Thursday, November 11, 2010

Woodland comforts

I have been in a retreating mood lately. I cant put my finger on it but something has changed. I cant say its an internal struggle because inside there is very little fight. I just feel like my spirit is changing, growing, moving on to a different level. The only internal conflict with this is that I am unfamiliar to the growth. Growing is uncomfortable for me. It signifies change, which although is thrilling and exciting, its kind of scary too.

 Usually when I feel uncomfortable I retreat into the woods. Even as a little girl when I was worried upset or uncomfortable with life in general I would wander off into the woods. For hours I would sit and stare off into the distance.  I could have a billion thoughts running through my head and two minutes into mother natures embrace my head would be clear. The worries that would be screaming through my head would be drowned out by the sly sounds of a lizard moving underneath dry leaves. I could hear a tiny seed drop from a gum ball hanging in the gum tree, I could here the subtle chirps of a tiny bird or feel the eyes of a squirrel watching me in a tree.

Its the oddest feeling being disconnected from a world that has endless communication and then become in tune into something so subtle. I can feel mother nature luring me back in to her world. I am drawn gently near. Its a smooth magnetic force to her that whispers in my ear, "Come back to me child". I can feel it in my bones. And she is all I think about...

Things are changing... A new season is ahead.


  1. Beautiful piece of writing.

    I know of what you speak. We've been taking an "outdoor adventure class" which focuses a lot on honing our awareness skills. I didn't know how much I just "being" until we started the class.

  2. Yes, being outdoors can be such a relaxing feeling. Nature always provides things to look at if you see them...

    Change can be good and growing is an exerience not to be missed. Some of those around you may be put off by changes in you but others will embrace your new direction.

  3. Thanks Wendy, I know that some people would think that I have taken too many hits off the ole peace pipe. Its an interesting feeling. Its not like you are casting cares to the wind... its about instincts.

    2 tramps,
    Wise words, very true.

  4. In one of my unpublished articles, I mention that I've never felt lonely in the woods, and that somehow despite the insanity of the human realm, the outdoors has always made some sort of sacred sense to me.

  5. LEIGH, the quiet of the wild enhances the experience. Sometimes we need to go there for a good soul cleansing, other times to just sort things out. There are different plateaus in our lives, sounds like you're going to the next step. Remember the indians were great people for spending time in nature to sort it all out. It works for some us really well. You'll be fine. Jim

  6. I know that feeling you are describing. When we were in Hawaii and just so far away from everything you can just focus on actual life.

  7. Being among the trees sets my mind at ease every time.

  8. Beautiful post Leigh. I too know exactly what you mean... I'm so grateful I no longer live in the city, surrounded by constant noise and distraction. Now when I need to commune with nature, I can simply walk out my backyard and embrace the vast prairie that stretches forever in front of me. Walks around our pond are always soul-cleansing. And an interesting phenomenon -- many times I head outdoors with the intention of only taking a quick few minutes for myself, and find myself coming back to the house an hour or more later!! :)

    Good luck with your new season of growth!

  9. Oh yea, things are changin' here in Montana too. I woke up to snow this morning!

  10. Gorge,
    When I finally started jotting down my feelings here, I was reminded of your "thinking rock". In fact that is one of the reasons I went a head and posted this... I knew of at least one person who would understand completely where I was coming from. ;)
    You are exactly right. Its kind of amazing, like magic. Everything changes in the woods, and if your there and your perspective on life hasn't changed... it means you need to stay a little longer. ;)
    I would love to have that kind of experience in Hawaii! lol
    Same here! Although I was excepting you to say your at most peace in the water. ;) BTW Im loving your canoe.

  11. Oz,
    haha, same here. For some reason when I do the chores I always end up walking around the property... So what normally takes like 30 min... ends up like an hour and a half.

    I will be there in about 4 days! Make sure it sticks around for me. ;) I hope you got your camera out! I'm so excited, first snow of the season, Wow! Make sure you get Sport playing in the snow.... nothing smells better than a wet Gordie warming up by the fire place. ;)

  12. Yes, going out with the canoe is very nice.
    Glad you like my boat. I am very happy with it too.

    But getting there where I can paddle quietly and assembling the canoe takes at least 1,5 - 2 hours...

    So a simple de-stressing walk is the key then for a quick fix ;)

  13. Martijn,
    I see. Quiet trek in the woods is always a good quick fix.

    Canoe trip does sound pretty nice right about now.... hmmm

  14. Leigh-
    It's funny to read this, as I just came in here from talking to my hubby about feeling "unsettled" lately. I have a new part time job, but it feels to me temporary, and I can't say why. The pieces of life are just not fitting together right now and I can't say why or what will fix it. It's not excitement and I wonder if that is my age, where the rut was more confortable, and coming out of the rut, just too much for me. I want some peace and peace of mind and in so many places of my life, it seems that people are not in the least concerned with being nice, or considerate, or whatever. Looking for 20 acres plus and growing bigger every day!!

  15. We are such products of nature tho its easy to forget being indoors and with set lives. I think we do change with the seasons or we at least should to some degree. I like how connected you are to the woods. Nice post Leigh

  16. Karen,
    I'm with ya on that! I would love to have some more acreage too. :)

    You are right about being the products of nature, its scary to think that we have such the ability to forget where we are and where we come from. Glad you enjoyed the post. :)