Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines!

My brother and his family came up this weekend to help us finish up some work on the barn. I absolutely love having my family around. We all had a really great time together. What a better way to spend Valentines than with the people I love!?

To top off the end of a really great weekend, we were able to witness the miracle of a life being brought into this world. It really is amazing to watch a life being born. Whether it be a child, a foal, a kid, a pup or a chick. All life is uniquely beautiful. Being there to witness the first moments is simply amazing!

The children really enjoyed watching our first chick peck its way out of the shell. The miracle of life never dulls. If it weren't for these specific genes to come together by mere chance this unique beautiful thing would not have been here. Its all by chance.

The miracle of life... of living is what Come By Chance is all about. Its about being born or born again, finding a path, and reaching for a future, embracing the good and rolling through the bad. Simply put, its about living off your love.

*Song- Love Actually Sound Track- All You Need is Love


  1. What a great learning experience for your kids! Little chicks are so delicate, it's a wonder any of them live. It truly is a miracle.