Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ugh... Annoying Day.

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Which tends to be pretty typical for the mornings after I pay bills. I had a list of things I needed to do. Most of which were things I would prefer not to be doing today. Example, I was told by a respected dairy goat breeder that I must treat for Coccidia on a regular basis. Frankly, I'm not big on unnecessary medications and I had Jaz tested right after I bought her in March. This breeder was insistent that this is what I should do. I began to question my animal husbandry and decided that maybe I ought to make a compromise and at least have the girls tested again. I took a fecal sample from both the girls. 

This was my first time... retrieving a fecal GA.ROSS! I truly believe that no one should ever have to start off their day with their hand inside the hind quarters of anything! PERIOD!

The morning proceeds, I had to get my sleepy daughter and my son in the truck to take Sis to school. That part was pretty uneventful besides the fact that my son must have paid bills last night too! Talking about waking up on the wrong side of the bed!  We dropped Sissy off at the school and then drove outside the ten mile radius to the vets. Another sure fire way to get my day off rough. I hate being in the car longer than 10 minutes. It annoys me.

 Anyways so at the vets I discretely whisper to the clerk that I have fecals. The clerk is obviously intrigued as she raises her eyebrow and cleverly replies, "o really". I discretely hand them over to her. Yeah, southerners are weird about fecals. We like to keep that stuff on the D.L. So I nod my head and am like  "how much". She's like "42". My head cocks left and right, then snaps back forward "HOW MUCH". "42", she says. Ok, I suddenly turn from the fecal pusher to huffer on the street corner jonesing for a free fecal. Prices have went up! My next thought, "Ill give you this gold watch." Seriously, I was shocked! When Jasmine had a fecal done by the vet back in March it was only $8. None of that matters now though. I grumpily paid it and sulked back to my truck with my all so very grumpy kid (my son but I'm sure the goats are grumpy too now).

Next on the "Don't want to do list", I had to go to Walmart. I hate Walmart. Its a smorgasbord of germs. Not to mention I usually get stuck walking behind someone that hasn't bathed since the early 60's. I continue to shop there because the price is right and I don't have to drive any where else to get the items on my list. So frankly I torture myself all in the names of cheap and convenience. I know what you are thinking... "I bet this lady would give way her own mother just to save a buck". No.Comment.

I pulled into the parking lot, taking in a as many deep breaths as I could before I had to hold my breath while sprinting through the store. I picked up a few essentials. But then I exhaled. I had already blew it!  Since I was there and hate traveling outside the ten mile radius (Did I say that already?), I decided I would kill two birds with one stone. I pulled out the Christmas list. Yeah yeah yeah, I know. But I like to be prepared. You never know when you might find something and then you can knock someone off the list, thus eventually not having to make a special trip outside the ten mile radius to do Christmas shopping. That's me, Mrs. Tightwad  Thrifty. So I put my life on the line as I dodge the blazing fires of Common cold, Swine Flu, Meningitis, E Coli, and Salmonella all in the name of Christmas.

I continued my lovely morning shopping at the Ole' Walmarts. If you live in the south Walmart is always pronounced with an S on the end of it. Walmarts, yeah so there you have it northerners, ya learned ya something new about the south today.

Ok back on track. Anyways I found a little light weight sweat jacket and some winter slippers for my daughter. I decided I would go a head and knock those items off the old xmas list. I went to check out and the cashier exclaims, "Already buying winter stuff"!?  I just wanted to yell at her, " YES, Don't you know poor people have to plan a head for Christmas"! Its always bothersome to me when cashiers comment on my purchases. Well, anytime they draw attention to my purchase I become... anxious. I mean think of all the embarrassing things on the counter that they could comment about. Heck, I'm even too embarrassed to list them!

See, I was scarred as young girl while making my first training bra purchase. I will never forget that dreaded day. I still wince thinking back to it. I was standing at the check out with my mother and my older brother. Luck would have it that there was a long line of people behind us as well. The cashier holds up my training bra and screams """PRICE CHECK"! I dropped my head and weighed the odds, "Maybe they would think it was for my brother". I  had my doubts, as my brother was grinning ear to ear and ribbing me with his elbow. I can still see his sparkly whites smiling back at me as my inner self was curling into a ball. ***WINCE***  My brother still gives me hell about it.

Ok, so maybe I shouldn't be so self conscious about the cashier commenting my stuff but I was traumatized as a child you see. She brought visions back of my training bra price check trauma for cryin' out loud.

After I left Walmart I felt better that I was able to knock off a few things from the x-mas shopping list, awe but yes sick at heart again as I was reminded that I just paid bills. Bills suck but at least they are ALL paid.
I was relieved to return home. I came into the house and did a quick review of the budget to make sure everything was still on track. (We are trying to pay our property off early. So far, we have two years left to go). Luckily the sweat jacket and slippers didn't damage our ultimate goal. It sounds funny but those impulsive purchases can really cause one to stumble. I am a sucker for spur of the moment spending so I constantly have to babysit myself. Its kind of like that 1991 sitcom Hermans Head. The people living in my head are trying to over throw the impulsive me. The impulsive me is a fighter though.

Anyways my crappy day finally comes to a close. As I crawl back into my bed I take note as to which side of the bed that I intend to roll out of tomorrow. I think as long as there is no impending fecals all should be good.


**** I wrote this post a few days ago and forgot to post it... Now I have an update for those who care :) ***
Jasmine and Jessica's... Labs came back wonderful. The vet called me personally and asked why I had decided to test them. She was concerned that there might have been an issue with one of the girls. I told her they seemed fine but I was encouraged to have them them on a regular Coccidia treatment plan. My vet then assured me that both of the girls test came back great. Jasmine is at a level one for Coccidia. Which is a great number as all goats carry the parasite in their bodies. She also told me that Jessica had such a low amount that it didn't reach the the qualifications to even put it on a scale. The vet also confirmed what many of the Caprine health books said.... Continual Coccidia out breaks are caused by poor sanitation. She did inform me that during times of stress when the immune system is struggling that one could also have a Coccidia out break. Its important to treat prior to times that an animal may be under stress (kidding, disbudding, tattooing, weaning and relocation).  So there you have it straight from the vets mouth AND minus $42 later; sanitation and stress. This place is fairly clean and... well these girls are FAR from stressed! :)

O and I almost forgot.... We now have head colds. Thanks to the smorgasbord of germs.


  1. Ah the shear joy of shopping, I too was traumatized as a child (many, many years ago), ol' string-vest (an obstinate so n so) would drag me to the (thankfully) now closed Kwik Save at a few minutes before closing time and merrily keep all n sundry awaiting whilst he's complete the monthly shop whilst a shy n scared little me would be taking the whispered brunt of the stackers n checkouts who just wanted rid of us but were to scared to approach pops. Ever since I'll just shop in very tried n trusted places with an extreme lack of confidence and something approaching genuine fear when a new shop is approached, daft eh? but it's strange how small events shape the people we become. Glad that your goats are shiny, shame that you've got the snuffels!

  2. Gracious what a bad day you had. I am glad to hear the fecals came back well for the girls. We generally only treat for cocci when the kids are young and haven`t had a problem with it. I too don`t like to medicate unless necessary.

  3. I HATE days like that. Sorry you had one. And instead of fretting when I pay bills, I put it off and then fret because I HAVEN"T paid bills. One would think just sitting down and DOING it would be better, but sometimes, most of the time, I just can't MAKE myself! Doubly cursed. Drink elderberry syrup, or buy Sambucol or anything with elderberry as a base. Your cold will disappear almost magically.

  4. I hope today will be better for you all. Darn colds! I wouldn't touch a cart in Walmart without thoroughly wiping it with 2 or 3 of the alcohol wipes they have. It's a MUST. I got a little giggle out of the S on Walmart. My step daughter is always making fun of me because I used to say Walmarts. I wonder how that got started?! LOL Let yesterday go and have a great day today!(:

  5. walmart is not my first store choice by far, but sometimes necessary, so in and out as quick as possible... still there too long, spend too much, see WAY MORE of life than I need to... :o)

  6. Oh god I HATE comments on purchases. There is just no need for it. A guy at the grocery store always gives me the same comment about cat food so I avoid his aisle when I go in.
    Or when I buy groceries and I just know they are judging me cuz I shop as though my parents are out of town and I'm throwing a party.
    My mom always call Best Buy, Best Buys.

  7. Oh no, you know about "Goin down to tha danged ol Walmarts!" My wife (an NC mountain girl) theorizes that it's based on the olden times (1950s) when all the businesses in rural areas were still possessive names, like "Earl's" and "Bartenfelder's" and "Jebadiah's".

    Hence, "Walmarts" and "Kmarts"