Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another Day

I love the Homestead every day but its nothing like the love I feel for this place when everything is in order.

Nothing beats a clean barn!

And my heart fills with joy when I enter a freshly swept chicken coop. I have simple pleasures. *Shrug* What can I say!?

O and the weeds have been cut down around the camp site. Its so nice to relax by the camp fire.

I exhale a peaceful sigh as the goat pasture has now been mowed...

BUT wait! Is that a dead tree!? And o Lordy I forgot about painting that white door!!!

*Deep Calming Breaths*... Counting backwards from 10....


Maybe I should start at 20?


Now put it in a bubble and blow it away...

Awe, yes much better now. Lets continue, shall we?

So what if there is some stuff left to do. Its alright because at least the bottoms of the living trees have been pruned! Now I wont get wacked in the face when I mow! Yippy!
The buildings have a fresh coat of stain... and again a peaceful sigh....

....... WHAT!?

Where did you come from? I took deep calming breaths! I counted backwards! I blew you away!?

Why are you taunting me!?


  1. There is ALWAYS work to be done. I LOVE that feeling of accomplishment when you do get things done, but then, that list just comes back to tap on your shoulder. Grrrrr - never, ever done! Enjoy it, what you HAVE accomplished, if you can!

  2. That is one CLEAN chicken coop . . . id eat off the floor!

  3. WOW you need my addy so you can come by and make my place look good too?
    Great job and beautiful place.

  4. and once you've finished at Diane-Sage's my garage really does need a massive sort out, oh and then there's the garden shed, lets not forget that bog monster needs another shower and then there's the.......
    Only joking ('part from the bog monster), really enjoyed your post.

  5. Man oh day my chickens are packin` thier bags already! That is one clean coop!

  6. I totally cant think if my place/studio isnt clean and vacuumed. Nice job on the clean chicken coop! that doesnt sound like an easy thing to maintain at all. I love clean!

  7. leigh-i agree, your farm is beautiful- you should be very proud-are you guys still thinking about relocating back to WV 0r was it K.

    Jim [tx]

  8. Leigh, I am with you on this one! Organization is so important when you have so much to tend to. The place looks beautiful and so neat. Love the comical way you always make me laugh. What a great way to start my day. Thanks for that........ Now, I have to go get organized.

  9. Dog Hair,
    You are very right. There is always something! Every time I finish something I find 5 more things that need to be done. Im really naive, but I still hold on to the hopes that one day I can look around and say... "Misson Complete"! :)

    Your a true outdoorsman! :)

    Thank you! Technically I cant call it a farm as its only three acres but its enough to keep us busy throughout the year. I couldn't imagine anymore!

    Diane-Sage and John,
    If you were closer... I would love to help! Beware though (if you have a coop), I'm teased pretty hard over the chicken coop. The Uncle tells me that if I don't mop the floor he's going to call Department of Poultry Services and I have also had people try to give me carpet for the chicken run. :)

    Now are these laying hens... and when can I expect them? LOL

    I love clean too. Clean=creativity=happiness Maintaining a clean coop is a never ending job! The chickens don't appreciate it but sure I do!

    Thank you. I really love the homestead. I think we have squashed the idea of WV for now. If I could scoop up our homestead and take it with me I would do it in a heart beat. I really miss the WV mountains but my husband and I have poured our hearts and future into this place. So here we will stay. Good memory! :)

  10. Karen,
    Thank you Karen! I knew that you sympathized with the clean/organization. I bet the pups have you running in circles! Just thinking about your little ones puts a huge smile on my face. (Dolly's my favorite btw). :) I just finished organizing the bedrooms and all the closets... but its been a few days since I cleaned the barn and coop so thats where I'm headed. Have fun organizing!

  11. I'm not sure my house is this clean right now...!
    You have lucky chickens!

  12. Tidy, tidy, tidy....that's your triple middle name...good for you. My daddy loves you chicken people, and I would love to run after them...sorry! lmao!

  13. Wow, that barn is cleanlier than my bedroom!;-)

    That´s quite a feat of time manangement you do there... anyway, I am a little jealous of your little farmland;-). It very much sounds like a home!