Monday, August 9, 2010

The weekend.

Friday, my nephew stayed the night with us. Its always nice to see him. We tend to have a lot of fun anytime family arrives. My little ones are always so excited to see their cousin and-I-mean,  REALLY EXCITED!  Although at times this place has strongly resembled a zoo, Friday night it felt more like a Ringling Brothers Circus.

 Lets just say that by having a third child in the house, I found all the confirmation  that I  needed in order to follow through with getting my tubes tied.  Hell not only do I just want them tied, I want them snipped burned and removed! Just Kidding.... sort of.

Ok shall we move on from female anatomy?

Sat really was the highlight of my weekend. Sat morning I woke up in a fit of cold sweats and a screaming headache. I had another nightmare. Therefore I was sure the headache was from grinding my teeth.

This nightmare was a whopper... absolutely horrible. Far worse than anything you could have ever imagined! I dreamed that I was outside and my neighbor came over to inform me that Jasmine and Jessica were loose. Then suddenly my attention was directed to a noise inside the house. I told him that I would be back out in a second to round them up. I don't know what I did when I went inside but I remember feeling like I was inside for a long time, and that getting the goats had slipped my mind. I returned back outside to see my neighbor carrying Jessica's lifeless body. She had drown in their swimming pool. I picked her up and cradled her small fragile soaking wet body in my arms. I began  rocking back and forth crying. The crazy thing was that Jasmine had drowned too but for some reason I thought she was going to be alright. That's a dream for ya!  I have to say that, on a positive note, I must like Jessica more than I thought! ;)

So after waking from my hellish nightmare, I popped a few Advil. And YES, I went down to the barn to check on my girls. They were just fine. Since I was already down there I decided to clean the barn and chicken coop. Frankly it was just an excuse to be around the animals because I still  had not shaken the uneasiness that my dream had left me.  I cleaned the barn, coop, all the feeders, water pails and  buckets. I walked back to the house satisfied that I had accomplished something. Except I still hadn't managed to shake the pounding in my head. Maybe the headache wasn't from grinding my teeth but from all the farmers cutting Hay?

So I then decided to take some Children's Benadryl. Ok, now before you start, I have a perfectly good reason for taking children's medicine. I'm allergic to almost all medicines except headache medicine and Benadryl... and because I am only 5'2 and weigh 120lbs (bout the size of some of the 5th graders at my daughters school), I take the Children's Benadryl. The Adults Benadryl will wipe me out for the day. Not to mention children's medicine just taste better!

So now that you know about my impending tubal ligation, freakish nightmares and allergies, lets move on...

My Best Friend "T" calls me Sat. afternoon. By the way, "T" is freakin' awesome! The best person in the world! Anyways, she is in the National Guard and she had drill coming up. So she had decided that she would allow her daughter to stay the night with her father since she had to be at drill so early that morning. Well, this was T's first time being away from her baby all night. She was a train wreck. I have to say I couldn't imagine having my baby away from me overnight. That had to be really tough on her. So of course  I gave her all the supportive guidance that any good friend would do... I suggested...

Just kidding... sort of.

T came over to take her mind off of the separation. We indulged in some southern entertainment...a bonfire and booze....BUT someone for got the fried foods!!!!

We use to have a wine night every other Wednesday but hadn't in a very long time. I didn't realize how much I missed our Wed. night tradition. Even before we were of age (to drink) we have always had some sort of  time set aside for a weekly girls night. But then life happens and ya throw the schedules of family into the mix... getting together starts to take a lot more effort.


The fire was crackling. Poppy's home brew was just swell. There was a chill in the evening air. Three Dog Night quietly playing in the background... The ambiance made for an easy laid back nostalgic evening, full of interesting discussion about the past present and future.

We have been friends for a long time. Thinking back, its kind funny how our conversations have evolved over the years. We went from gossiping about other girlfriends, to talking about boys, to having deep discussions about what we were going to be when we grew up, ya know, mapping out our future.

Now we talk about.... ?.... OK so maybe our conversations haven't evolved.. We still gossip discuss old friends, talk about love, and wonder what we are going to do when we grow up. ;) See, T and I just get each other. Not only is my BFFBFF that I can travel back in time with. Everyone needs a time traveling companion!

So anyways... Now where was I going with this? O yes! Shit! So sorry, the entire bonfire story completely derailed my purpose for this post!

Here at Come By Chance, we try to find the beauty and education within each an every experience through an optimistic approach! The beauty this weekend was in the love of friendship, both in human relationships and animal... The learning part was, "There is absolutely NO WARNING on the label of Childrens Benadryl about the effects of drinking alcohol while taking this medication"!? Yeah I know I couldn't believe it either!  So anyways, I don't really recommend doing that. Two glasses of wine began to feel like ten very quickly. And as far the optimism... Well, of course Sat night I slept like a baby!


note... I have no idea why my sentences are automatically breaking. My post doesn't look anything like this while I'm drafting. Any clues whats up with this? ERRR.


  1. You are so funny... no warning label on the children's benedryl, LOL. But seriously, sounds like you had a fantastic weekend, gotta love dear friends, they are the best... except the part about the nightmare, that is just awful. :-0

  2. You're lucky to have such a great friend whom you share so much with."T" is lucky to have you too! Nothing beats a good girl friend, a fire, and a little alcohol! Never tried mixin' it with children's medicine....but I'll try anything once....oh wait. I quit saying that when I hit 40. ha ha

  3. Oz,
    Glad you enjoyed! And I did have really good weekend despite starting out rough. :)

    Good! I don't recommend it, I think the blurriness of the fire pic explains why. ;)

    In all seriousness... I did forget I had taken Benadryl.

  4. Sounds like this was just what you needed! Good for you and lucky you for having such a dear friend. Try and go easy on the Benadryl though, okay? : )

    Be well ~Andrea~

  5. I take children's medicine, too, because I can't swallow pills ... well, I can, but then I walk around for two hours feeling like something is caught in my throat. So, I use St. Joseph's chewable aspirin ... and aspirin, not Tylenol.

    Sorry about the dream. I hate it when I have dreams that linger - especially bad ones, and those seem to be the only kind that do linger for me.

  6. Fine post, Leigh. Too bad they don't put warning labels not to take children's Benadryl while drinking. You know, just to be safe. I have similar reactions to medicine. Some day I'll have to relate the Robitussin incident to you. Oh, the dumb things I did in my youth to get a cheap high. Anyway, glad the dream didn't manifest in your waking life.

  7. nice post! I had a nightmare the other night. was kinda happy to have one, its been a while. but theyre pretty disturbing. bonfires frikin rule by the way. imagine living in the city and not being able to have one..?

  8. I wrote an incomplete sentence. It should have said "Too bad they don't put warning labels on wine and beer bottles not to take children's Benadryl while drinking."