Monday, June 7, 2010

Helpful Homesteading Tips

Urban Homesteading 101
Chapter One: Helpful Homesteading Tips
Section One: The Work Boots

A good pair of rubber boots will be one of the most important tools one will have while homesteading. These boots will be a life saver! Otherwise the menagerie of shoes (flip flops and high heels included) that you have collected throughout the years will diminish rapidly but as with anything, care of the rubber boots is of the up most importance...

A. Clean the boots regularly as it is a crucial sanitary measurement in order to deter the passing along of nasty germs and parasites to your flock or herd.

Although spraying the boots down with antibacterial soap before a rain storm is thrifty and environmentally friendly ;) , it is not always recommended. As in all things take precautions...

- Always check your boots before placing feet in them,especially if they were left on the back porch during a rainstorm the night before.

- It is also wise that if you have a toddler and chickens to check your boots for eggs on a regular basis as well. Need I say more?

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Stay tuned for more Helpful Homesteading tips by Leigh.

***Completely facetious blog post but on a serious note... its ALWAYS wise to check your barn boots for spiders and snakes... and for water....and for eggs... Just check your DAMN Boots! ;)***


  1. I find frogs in me walking boots if I leave them in the garage during the winter! Guess you've made an omelette's in yours Leigh judging by this post?

  2. I am so scared to ask but... you did check your boots before you put them on... right!? haha

    No omelettes, I did look before I put them on that time! haha

  3. Ha! Will do, I`ll check them out before I slip my wee toes into them. I`ve never found eggs in them....which is amazing since I find eggs everywhere else on this crazy farm!

  4. I usually check for spiders, hell of a surprise when the boots go 'croak'!

  5. I've rounded up some chickens and toddlers, now all I've got to do is get some boots.

  6. John,
    I am so thankful to hear that you heard a croak and not a crunch! lol

    I wonder how Baby Boy Z would do with some chickens...if he is anything like my previous toddlers you may need to keep your boots up. ;)

  7. I think Baby Boy Z would chase the chickens. I wonder if he'd try to eat them. I'll have to ask him.