Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My first bowl

I'm stumped... Bone dry... Not a thing in the world for me to write about....

 Aye but I did finish my first bowl!

I learned a lot from this experience. When I first started the bowl I really didnt anticipate it taking as long as it did for me to finish. Once I realized how long it was going to take to clean out the center, it sat untouched for days. Finally I realized it wasn't going to finish itself. I do realize that I made a fatal mistake in using the center of the wood (its most definitely going to crack) but probably the biggest lesson I learned here was patience.

Made from scratch scrap.

Before polish
After polish


  1. Wow! That's beautiful!!! I love it!

  2. Wow - that is a beautiful piece of art you have created! And with function, too!

  3. I am soooo impressed..just love handmade anything. Now use this in your home it's a beauty!

  4. I think it looks purty derned good for your first one! (I haven't even MADE my first one yet.)

  5. Cool bowl. I would engrave my name on the bottom of it. but I am a glory hog.

  6. Awesome! It's beautiful AND you made it cool!


  7. geat job Leigh, you are a very talented young lady. Can't believe that you are without words, look forward to your posts. how;s the tractor and the dulcimer projects coming now that the gardening duties are quieting down.Still missing West VA?===go there for thanksgiving.

  8. Thanks everyone!

    I know I am as shocked as you! :)
    The tractor project has been put off until after the holidays. We do have the wheel, now we need a tire. After that we will move it into the shop.
    The dulcimer well... See here is the thing with the dulcimer. It was interesting and all but I really want to focus on my wood carving at the moment and that takes up most of my spare time.

    W.V. Is always in my heart. But I wont be going back for the holidays but maybe sometime in the spring. I hope that I will be able to visit more often... eventually.

    Any final decisions on the future in TN???

    Best Wishes,

  9. leigh- no decison but missing the mts and lakes. I"m not a tx boy by heart but because of kids and grandchildren. Oh well, can't have it both ways i guess. Have also found excuses to put the dulcimer learning on hold-not sure why. Please keep the website entries coming, we enjoy. Jim

  10. Girl you have alot of talent...I love it. So is it just a block of wood when you start out? I'm just curious. Anyway you did a really amazing job here.

  11. Jim,
    I feel your dilemma. Aye, learning to play an instrument takes a lot of desire. I just have it right now either. ;)

    It was actually a log. We cut the tree back in the spring and chopped it into firewood. This came from a piece of fire wood. Thanks a bunch! :)

  12. Hi Leigh.

    You did a really nice job creating your bowl,beautiful work.

    Take care.


  13. Leigh, It's so pretty!!! I love the wood and the shape is so perfect. You did good my friend. You're really getting this talent down. I look forward to your future projects.

  14. Karen, Glad you liked it! I'm really pleased with the progress. I have learned so much, already and its a ton of fun.