Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Viewing at 9am, Bedside Services Held at 10am...

She fought a good fight but it was just her time...

Back in Dec my HP Pavillion was ailing. I rushed her to the Computer Doctors at the first sign of the flickering screen. I knew it wasn't good. It never is when we have to go there. They are like the final stop on the way out. The Doc. told me that her days were numbered. I took my lovely laptop home to finish out her final days among the people who loved her most...mostly myself.

The months to come were touch and go. I made several attempts to prolong her life. Rarely turning her off for I feared each day would be her last. I even spoke with a few people about performing an exorcism... It was just too risky in her already fragile state.

I know it sounds like I should have been more prepared for this day but who can ever be fully prepared for this!? There was a time that I thought she was feeling better, better than she had ever been before! I had hope! I told you before I am a die hard optimist. The belief that my beloved lap top had miraculously recovered from a burned up mother board and a bad screen is the sure fire sign of my unwavering optimism! That is love my friends... and I loved her dearly.

Last night I logged out and turned her off. I didn't know that would be that last time I would have my precious ole gal around. (If I would have known I would have stayed up unto the wee hours of morning spending quality time with her) I have to say I knew her time was coming but I didn't think she would be taken so soon!

June 15th my lap top bit the dust. I will bury her underneath my bed next to my deceased Compaq Presario. They will find comfort in the other broken electronics that have been put to rest in the dark dusty shallows beneath my bed.

This is a pic of dead chick and Hp together. Little did I know when that pic was taken that I would lose them both in such a short time.

This is a pic of me and HP spending quality time together... Look how happy we were!!

Rest in Peace ole' gal. You will be sorely missed....


  1. How sad. My girlfriend's powerbook is currently undergoing neurosurgery. We feel your pain and loss.

  2. Thanks, although I wouldnt wish this kind of grief on anyone it is nice to know there are people out there who understand. I will be praying for her powerbooks speedy recovery. ;)

  3. My deepest condolences, Leigh. You have been dealt a crushing blow, but I know eventually your grief will flake away entirely and you will move on.

    I don't talk about this often, but a few years ago my computer caught a virus and passed away a few days later. It was so sudden, so swift, and so cruel. I cursed God, my world went black. Whenever I heard about someone complaining about their computer, about how slow it's running, or how it's running out of space, I wanted to grab them and say "At least you have one, you son of a bitch! Mine is dead! And I can never get it back!"

    Yes, those were tough times, but eventually I got a new computer and got on with my life. It wasn't easy, but things became better. And things will get better for you. Stay strong.

    If there's anything I can do to help during this difficult time, let me know. And again, my condolences.

    (I thoroughly enjoyed this post, Leigh. Well written and made me chuckle.)

  4. Kevin,
    I couldnt imagine such a tragedy. You are one brave soul to be able to move past the sorrow. How does one ever truly feel safe knowing that another virus could just destroy your world all over again!?!?

    I have to say after I used the insurance money for a proper burial I did purchase another laptop. I now live in fear that my new babe will fall ill (like before) or that my toddler will try to love on her and unintentionly hurt her by riping the keys off of her key pad (like before) or perhaps my daughter will try to play around with her and in all her excitement and rough housing, accidently knock over a glass of water on her (like before). How do you carry on with out becoming over protective!? I dont want to smother her but between the loss of our chickens and and then my beloved HP... I just dont know if I can handle another loss....not right now... not this soon...

    Everyone wants me to take the plastic coating off of her screen. They say "its time" but... I think she needs it on there a little longer. What if something happens!?!? Maybe I jumped back in too soon. Im just dont think I can do this... Im not ready yet.

    (Likewise, I had a good laugh over your comment as well)

  5. Man, I can relate. I`ve laid two computers to rest. My husband tells me I have to go easy on them. =)

  6. Keep your head up, Leigh. You'll get over this.

  7. Feral,
    They just dont make computers to last. I personally believe its a conspiracy!