Wednesday, August 18, 2010

To the Brave...

Only a brave soul would attempt this at home ALONE....

My mom is attempting to teach me how to make a quilt... That's called quilting, right!? Anyways so the first part of my lesson was to cut out these tiny hexagon shape thingies.  I have to say damn my kindergarten teacher for not teaching me how to use a pair of scissors! And my mamma's cursing you too! She will probably even use the big swear words once she finds out that I shaved the size of her templates down about a 1/4 of an inch on each side... Sorry Momma.

So then after I pissed and moaned about not knowing how to use the scissors, my momma, god love her, decided to teach me something else that might be a tad easier than using a set of scissors. *** Rolls Eyes*** Yeah you guessed it! She handed me a needle and thread. About 30 puncture wounds and a couple of Band aids later, we moved on to the next lesson. I had to line up the hexagons for them to fit together. Now I hate to be the one to point out the obvious but I did cut out some of the shapes, They ain't gunna to fit together MOMMA!

Anyways, my mom showed me the various steps to quilting and then she had to leave to take me dad to the doctors.... I begged her to take the stuff with her. "Really momma, you could work on this stuff out in the waiting room. Let them clean up the scrap material and frayed threads that fall on the floor, I wouldn't be alone with the quilt and we wouldn't have a mess to clean up later... WIN WIN, you see". She gave me a loving squeeze on the shoulder and abandon left me.

I do realize that this has been a great learning experience for me. I have an entire new appreciation for my mother. She is a saint, really! To have a daughter like myself.... well  lets just say she has earned her sainthood.  I envy quilters. (That's what people who quilt are called, right!?!?!?). Making a quilt from beginning to end is a LOT of work and the women that pieced these beautiful things together for their families for decades should receive a gold medal and maybe even a purple heart too! My final learning experience is, well obviously,  my kindergarten teacher really should have done a better job with me. ;)

So in the end, I worked on the sewing the hexagon shapes around a piece of paper for a few short minutes and then.... well, I decided I would just blog about it instead. *Snickers*


  1. LOL....It's going to be beautiful.....if you ever finish it!! (: Poor Momma.

  2. Oh, I'm with you, my kindergarten teacher sorely lacked the skills for teaching proper cutting skills! My mom's a quilter too but I'm not sure I'll ever have the patience for that!The flower shapes look pretty, love the colours, can't wait to see it finished. : )

  3. O Karen I should clarify... My mom did those! LOL! Poor momma I only sewed two of the hexagons on and then I became distracted, the prettiest butterfly landed on the windowsill and I was out the door taking pictures of it. :)

    I'm glad Im not the only one! Patience? Whats that? Maybe my mom will let me take some pics when she finishes it. hehe

    In all seriousness though, quilting is hard!

  4. Funny post... the hexagons are lovely! But if you really want to learn to make a quilt I would advise you to make a very, very easy small lap or baby quilt to start. (I am a new quilter.) If the project is difficult chances are you won't enjoy the process and finish. Pick some fabric you love and have fun. I'm looking forward to winter and the time to get back to working on a quilt.
    Thank you for commenting on my blog.

  5. A quilt can just simply be one the most gorgeous pieces of art. I'm in awe of quilters.

  6. I have yet to tackle quilting... many other things I have tried, enjoyed, and some things I was less crazy about, but one day I will make a quilt...whether I ever become a quilter is another thing. Enjoyed this post!

  7. That's a pretty complicated looking quilt pattern. My first quilt contained *one* quilt block - in the 'north star' pattern, and then, the rest of the quilt was just a bunch of mismatched strips of cloth I sewed together. I was so proud of myself ;).

    Now, after seeing your quilt pieces ... not so much ;).

    It will be beautiful when you have finished, and you'll definitely have something to be proud of. I have complete respect for quilters. It's a lot of work, and when finished, I think quilts are works of art.

  8. I had a maternal grandmother and a paternal great-aunt that both quilted. I grew up sleeping under my former baby clothes and the togs of ancestors. It's neat to have bedcovers that tell a story. Best wishes on your quilting. Anything worth learning is rarely easy, so hang in there.