Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No more kisses for you, Missy!

Goat kisses are way better than doggy kisses, not nearly as messy.... unless the goat seeking your affections SNEEZES in your face!!!! GROSS!

Your lucky I love you Jazzy Poo.


  1. LOL cute!Hey, cat kisses are good as well...if you like sandpaper tongues.

  2. Oh god. That's what pugs do too! I swear they know what they are doing.
    When I first got Dink she would always sneeze on my dinner plate and then I wouldn't want to eat it. She can't pull those tricks on me anymore! I don't care about her spit.

  3. How cute! Yes those goat kisses are loverly unless they sneez with a mouthful of cud. It has happened to me on is most unpleasant. =)

  4. Ha! I'll have to take your word for it, for now!