Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hay in My Pockets

I am still feeling slightly defeated, although Jasmine is exceeding my expectations. She is catch-able. Of course I have to chase her... I suppose that means that I'm actually exceeding my own expectations. I run faster than I thought.

This morning went much like yesterday and the day before and the day before that! I first tried to bribe her to come to me with treats but instead she looks around the stall planning her escape. Surprise.... no exit. I then toss the treats and grab her. As she thrashes around, I manage to get the lead clipped on her collar. Mildly annoyed I quietly speak to her while I stand there and wait for her to finish with her tantrum. Then I open the stall door and attempt to take my goat for a walk.

"Jasmine, Lets go for a walk", I very pleasantly say.
"Naaaah", she says as she plants herself on the ground.
Jasmine, would you like a treat?"
"Naaaaaaaaaah", she screeches.
"Jasmine would you like me to leave you the hell alone!?"
She cocks her head to the left and says nothing. (imagine that!?)
"Yes, lets go for a walk Jasmine."

Ok, quite honestly my patience was wearing fairly thin by this point. So instead of forcing her (which I am capable of- shes just a baby) I (sort of- not really) patiently lean on the stall door and resorted to internal swearing.

Finally she stands to walk and out to the field we go. The entire time we walked the field I calmly and quietly talked to her... she annoyingly replied to each and every one of my questions with a "naaah". Finally after our (un) pleasantries. Jazz happily returns to her stall.

I have tried to bribe her with treats, with grain, with hay and most importantly kindness. But what can I say? She is a doe of unwavering convictions. Though I admire her for her dedication.... I am starting wonder if she is simply a stubborn goat or a hard headed jack ass.

I wish my patience could be as dedicated as her loathing for me. On that note I think this goat is going to end up teaching me a thing or two!

The left over hay in my pockets is the reminder of yet another day of rejection. I emptied my jacket pockets pondering perhaps another angle to buy her affections. There must be another way!

Then it hits me. The real problem here...

Could it be that I have a clairvoyant goat? Does Jazz know I am internally cussing her stubbornness? Before tomorrows training I better meditate.


  1. Teach the goat to meditate....she's the one who has issues. (ha ha) Good luck

  2. Sounds like as much fun as herding chickens! LOL

    My daughter taught her goat to walk on leash by following the goat, stopping when the goat went the wrong way until it went in a direction that was OK.

  3. Karen, You have a very good point...Maybe Jazz and will do a little meditating and some yoga together in the morning. Ill post pics! ;-)

  4. Awwwww...Looks like she takes pictures well..Lol
    She's a cutie!
    I sooo want a goat !

  5. She's an adorable girl :) I was going to comment on her smiling, but it looks like it might be one of those smiles saying "ha, you'll never catch me!" lol

  6. Trying to force a goat to do something is a losing proposition - you want her to trust you, and as you're finding out, they're quite smart! Only force when you really have no choice. Otherwise, patience...patience...patience...patience...that is your mantra. Nubians are VERY dependent and needy, once they know and trust you. Give her time (remember, she's new there), be nothing but sweet, and most importantly, get her into a routine. Before you know it, she will follow you EVERYWHERE, and it will actually become mildly annoying. Give her a goodie when she does something you want her to do - dried fruit is popular. ;-)

  7. Tara, Thanks for the idea. So far we have tried raisins, cookies, vit c chewables... she isnt a fan of anything yet. I have to say though, today I noticed real progress. She didnt run away from me when I entered her stall and during our daily "walk" which is usually more of a "sit", she warmed to me a bit and tried to eat me hair... thats a good thing right?

  8. Yep! Hair eating is a positive! They really, REALLY hate change, so it does take time for them to be okay with new situations.