Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A difference a day makes

Winning the trust and affections of an animal must be up there on the list of greatest victories!

Just a few short days ago I felt my faith dimming. The prospects that Jasmine may ever come around seemed like a cruel joke that my optimistic nature was playing. It felt as though I was in way over my head, drowning in the ideals that lead me a stray. The lovely voice of my optimism was waning. I felt defeated.

Today the spring breeze blew magic into our Tennessee air. You could feel it dancing in the meadow, circling our every move. I just knew something great was going to happen. And something amazing did happen!

This morning I took Jasmine out of her goat stall for some fun in the sun time. Instead of keeping her on a short lead I clipped her to an extremely long lead. This allowed her to roam but also allowed me to catch her if necessary. Each step she took I followed. I stayed as far enough away as not to spook her but just enough room for her to browse freely without being free from an urgent grip.

Although watching Jasmine eat is tons of fun, I am very easily distracted. So after a while I decided I would leave her in the fence while I walk down to the orchard to check out our deer damage. Just as I stepped out of view I heard her crying. I glanced over the top of the hill to see that she was still standing there unharmed but bawling in my direction. Satisfied that she was safe (and without reading too much into her cries) I continued my inspection and then returned to her. I walked through the gate, then open the barn door. She followed in nicely, happy to be in the comforts and safety of stall.

This evening PJ and Sissy wanted some R and R with Jazz. So we went down to the barn and hooked her on the long lead. We each took turns of walking away from Jasmine and then approaching her slowly. After a few moments of this, she became comfortable enough not to back away from our advances. Then something amazing happened. I walked away from her and she followed me. I walked towards the left. She followed. I walked toward the right. She followed. I ran away from her and she ran behind me. When I came to a screeching halt, she also stopped.

This is big news here people! This affection this companionship this bond, whatever you want to call it, is coming from the same goat that literally would ricochet off a wall trying to escape me just days ago.

It was truly a beautiful moment. The kind of moment when the fairies sprinkle magic friendship dust over your head. You can feel the magic blanket itself around you, entangling the friendship dust in your hair. Your soul is being tugged at, as your spirit is being filled. You cant fight the smile for you know a bond has been made. Like I said, "It was Awesome!"

When the day light started counting down, we had to say our goodbyes. Leaving Jasmine in her stall was a different kind of bitter sweet moment. Sweet because I have tasted the sweet things to come for our friendship but bitter as her cries for me to return echoed in the twilight.

Tonight I rest, for I know now that Jasmine is my friend and I am hers...

*Song; Van Morrison- Have a little faith in me


  1. Congratulations! Now she will be your little shadow. I thought of our goats as big happy dogs.

  2. Your new faithful friend for life! Everybody needs one.

  3. Way to go Leigh! I know this is a huge relief, breaking down that wall. You did good girl!

    Just one note about the song, "Have a Little Faith in Me"....a lot of people have done this song, but this version is by John Hiatt.

  4. Karen- I was just thinking about that morning when I was listening to my Van Morrison CD and I was like... "I know that is not who is singing that song". I do not know how works but I have noticed a couple of songs that I have got off there that the artist has been mislabled.

  5. Karen, Hey I was going to email you but it was unlisted... I have been trying to leave comments on your blog but they never show up. Three of which I know of but it may be me, it has been ever since I got the upgraded version of norton. Ill try again later.

  6. Hi Leigh, Nice to meet ya!

    I'm catching up on your blog and really enjoy it. I look forward to learning more about Come by Chance. It seems you're headed in the same direction I'm eyeing. I love your animals! Congratulations with earning Jasmine's trust. : )

    Be well ~Andrea~

  7. Leigh, I have no idea why you can't leave a comment. I'm so sorry. Sometimes , actually, most of the time, I get an "error message" when I try to comment on my own site. I try again and then it goes through. Also, I intend to list my email, so it'll be there next time. Thanks for trying! I hope you'll come back and try again.