Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Reap What You Sow.

After feeding the chickens cats and goats I walked over to the garden and began to retie tomato plants, weeding, picking beans and peppers, examining each plant searching for what I may reap from the seeds the we have sown.

I had sweat dripping into my eyes as I plucked pepper after pepper, bean after bean. I was so into the picking frenzy that I even pulled a few premature potato plants. The tender young potato's will go nicely in a pot of green beans. I was pleased with the mornings harvest. I am thankful for the opportunities that mother nature has laid out for us.

After I finished my chores I walked back to the house to wash the veggies and get the children ready to play outside for a bit. Upon my moms insistence on getting the bird ready for flight we brought Little Sparrow out for a while as done every day. We still feed our little one and upon Little Sparrows insistence... she comes in the house at night.

I think right now would be a good time to point out that we are no longer sure if we indeed have a sparrow, hence "Little Sparrow" is now "Little Bird". Also since I am pointing out things I should also state that reintroducing a bird into the wild is not an easy task. Little Bird spends much of its days flying around the yard but anytime someone is outside, Little Bird flies in to great who ever is visiting the yard. Which although we all find very endearing, I remain thankful that I didn't do a release in one of the state parks as I could see Little Bird flying down onto someones shoulder just to visit a bit and then getting swatted like it were a rabid bat.

The children played in the yard while I watched Little Bird fly about, occasionally landing on my shoulder or the back of my chair. The Mocking birds that are nesting in the rose bushes have taken a great interest in the antics of this little bird. They inquisitively watch turning their heads left to right in wonder. I cant help but to watch in wonder myself, "what are those birds thinking". I am sure the wild birds have wondered "who are these creatures that offspring little birds".

The first evening of Little Birds test run, curiosity got the best of the Mocking bird. We were all huddled around watching Little Bird perch in a Red Bud tree. The curious Mocking bird came in, landing just a couple feet from us but left as quickly as it arrived. We looked around the yard searching for our flighted friend, only to notice that we must have made quite a spectacle of ourselves. Two other birds sat watching on the telephone wire, occasionally flying closer for a better look and the murder of crows living in the woods circled around a few times to satisfy their own curiosities. We all sat there oddly watching this... this miracle!

We now watch the Mocking birds as closely as they watch us. They have taken a great interest in Little Bird. Its a delicate relationship. We are unsure if they will try to hurt Little Bird but we also feel that the Mocking birds presence gives Little Bird some security as they are nice cat deterrent. It all hangs in the balance of a watchful eye.

Without a doubt, one day Little Bird will go in search of a mate. We may never see our precious one again, but hopefully, God willing, we will see many young Little Birds flying over head and we will once again be allowed to enjoy a bounty of pleasure from the seeds that we have sown...


  1. I paid the price today, in a lost opportunity, of not having a camera with me. I made a shopping run and stopped by a feed store. When I pulled into the parking lot there was a yellow dog, probably part golden retriever, standing under a shade tree. A black bird was perched on his rump. After I finished my business in the store and got my feed loaded, I pulled out the same way I had come in. The dog was still standing in the same place, bird still perched in the same spot. The things you see when you don’t have a camera! You think I would learn.

  2. That seems to always happen to me as well! Leave the camera behind and then what happens??

  3. leagh- did you ever pursue the dulcimer- thought you said at one time you had an interest in this?

  4. "Little Bird up in a tree, come down and sing your song to me about how it began..." - Little Bird

    Lyrics from the Beach Boys. Your post made me think of that song for obvious reasons. Great post, Leigh. I know with a mom like you, Little Bird will be just fine.

  5. Bob and Feral,
    YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! :) I thought the same thing this morning while doing my chores. One of the Roosters was proudly standing on the butcher block bellowing out his morning "Cock-a-doodle-do"... I thought about the irony and I wished I had my camera. You would think I would learn!

    I havent pursued the dulcimer any farther than playing around with it a few times. Much of spare time has been occupied with animals children and gardening. I really should spend some more time with it. Which also reminds me that my days in the wood shop have become sparse and I really should venture out there in the evenings a little more often. I will keep you all updated on my progress.

    I dont know Kevin, I am afraid that we may have done more harm than good. Apple Sauce has already caught Little bird since the release, Luckily no harm was done, but we have noticed that little bird chooses to hop around the verses trying to fly and was almost stepped on just the other day. We are running out of ideas... our final idea is to get a bird cage and hang it out on the front porch after a week we will open the cage door. Hopefully after a bit it will learn to fly into the cage if there is danger. But as far as right now... the poor thing sits at the front door wanting in at night.... and of course we let it in. ;)

    I am starting to wonder if by saving it we were merely postponing the inevitable. BUT... when you love something you, you fight fate to the bitter end. Therefore we will keep trying until something works... or fate wins. Okay I think I am just rambling now but as always your thoughts and encouragement are always appreciated.

  6. She is a sweet little thang... and I understand your desire to help her. I would certainly do the same. She sounds like a sweetheart, and how cute that she will sit on your shoulder, and she wants to come in at night and be with your family!

    Lately it seems when I do my chores outside I end up coming in the house with sweat on my brow... I've taken to tying a bandanna around my head to catch the sweat. At least I can stay outside a bit longer that way. :-)