Thursday, March 18, 2010

Got to Love Suzanne Mcminn

Chickens in the Road, is one of the very first blogs I started reading. I have read it for over a year now and I love her stories. Maybe I am a big fan of Suzanne Mcminn because us West Virginia girls got to stick together (she lives in my home town) or maybe its because she is just a good writer. Either way... I think you all should check her out.

I have to say that a recent post of hers had me rolling. Maybe it is my sick sense of humor or just her cleverness but it was by far one of the funniest things I have ever read....or seen for that matter. But fair warning there were a few times I felt the need to hold my hands over my eyes and just peak through the gaps in my fingers... for my virgin eyes could not handle such graffic details. Refering to Blog Post; Thats Dominatrix to You, Buddy

Check her out at


  1. I went to her website and read a few of her posts. OMG she is really funny. I particularly liked "Crooked Little Hen Love Story" Really cute and sweet. She and Julia from Henhouse Pottery should hook up! Thanks for putting her out there for the rest of us to enjoy!

  2. Happy First Day Of Spring!

    I have been reading Chicken's In The Road for a long time too. And that was a funny post! LOL

  3. Hilaaaarrrrious! Bookmarked it :)

  4. Oh my gosh, she has me rolling on the floor! This is my kinda humor. Here is another very funny lady...