Friday, April 23, 2010

Leigh Lou Boowhoo singing, "Earth Spirit Mojo, Where Are You"

As we all know I have been stuck in a rut that I am determined to get out of. I have been like Cindy Lou Who singing "Christmas, Where are You". During my quest to recover my hidden Back to the Earth Spirit "Mojo", I have been throwing myself full force into my the grass roots revival and urban homesteading.

Yesterday morning I baked bread.

I ALWAYS have the radio on, so I flipped on some motivational music, (Janis Joplin, Take another Piece of my Heart, Boston, More than a feeling and Cat Stevens Peace train.... just to name a few) I felt the tingle of excitement as I was rolling and kneading the dough. I was reminded what my capable hands can create or maybe I was just really into the Janis Joplin song... either way though, I was so excited that instead of one loaf of bread, I made four!

Yesterday afternoon was absolutely beautiful. In order to absorb more of the Earthy spirit, the children and I went to the creek.

While at the creek we caught some dinner....

Maybe it was the crawfish dipped in butter but I have to say by this time my Mojo was returning.

This morning I woke up to find that my love for homesteading and the great outdoors had returned. I took a little time bright and early this morning to enjoy the life that surrounds me...


Looking back at the situation now... that's all I really needed, just a little time to remember my love and to not take her presence for granted.


  1. Nothing like an early spring morning to wake up your senses and make you feel alive and well again.
    Crawfish and home made bread? You are cookin' girl!!

  2. So true Karen. I feel as if I am coming out of hibernation... and it feels GREAT! ;)

  3. Ooooh , that bread looks so good. And I have never had crawfish, even though they are EVERYWHERE around here. I haven't the slightest idea what to do with them. I guess I need you for a neighbor.

  4. Well neighbor ;) Crawfish is fixed and eaten just like lobster. It is a lot of work for a little bit of meat but the meat is very good. The children had a lot of fun eating their catch so it was well worth it.