes. The day felt like heaven.

No wonder the gravel beneath my tires feel's so sweet... There really is no other place on earth like home...


  1. I'm right there with you, thanks for bringing us along!


  2. Jazz is a very photogenic goat :)

  3. There's no place like home! I can hear those ruby slippers clicking.
    Great post!