Monday, August 30, 2010


I'm lacking material due to my mood lately. This blog was originally created to focus on the progress of the homestead. Which was suppose to be a celebration of a birth, a new chapter in our lives. I feel as of late it has been more or less a documentary of spiraling discontentment. And so forms the obstacles of Come By Chance. After any birth there is sure to be growing pains right? So until I am back to the normal me... Here's an idea for ya.

Make bread. If you don't have a recipe. Look here.

Bake it.

Once cooled cut it into pieces... if your like me, it may pain you to have to cut into your masterpiece.

Toss in Olive oil, lightly covering and then sprinkle on Garlic Salt.

Bake in the oven on 275 for 10 min or until golden brown.

The top on your salad. That is if they last while you are cutting your veggies.

 Yum... I'm hungry now.


  1. Mmmm, they look tasty. I`ve never made my own croutons...I shall have to try!

  2. Maybe you're just a little tired from summer chores. You just need one last summer fling....go fishing, or put your feet in a creek somewhere. One last fun thing before school and fall. I hate seeing summer end. We're already getting 40 degrees at night. And by the way, whatever you post, we will all enjoy it! I'm going to make a salad now. Maybe some bread too.(:

  3. omg...I love bread in any shape or form...NOW you've made me hungry so I'm off to eat...what else!
    PS..tks for dropping by my blog...still shaking the water out of my ears!!!

  4. I do this too, and make lots and store them away. One less item I depend on the grocery store for, the better. Growing pains, I'm with taking a summer fling. It's always good to come home.

    And that salad looks really good! : )

  5. I just ate dinner, but now I'm hungry again!

  6. darn Leigh, i wish that loaf of bread was sitting on my counter======You're a talented young lady=======Jim

  7. Feral,
    Warning>>> You will never want another store bought crouton EVER again!

    I love chores ***I'm a sicko I know ;)*** I have had a raging headache for days now, its making me grumpy and gloomy. Not to mention I am in the midst of kicking that nasty habit (we discussed when you came to visit). It will pass soon, I hope. I'm sure Lee hopes it passes soon too. I have to say I am even getting on my own nerves. lol

    I suggest that you demand that your men bake you some fresh bread. After that swim you deserve a loaf of homemade bread! ;)

    Do you make yours differently? I have been thinking about playing around with some different seasonings.

    If you took your jog today then you should be able to eat a salad for a small snack. :) Im such an enabler. lol

    If it took talent it wouldn't be sitting on my counter! lol Suzanne McMinns grandmothers bread is the easiest recipe to follow. You should give it a go. ;)

  8. Leigh, homesteading is not about a goal. It is a series of little steps. Unfortunately, each step revealed a new step beyond. Fortunately, there is nothing like looking back over all of those little steps and recognizing your own incredible growth. Try not to dwell in the past or future too much! Of course, food always makes me feel better ... particularly a nice fresh salad (with croutons) and a good steak!

  9. Deus,
    I agree,
    Its not the structural discontent but more or less the spirit of the trials that has me wrapped in a tarp of gloom. I am sure things will work out, cause thats what I do, I fix things... but as of now Im exhausted. I think that you are very accurate in the reminder not to dwell in the past or future too much. I tend to want to be in one or the other at all times. I often have to be reminded to sit in the present (I am a dreamer after all). But it is one of those things that is easier said than done when you are trying to "change or fix" something.

    There is nothing like comfort food and healthy at that! LOL

  10. There is no way I can save homemade croutons for salad. Salad just distracts from their immense deliciousness!