Monday, November 15, 2010

My Big Brother

Growing up there was this kid that could be a real pain in the butt, literally. Every Sunday we race each other to Sunday school class in order to beat the other to the special chair in the front of the classroom. He would beat me every single Sunday.

 I remember it just like it was yesterday. I ran to class, saw the unoccupied chair and thought "EUREKA, I'm going to win it today"! All my hopes and dreams about finally beating the kid were about to come true. I ran into the class as fast as I could, plopping down in that chair.

 "AWwwwwW", I screamed as I felt several pinches on the bum. I jumped up in agony while two boys were rolling around on the floor in laughter. Thumb tacks! He put thumb tacks in my chair! AT CHURCH! Just in case he is reading... "JESUS SAW THAT, I HOPE YOU KNOW"!

This kid was the same kid that cut a long golden lock of my hair when I was about four years old. I got a spanking for it but I never did rat him out.

He was also the mischievous little shit that could talk me into doing just about anything. Like when we were vacationing at the Canaan Valley Ski resort. He along with two of my cousins convinced me to jump over the railing and run across the roof connecting the two lodges... one by one, they each crossed it but guess who got caught by the security guard???

He was an ornery one, that one was! If he were reading this right now he would also remind me to tell you guys of the time he knocked my out of my chair breaking my collar bone. I have to say that was one of his sweeter moments though. I remember my mom holding me as I cried. My brother sat beside me almost in tears too saying, "Sissy I'm so sorry I didn't mean it, it was an accident".  He felt awful.

The same kid that put tacks in my chair, cut my hair and lead me astray was my very best friend growing up... My brother...

I remember the two of us jumping out of the neighbors hay loft into huge piles of loose hay.  By my third or fourth jump. I cracked the back of my head on a pulley that was sticking out on the way down. His face was the first thing I saw hovering over me when I finally opened my eyes.

When we were in high school, my big brother played match maker with me and one of his best buddies. It didn't take long before my brother saw the kids true colors. He told me the boy was up to no good. I knew he was right and heeded his advice to ditch him.  I know that it wasn't easy for him and it complicated his friendships for a while.

Yep, he was stinker of a kid but good big brother. When I was about 16, I went out one night with one of my girl friends. My big brother told my friend as we were leaving the house, "Be careful, you will have my little sister in that car, DRIVE SLOW". I thought about how upset he was going to be when we ended upside down on creek bank. My brother made it there before EMS arrived.

He was also the same kid that even though he was just two years older than me wouldn't allow me to watch rated R movies. Everyone I knew was talking about this graphic movie "Natural Born Killers". My tween curiosity really wanted to see it and it just so happened my big brother had it. I popped it in the VCR and pushed play about the time he walked in. "WO WO wo, you cant watch this sis, Maybe when you are older", he said as he pushed the eject button. Even though I really wanted to see it, I don't really recall arguing much about it. And like he promised a year or so later he let me watch it.... but I never made it to the end. I think I should have waited a little longer....

We moved around a lot as kids but he was always the steadfast friend. I knew that I always had one friend that would always be there that I could count on. We felt a responsibility towards one another. We looked out for one another. Although we were often partners in crime, my big bro never let me stray to far from good fun. And on the rare occasion that I did do something that crossed the line of kids being kids, it wasn't the disapproval of my parents, but the disappointment in my brothers eyes that would get to me every time.

I have the very best big brother! And for all the mean things that he did to me growing up, I've just about forgiven him...
 O but wait you didn't really think that I would just forget about the thumb tacks did you!?

"I'm really glad you liked your birthday pie"

Hmmm,  Am I licking the top of his birthday pie!?!?!?!?

Happy Birthday. I love ya bro!!!!!!!!!!


  1. As a girl who grew up with a little brother who terrorized me,....I can relate. I was wondering through out your story if you got even. When I got to the end of your post and saw you with the pie, I had a good 10 minute belly shake laugh!! LOL You always make my day you girl!

  2. Thanks Karen. Happy to help! Honestly, my brother was a pretty exceptional big bro. I'm lucky to have him. :)

  3. That was a fun read. Brought back memories. My sister is four years older than me and my only sibling. We had our battles growing up. She recently told me how much she hated me and that she thought we'd never get along. We get along great nowadays and, even though we fought as kids, I have many fond memories of the two of us. She introduced me to Led Zeppelin and The Who before I was a teenager. I used to sit in her room and look at all her records in awe. I owe her a lot for that.

    Funny, at one time I had plans to write a novel about a brother and sister close in age that got along. Maybe if I resurrect the idea, I'll come to you for pointers.

  4. A great read with fantastic pictures! Thank you for sharing.

    I have one brother who is a couple of years younger and I might recall some of the mischief we both got into :)

  5. Kevin,
    I remember you saying that your sister influenced you musical taste. Siblings are a funny thing. So many of my friends still aren't close to their siblings and I just cant wrap my mind around that. My brother and I have been BFF as long as I could remember. Thats not to say that we never argued though. I can remember two pretty big fights we have had right off the bat... but they were back in the early high school years, and I don't remember the argument because of bitterness like I have felt with others but because of the agony I felt being on the "outs" with my brother. Does that make sense? Anyways if you ever decide to resurrect your novel you are more than welcome to pick my brain. Ya got my email right?

    Glad you liked! Martijn and Mischief!? I cant imagine that! LOL

    Funny thing about youth and siblings... there is always an abundance of mischief. :)

  6. Aw, this is so funny and adorable, it makes a lovely read and post :) Please follow me :D

  7. I loved this post, especially the pie lickin' photo. Guess you got even with him alright! I fought like this with my sisters too, but now we are very close. Thanks for the giggles and for reminding me how much fun we had as kids, even though we fought like wild cats pretty much all the time.

  8. Leigh, I believe your email is posted on your profile, no? I will definitely pick your brain should the occasion arise. My friend Foley and his sister get along real well. I think they have the same age difference as you and your brother. I like seeing them together, makes me a little envious. Not that I don't love my sister, but we've never been friends per se.