Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thanking Mom for Her Greatness.

My Momma is the the strongest links in our family. She holds everything together. She is an amazing woman that has a strong sense of motherly intuition. Her instincts are like the nose of blood hound. My mom can read us all like an open book. Growing up, it made it really hard for us kids to hide anything. As the years went by I would watch my mother and learn from her. Maybe her intuition was hereditary or perhaps it was something that she learned through hard earned experience. Either way I hope that my hunches are as accurate as hers. I could go into such details about her instincts/intuition/premonitions but you would probably think we were both nuts. If there is anything that I believe in as far as the supernatural it is definitely my mothers instincts. (You would think that with all this strong faith in her "knowing" that Id actually listen every once in a while!?)

Even though in my teenage years I enjoyed time with my friends I always treasured the times that my mom and I were able to share. I specifically remember one night when my mom and I ran out to grab a burger. She said, "did you ever think you would be spending a Friday night with your mom". The truth was... there wasn't another place in this world that I would have rather been. We share a similar sense of humor with a touch of cynicism that always encourages contagious laughter that bruises the ribs and draws tears from the eyes. That's one of my favorite things about my mom. She can make me laugh... in the most inappropriate times.

I remember this trip we made back from WV when my daughter was just a wee babe. I cant remember everything that went wrong but I do recall having car trouble which lead us to drive at a sluggish pace for hours with a screaming baby in the car that messed all in her car seat. (shaa...I also recall accidentally hitting my mom in the head with the car door while examining the broken back latch... Whoops... I still feel bad when I laugh about that- no that wasn't a miss print). It was hellish trip, we finally pulled over cussing mad, asking ourselves what else in the hell could possibly go wrong. We were both near tears when the uncontrollable laughter set in. That's my mom. She laughs through the tears and carries on.

We share the same distaste for functions such as weddings baby showers and just about any other type of large get together. Its not that we are party poopers (okay maybe) but it just seems like cruel and unjust punishment to have to make awkward conversation with people that are left as just aquaintences for a reason! When my mom and I are forced into such situations we like to make the bast of our time. For example one of my great Aunts is one of the meanest people you will ever meet. She is extremely insulting and has not an ounce of tact at all. Over the years she has went to great attempts to give my mother and I a complex. Its just not us, she is cruel to everyone. I apologize if you have ever met my Aunt, I am sure it was hell on ya. Anyways, My mom and I entertain ourselves during these moments with our dear Aunt by taking bets on which one of us she will insult first and which of her favorite insults she will use. Its all in good fun and a nice way to make some extra cash. It entertains us and makes our time with our dear old Aunt more bearable. Some of our greatest times have been centered around the cruelty of our Aunt.

God, Ya just got to love my mom! She is one of those people who knows how to make the best lemonade when life hands ya lemons... ya know what I mean!?

Well even though we are nearing Fathers day and Mothers day has since passed... I dedicate this beautiful Monday afternoon to my mom. Thanks for being the greatest, mom ever!

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  1. You're a good daughter Leigh. Love the Pic! The flowers are really pretty. I remember seeing lots of those. I have wonderful Aunts. But I do have 2 wicked step sisters that I totally avoid! LOL