Monday, June 28, 2010

A Lazy Summer Sunday

I worked a bit in the garden, picking peppers,


Pulling onions,

Digging potato's, and...

Inspecting plants.

Then I painted some old rocking chairs,

Played with our beloved goats,

Cause they are just so darn cute...

I watched Hijeevey peck the ground for a bit ...

and then rubbed on Milo's tummy...

Sundays are days meant to be spent with family, humans and animal... So I did that too...

Ok, ok, ok.... so the gardening wasn't too much work, playing with the animals is just fun and I love being around my family BUT after watching the guys work all afternoon, the kids and I were just beat!

The babes rested...

And I enjoyed the rest of my Lazy Summer Sunday on the back porch, sipping on an ice cold Orange Crush...

I love Lazy Summer Sundays but Lee, he doesn't like them so much.... I just cant imagine why.


  1. leigh------looks like you had a great day- and the boys building had a hot one- they would have preferred drinking the "crush" with you i'm sure but boys have to build things. it's in the genes.

  2. Sounds (and looks!)like a perfect day to me. It's great to be super busy and get lots accomplished but it's also nice to enjoy what we have too! That orange crush sure looks refreshing! : )

  3. Gosh your veggies look good!

    Sounds like an awesome day!

  4. You crack me up Leigh. I got tired too, just listening to you talk about THEM working. LOL

  5. Jim,
    Yes boys will be boys and my boys love to build things. I must say it isnt easy coming up with all these projects but I do it because I love em'! ;)

    Rural Revival,
    It was a great day, and you are veyr right there is a great sense of satisfaction from accomplishment... nothing like sitting back enjoying a orange crush after a long hard day.

    Thanks but dont let the photos decive you, we have had many hurdles to cross this year. Each year I learn something new but one thing I have just recently came to terms with, I will NEVER have it all figured out. Mother Nature just loves to watch me squirm. :)

    See! I am so glad you understand where I am coming from on this! It was miserable hot day and absolutely exhausting!

    On a serious note.... My boys (my dad and my hubby) do love to create and they are good at it. I am really lucky to have such wonderful men in my life that are so talented and we are all so "connected" that when we (my mom and I) have a vision, they see it too and with great enthusiasm want to help us bring that vision to life but have no fear for that road is traveled both ways.

    I will post photos of the finished project soon. Thanks for reading!