Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend wrap up; Thankfulness

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I know I did!

Friday afternoon I took a trip to the doctors. I told the Doc that I had a sinus infection and what I needed from  him was an antibiotic. He asked me if there was anything else he could do to make me happy and I said "nope, that will be about it". He wrote me a prescription and because I made it so easy for him, he didn't even charge me!  LOL Yeah right... then I woke up...

Seriously I went to the doctors Friday because I was sick. I was pretty sure it was a sinus infection, because my headache and sneezing started while working in the wood shop on my spoon a few days ago. So I did tell the doctor that I had a sinus infection and what I needed from him was an antibiotic. I'm normally not such a big baby that I would run to the doctors over a sinus infection but my mom and I were going out on sat, and I really needed to feel better. I told my doctor this and he said ok but he needed to do a few test first. I said I figured as much.

 While waiting for my test to come back we chit chatted for a bit. My doctor loves to chit chat... yep he's a chit chatter. I love that about him. Anyways, I noticed that one of his fingers had been broken. I said "Hey doc your finger is all crooked like mine. 
He said "yeah I noticed you had a crooked finger". 
I was like... aaaa, Thanks???

 Anyways,  comes to find out he was a crazy navy man that like to hang out in bars, broke every finger on his right hand in a bar fight!!! I was like "ugh.... so did this inspire you to go to medical school? He was like," ugh, yeah sure right", and started laughing like he didn't go to medical school. 

I was like "Doc, you went to medical school right" and he just chuckled some more... My doctor is a jokester, o yes he is... I mean... hmmm (scratching my noggin) I think he was joking....

Anyways he gave me my antibiotic along with some steroids and off I went... I didn't take the steroids though... I don't want to look like the female version of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator. I mean, I understand some women like that but that just isn't for me.

 Saturday was a fun day out with my mom. Mom wanted help doing her Christmas shopping. I was excited to go with her. It has been years since we have been out just the two of us. The funny thing about me and my mom Christmas shopping is that my mom likes to shop as much as I do. So you can imagine how much fun we had complaining about the crowds, the prices, the germs, etc. My mom hates to shop! And out of all the hellish choices of stores that she could have picked to shop at she chooses the worst! O yes, she made me go into Toys R Us! It was pure chaos in the store. Screaming kids, screaming mothers, catatonic fathers, and lots and lots of germs. Toys R Us just about did us in. After we got back in the car, I think my cloths were tattered and my hairs was a tangled mess (I'm completely exaggerating). 

Next we went to old navy. On the way to Old Navy, my mom said "Leigh, will you just pick out the Christmas gifts for me". I said, "okay". We get into Old Navy and I am looking around trying to knock people off my moms Christmas list when she says "Will you hurry up". I looked over at her questionably and thought "hmmm she should have clarified in the car that I was suppose to pick out the gifts but I also had to do such in a brisk manner. I shook my head and blankly stated "no, sorry that wasn't the deal". She knew I was kidding and  I hurried to wrap it up.

Finally we were on our way home. I was looking back over my receipt stating that my bill was a lot higher than I intended. After examination of my items I realized I picked up the wrong size  fleece sleeper suit for my baby nephew. Mom insisted that we turn around... but not before running over a trash can lid. We had to pull over in a car dealership to see if we were still dragging the lid. Lets just say it sounded like it. Anyways I jumped out of the car to examine the under carriage  and out of my peripheral vision I see a salesman headed my way.  I jumped back in the car and yelled out to my mom "gogogo, their coming"  and off we sped away. Just kidding... sort of. I don't like salesmen. If I were to have stayed there, I promise you I would have drove home in a Cadillac Escalade.... 

We finally made it back to Old Navy. When we pull into the parking lot we notice there were fire trucks and ambulances blocking the main part of the building... "UGH, just my luck, a stand off at Old Navy, now I cant return the sleeper". I then noticed that there weren't any police cars so it must be safe I thought. 
I exchanged the outfit and off we went... again.

By the time I returned home I felt like I had be beaten and the ran over by a bus. Night turned into morning and I have finally recovered. Next time mom and I go out... we will not be shopping!

Theres nothing like watching your chickens scratch.... unwinding from a busy day in the city. 

I don't think I could cope living in a world surrounded by asphalt. I would have to go to a petting zoo to see a face as cute as this...

There is nothing quite like eating a homegrown mater snack and counting your sweet little country blessings......

Weekend wrap up; Thankfulness


  1. Such a funny post and I can imagine the horror! I don't do shopping either and that is why I LOVE Amazon....I don't have to leave my little homestead and it's delivered right to my front door. Oh what did I do before online shopping??

    Hope you have a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Congratulations on your survival, Leigh! Uh.....I don't suppose you hire out to do Christmas shopping, you? You see I've got a couple granddaughters, a wife and a stepson that I need to get something for and - Nah, you live far enough away that you'd probably have to charge me mileage. Oh well, guess I'll have to take my own chances with all those gift-grabbing, lane stealing, bird-flying folks in the "Christmas spirit!"

  3. The Goodwife,
    I LOVE Amazon! In fact I told my mom that I would show her how to use the site. I like it because I can price compare instead of having to drive across town just to find out it was in fact cheaper at the last store! Not to mention most of their books are free shipping. I love shopping for books on amazon... no one standing too close to you as you browse, I can look at the diet and nutrition section without feeling judged, I can talk on the phone without getting shushed.... o yes, I LOVE AMAZON!:)

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving as well.

    LOL, I tell you what the next time I spend Thanksgiving in W.V. I will drop ya line! Be more than happy to show you how to use Amazon... cause thats what I decided to do for my ole mum. ;-). Aye, but if we just used Amazon then how will we know its Christmas? After all nothing say merry like listening to a little kid kick and scream for a transformer in the middle of a busy shopping center. What ever will we do Gorge?!?!? :-) Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Ah, how I hate shopping too.

    Trips to the clothing stores are planned for requirements in advance.
    Then executed in Hit&Run fashion to be done with it as quickly as possible.

    The Horror... The Horror...

  5. Martijn,
    LOL, You sound like me. On more than one occasion, If I need something right then, I will browse for it on line and then go to pick it up, that way I'm not stuck searching stores and racks. I dont know what it is about shopping that I hate so much. Is it spending the money (YES!). Is it pushy sales people (YES!) Is it the fact that I might touch something right after the guy in front of me touched it but only after he sneezed into his hand (YES!) Is it the crazy traffic and loud noises (YES) LOL... I guess its all of the above. I find comfort in knowing I'm not alone. :)

  6. I HATE shopping too! Oh it's terrible. It is sooo exhausting.
    We went and got a new couch this past weekend. It's like you have to mentally prep in advance. "Okay, Saturday we will go shopping. Rest up."
    I knew someone would bother us the second we sat on a couch. I didn't want a salesperson tagging along for the couch sitting experience. One tried. We left his area until he found other prey. Then we were by ourselves and found our couch and sat on it for awhile and looked through fabric options and discussed. Shopping is a very private thing and it's weird to have to do it in public. Touching things and trying things on. It's just something I'd rather not do around strangers, but sometimes you have to and it's weird. Especially weird when one of those strangers is trying to sell it to you.

  7. leigh-wishing you and your family a great Holiday season-this one will be the best one yet. jim

  8. youre a brave soul just for going out christmas shopping! I really do appreciate I wonder how i'll feel not being surrounded by the countryside anymore, it is truly healing.

  9. Rev,
    LOL You just summed up my feelings exactly. I always have a strategy when I shop. I have to have a plan how to deal with sales people or even worse... running into someone I know! We have already established you are like me so its also important to make sure that those thoughts about the pushy sales clerk don't mistakenly slip out.;)

    Thanks! Happy holidays to you and yours as well!

    What are you going to do!?!?!? I am kind of nervous for you now that you mention it... You should take some dirt with you. :)

  10. You keep me laughing! But I have to say, I totally agree with you about the germs. I hate to go into WalmartS (giggle) or some place that is so busy this time of year. I use those alcohol toweletts like their going out of style! Stay Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Shopping ... shudder!

    The best I can muster is Goodwill, although with the economy the way it is, Goodwill is starting to get a little crazy, too ;). Toys R Us scares the bejeesus out of me. I think I'd rather pull out my leg hairs with tweezers than shop at Toys R Us.

    Glad you survived, and I hope your sinus infection is clearing up. Re: your doctor - is he a Physician's Assistant (PA) or an MD? A PA can do everything a doctor does regarding diagnoses and writing prescriptions, but he doesn't do surgery (except, maybe, minor surgery, like a mole biopsy), and he doesn't go to medical school. A PA is somewhere between a nurse and a doctor with regard to schooling and responsibility levels.

  12. BC and with only one child, my mom and I would often go recreational shopping and then to eat. It has lost it's appeal and trips inside the mall are few and far between. My daughter is not a big shopper, either, so my mom likes to order from catalogs and online and get it done from home...then I try to fit a trip for us in. DD is in college year #1 and she said this week she wanted a couple of identical packs of white socks so there is no matching!!

  13. Karen,
    Yes as I recall that you are a germaphobe just like me! LOL This time of year causes us to go into over drive! lol I was wondering, since alcohol has antibacterial qualities... ingesting large amounts of wine should help me stay germ free right!?!?!? :)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well! Make sure Ole' Sport get to eat him a turkey leg! ;)

    "Pull your leg hair out with tweezers"<- hehe!
    Yes, goodwill use to be the way to go but there are a lot of people who are consigning items verses donating them to goodwill. Therefor slim pickins'... and oddly enough people don't consign during the holidays.(I guess everyone is too busy.)
    My "doctor" yes he is actually an PA. Nice guy and I actually like him more than any of the certified "Doctors" that I have seen. The story about doc was just humorous. I don't care if he went to medical school as long as he can write a prescription. lol :)

    Karen Sue,
    Its weird how things like that lose their appeal. Even going out to lunch isn't going to cut it. My mom and I were just talking about how disappointing restaurants are. We are so use to home cooking with home grown fresh ingredients that restaurant food taste like something from my old elementary school cafeteria. :( Next mother daughter outing we will probably go hiking and take a picnic lunch.
    haha- the age old question... where do the socks go!?!?!