Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Ugh, yuck... I'm guess I'm going to try to see a doctor tomorrow. Blood sugar issues, maybe?

I hate going to the doctors. I really don't want to go. I will probably catch a cold, a stomach virus, H1N1 or something worse.... I have major doctors office anxiety, which is obviously one of those "bugs" ya contract from doctors office waiting rooms!

They will take my blood and I hate needles. Needles and blood make me pukish. Maybe I should rephrase that... Needles and MY blood make me pukish.

Since I hate needles so much, I am sure that I am doomed to get a newbie who will poke me fifteen times. Then my arms will look like someone shut them in the car door...again. My luck they are going to tell me I have full blown diabetes and I will have to take a poking 3 times a day... Ya' know, all because I hate needles n stuff.

I know I am being a big baby but I don't care because that's what babies do, they don't care about being a big ol' baby!

It took every single bit of courage for me to just get my flu shot. I wasn't going to get one but it was one of those moments when I said without thinking, "Sissy, mommy will do it if you do it. Be big girl and let the doctor poke you with a (big) needle" Dang it!I knew as soon as I said it I was doomed... I had to get one then! Wouldn't you know it... the little stink pot made me get mine first! Now, I didn't cry mind you but I complained about it for at least three days. I'm a big ol' baby!

I will probably have nightmares tonight about becoming a human pin cushion...


  1. I think I've gotten over my fear of needles and my blood. I've donated blood three times and only had a bad reaction the third time, I almost past out. When they take blood from me I NEVER look. The first time I got this nurse who was a guy with a really cute accent it made everything a lot better.

  2. Hope your okay....well, with exception of the needle trauma!:+)

  3. As a creator of words myself, I like the new word you have created "Pukish". Since I doubt you have protected your intellectual property with a copyright, I plan to steal it for my own glorified means and ends. Now I am off to change a smelly diaper . . . sure to be "pukish" experience!

  4. I will share with you, after all I thieve from you all the time! ;)