Friday, September 24, 2010

Update: Spa Day at the Homestead

Deep thoughts.....

You know what I hate about having long hair? FLY TAPE... don't ask.

Jesus washed the feet of his disciples... but how did I get stuck washing the feet of chickens????

Here's some photos of our second day of treatment.

I learned something pretty interesting just from observation. Sometimes the Roos Comb gets kind of purplish. I always wondered what was up with that. Well today before I caught Jeeves his Comb was a beautiful bright red, but once I caught him, part of his comb turned a faint purple... kind of like that one time when I skipped school. When my dad found out that little blood vessel in the center of his forehead turned dark purple. Yep, it was just like that.

Sissy and I had a great routine going. She would catch as I would wash and dip.

And when I was working a little slow, Sissy jumped in there and picked up the slack. I'm proud of her... REALLY proud! She is a very big help around here.

Jeeves did well with his treatment. I think his legs are looking better but that may just be optimism clouding my vision.

All the chickens enjoyed spa day. Everyone had a foot wash and a oil massage... that is everyone but me... O how I wish I had a spa day...


  1. Hang in there girlfriends! You're both doing great!!(:

  2. You need to take yourself out for a spa day! You deserve it. Look how good those chickens have it!

  3. Hilarious. Funny and interesting. At least, I’m learning about life in the United States. What a healthy lifestyle! (Good looking hens, btw.)

  4. I'll come to Kentucky and wash your feet for you, and give you all the same spa type treatments you are giving Jeeves, how's that sound? Yeah, I have a 'servant's heart" like that, ya know? Hang in there! Great blog fodder, if not great fun! :)