Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spring Dreamin'

I take back anything I ever said about wanting a real winter with real snow. Winter is for the birds! I am over it.

I'm dreaming of the days of animals grazing on green grasses,

Days of beautiful sprawling vegetable gardens,

filled with fresh veggies to eat

and gorgeous trellising flowers

I am dreaming of days of playing outside in the warm summer sun.

and soaking in the cool creek.

I am thinking of the lazy days for fishing

and warm afternoons sipping on chilled glasses of wine with good friends.

I am definitely looking forward to warmer days!

*Song- Otis Redding; Sitting by Dock of the Bay.


  1. What beautiful Morning Glory's! I grow them here in Montana, but they take a lot of care. I only yield about 20% of what you have there. Our growing season is very short. Now you've got me looking for spring too! Here comes the sun.....

  2. Thank you. My mom plants morning glories every year. I think the hardest part for us is the clean up after their season is over. They can be such a bugger to unwrap. We are very blessed to have the long growing season but also to have the privilege of four seasons.
    Im really jones'n for some warm weather. :)

  3. Wow, great pictures!

    Are all those pictures of your area/land? It's beautiful.

    I am ready for some summer as well, but come August when it's been 115 for 3 weeks, I'll be yearning for snow again. Such is Texas, lol.

  4. The pics of the ponies are on our property. Its funny, I look at the beautiful green grass and I am afraid it wont look like this year, refering back to blog post "Its going to be a very long winter", :(
    The morning glories are on our back deck. The garden is ours. The pic of my husband, my daughter and the picture of my son, we were camping on Crazy Horse River. The wine pic, that was me and my buddy enjoying the wine festival... good times ;)
    But yep, all pics are of Tennessee land. Its hard to get a feel for our property because it isnt big at all but we really try to utilize it to the fullest. On 2.98 acres, we have a large garden, small orchard, chicken coop, a barn, about 1/4 acre goat enclosure, and a small spring. The amazing part is that we still have room to do more, (expand the orchard, put in a small pond, and put in a few berries.) I got plans, can ya tell!?
    This has been a freakishly cold winter for us as well, and I am sure I will be doing the same as you come Aug!

  5. Those are beautiful photos! Lovely garden, meadow, horses, flowers, and all.

    I love Spring and Summer too, but I'm wishing for a bit more winter and some more snow, because the mosquitos are already showing up and I hate them! It has been so nice to be able to work outside without being swarmed by the awful critters.

    Thank you for following my blog.