Monday, June 21, 2010

Seize the Day

A day around the homestead tends to be much like every other day but luckily the beauty in the day is constantly there but forever changing making each day uniquely beautiful in its own way...

Whether it be the way the clouds float in the sky....

or a yellow dusk...

Sometimes its in the birth of a friend...

or the heavenly smiles of my own children...

The neighbor boys gianormous catch...

or the way Hijeevey's feathers sparkle in the sun....

Perhaps the beauty is in a field of freshly rolled hay...

or maybe it is the sequence in which the three musketeers eat their afternoon snack...

Sometimes the beauty is found from Jasmines inquisitive nature...

Or just her sweet face...

There is a unique beauty from walking in the silky texture of a freshly tilled ground...

AND a beauty in the way the garden grows...

But rarely in the way it DOESN'T grow....

(psst... that was my nonchalant way of saying my garden isn't doing so great)

Seize the Day...


  1. Leigh,
    Thank you for reminding me that beauty surrounds me every waking minute if I would just care to see it.

  2. There's a song I've always liked that goes -
    Seize the Day
    Seize whatever you can
    'Cuz life slips away just like hourglass sand,
    Seize the Day
    Pray for grace from God's hand
    Then nothing can stand in your way
    Seize the Day
    - it's by Carolyn Arends

    Cute kids, big fish!! good day...

  3. It's 48 degrees and raining here in Montana. Thanks for sharing your sunshine!

  4. leigh- you are a gifted girl, love the way you have with words and your uplifted outlook on each day.

  5. John,
    Sometimes we need a magnify glass to see it but I remain hopeful that beauty is always present even at times when the beauty remains unseen to the naked eye... sometimes the only beauty is found in the sparkle from a tear but it is still there... somewhere waiting to be seen.

    Karen Sue,
    Thank you for sharing. That is as inspiring as it is beautiful.

    It is 99 degrees here. Doing chores is getting quite uncomfortable. Thank heavens for the cooler evenings. I wouldnt mind you sending me some of that cool Montana air. ;)

    Thank you for such a kind compliment! I am truly flattered and I hope that you find future post to your pleasure as well.


  6. Lovely pictures! Goodness that was one HUGE fish! Congrats on that catch boys!!