Thursday, December 23, 2010

Seeds of Negativity

My Christmas gift to all of you is that I didn't publish the post the I wrote this morning.

Merry Christmas.

Seriously, it was a post filled with all the things that are wrong unjust and plain annoying in this world. Maybe I am crumbling under the holiday pressure? Maybe its the economic pressure. Maybe its both? Either way the negativity is doing a number on my impressionable spirit... (I can only imagine how my children feel)

So this morning in a fit of frustration and mild rage I wrote out a blog post filled with viral word vomit. Yeah, getting those feelings out were good for me once I said my peace I took a deep breath and stepped outside for a few minutes.... but  I am tired a paying the bad feelings forward. Who needs those kind of feelings the day before Christmas?

Luckily I left the post in my editing box, while I mauled over my feelings. I concluded that the world isn't fair and all the obsessing in the world isn't going to change it. Change starts within.

Lee and I have been surrounded by a lot of negativity lately. Although it is nice that people trust us enough to confide in us and that the government has enough faith that the middle class will persevere through all this economic crap, our spirits are getting over taken by the weeds of negativity. The only way to free ourselves is to pluck out the weeds that are trying to challenge our growth.

I already started making out my new years resolutions and let me tell you I had a whopper of a list.... but unfortunately this year I'm not going to be able to get to em'... My goal of dropping 15lbs is going to have to wait until next year.

 This year I am cleaning out the shed. Losing the baggage. Mending the chip on my shoulder... Its growing time baby! Weeding out the seeds of negativity is going to take all of my effort and focus.  My first plan action will take place this evening over a nice glass of wine and spending time with the Steve Miller Band, Credence, and my pals Three Dog Night. Yeah their company always gets the feel good feelings flowing. Then first thing after holidays I am getting bumper stickers made that says "Feel burdened, frustrated, angry, abandon, neglected? Family Problems? Having trouble paying your bills? Upset over the economic crisis?  Please feel free to dial a prayer... Leigh has checked out for the year."


  1. Leigh, I sure hope things look brighter. I know sometimes all of the burdens on our shoulders are overwhelming... I am always amazed to learn how much I can take and not break.

    I think I need to send you a donkey to talk things over with! hang in there.

  2. Good for you, Leigh! As for me, I'm going to keep grumping in the wilderness; hope you'll keep reading anyway. May you and yours have a great Christmas and a wonderful new year!

  3. Love it!

    I know exactly what you mean. If it affects us this way, how on earth must it affect the children? I am thankful mine are grown, but seriously, I like your New Year's resolutions and your bumper sticker!

  4. Merry Christmas Leigh! And I have a feeling I know exactly what you wrote...

    Hope your family has a blessed time off and begins the new year off well :)

  5. Embrace the good....let go of the bad. Breathe. REPEAT. You can always email me if you need to get it out or get feed back. I'm a pretty good listener and I am always happy to be there for my friends. Really. I really really mean it. I am here for you.(:

  6. Wise plan my dear. My husband and I talk about this a lot. We see a lot of negativity in our elders. Family and friends in their 80's, while physically life may not be the best it's ever been there is still life to be lived. We know of one couple who defy that seemingly typical norm and marvel how they love every minute of life, no matter what it has to offer, even if it's a broken hip. They're our role models without a doubt and it's through their example of living that we try our best to steer towards a positive life.

    You're right, it does start from within, but it's always nice to have someone to help paddle and keep the course. That's what friends are for, so if you ever need an extra set of hands, I'm here!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Leigh.
    : )

    Hugs ~Andrea~

  7. Hope you and your family will get rid of all the crap and negativity. Take care, stay safe and ...
    I just wish you all the best.

  8. Uglydog,
    I am learning the same about being amazed by the weight and not breaking. I have realized life is too short to focus on the load. I'm shedding it and going to have a great time on my journey through life. My goats are really great listeners but it would be wonderful to have a donkeys perspective! :) All the best, Leigh

    I will most definitely continue you to read your post as the irony and sarcasm always makes me smile. :) My weeding will be done in my own garden. :)

    Its odd what we put ourselves through. I like your attitude about life and your memories. I think a daily dose of Judy is what the doctor ordered. :)

    I am sure you do! :) All is good and I really really enjoyed reading your post this morning. Reminders of ways to empower ourselves through this type of economic status only heals the spirit! I know that wasn't your specific reason for writing it but it was very positive and did me a lot of good!

    You area wonderful listener! I love ya girl and wish you were here! We would be listening to some music and shooting darts and havin' a good ole time!
    Its funny that you mentioned deep cleansing breathes. I actually do that when I am stressin' then I went to my sanctuary (the barn). Nothing lifts the burdens like the naying of a love sick goat and the purrs of Milo. :) All is fine, because I am seriously devoted to positivity! As long as I love like I am capable and persevere as I am able and fill my heart with the things that bring a smile. Everything will be just fine. :) I know it. :)

    You are so right! You reminded me of this song I was listening to the other day. "She can roll with the punches. Long as she feels like she's in control". I really thought about it because it seems like when things are out of control be it because of age health the economy we all have problems rolling with the punches. I am going to work really hard on becoming better at it and hopefully my positivity will pollinate else where as well. :) Hearing about your role model made me so happy. Give them a big special hug (you don't have to tell em its from me- might be creepy-lol), people like that are true treasures though... :)

    Working on it! Everyday will be a new challenge but like I said before I am dedicated to planting joy and plucking the weeds. And thank you so much for the well wishes!:)

  9. first time here and enjoyed the post very much. even brought a smile to this ugly puss of mine. so, that seed of positivity has been planted elsewhere already.

  10. perspective is everything isnt it. you caught a negative perspective leaping (yep, they leap) around the corner and stopped it. good work!

  11. Hey Leigh...I've caught up with your news finally. I hope you have success with the goats, que Robinson Crusoe music again...And I am sure all will become positive in a short while...The sun will be with us soon and everything will grow and bloom again. Have a 'Cool Yule' my friend and a Happy New Year...J

  12. Good for you for not giving any more power to the negativity than necessary. Over the last couple of days, I've had some terribly frustrating occurrences that were starting to grow into something ugly thanks to my obsessive thoughts. I was tempted to vent in my blog, but after settling my thoughts down a bit, I realized if were to refrain, I would be doing myself a service by not feeding the negativity. Sometimes I can't help myself and I do go ahead and vent, but whenever possible, I try not to if I determine that it won't do me any good.

    Anyway, that's just my lengthy way of saying I'm glad to see you acting consciously when so many people don't. It's reassuring.

  13. This is an excellent resolution! Good job keeping those buggers out!