Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Strange World

Last evening we had a very light drizzle coming down from the heavy gray clouds but the air was comfortable. The light  misty rain reminded me of ocean spray. My walk down to the barn rehydrated my skin with out drowning me... it was an even balance... nature in its perfection... soothing and calm.... better than any day at the spa. (not that I have ever been to a spa)

Oddly a December drizzle has never felt more comfortable. I really enjoyed my evening chores.There was this nice soothing feel to the air... it made me long for a hammock. Yes, it felt so good outside that I would have laid down and slept with the misty drizzle and all.

After the chores, I sat down on the bench outside the barn. Milo walked over to me and jumped up on my lap. We sat underneath the shed roof and listened to the sounds. Milo's low purrs hummed a gentle lullaby.

As we sat there, I could hear a flock of geese flying in the distance. "I have never heard geese out this late", I thought. But on the other hand, its not like I get to just sit and listen to sounds very often either.

 I could hear them flying through the deep gray clouds above me. "Where are they going", I wondered? I listened to them for so long that I had started to wonder if they were flying in circles... Were they confused?
I listened longer. The sound was faint but consistent.... Maybe its me, Maybe the geese are in my head and I am bonkers?

I listened a little longer. Finally the honking geese quietly trickled away. I could hear something different. Something was walking through the woods at the bottom of the hill.... "What is it", I wondered? "Where is it going"? The leaves shuffled with each step. Apparently I am not the only one who enjoys being out in this type of weather.

Milo and I sat there quietly taking in the sounds and feel in the air until the once gray sky had turned to black.

 The sounds of the neighbors car door awoke my thoughts reminding me that it was time to go. I needed to head back to the house.

As I walked passed the garden, I heard a final "nay" from the goat stall... Once I made that last curve around the fence, I was greeted by the loud sound of a motorcycle billowing down the road. It startled me, as if I had just had ice water poured over my head while taking a nice hot shower. And it was then that I thought...........

 How strange it is too walk among two worlds at once and even stranger it is to be torn between the two....


  1. Sounds like a wonderful evening... those times when I feel "one" with the natural world around me are my favorite!

  2. Beautiful post Leigh!!! I so know what you are talking about..............

  3. such a mesmerizing story you weave...more please...BTW...Have yourself a Merry Little Xmas!

  4. Hey Leigh,
    Lovely post me dear, you caught that special time when 'it' just feels so right, I sometimes find myself envious at your use of words and how you use them to paint your thoughts for all to see, truly a gift. But the envy lasts for a millisecond 'cause I'm thankful that your share your words here. Must say that my life is all the richer for 'knowing' you through these blogs. Oh and before I forget, wishing you the best of Christmas wishes for you and for yours.

  5. I love going out into the barn at night and just looking up at the sky and listening to everything around me... I love to listen to the sheep and geese ... I just LOVE the sound that a farm makes ... It is truly music to my ears!
    Have a great Christmas.
    Peace and Joy
    p.s. thanks for stopping by my blog.

  6. Ugly Dog,
    Those are truly the best times aren't they!:)

    The Goodwife,
    I figured you would understand. Kindred spirits are we. :)

    More to come I promise! Merry Christmas!

    My sweet sweet John! You are too generous. I feel the same, life is enriched by knowing you, and reading your scribings. Give that ole' Lucy a biscuit from her Auntie Leigh. Merry Christmas to you and yours. :)

    "Barn time" is my favorite time of day!
    I have enjoyed reading your blog and I look forward to reading more! Merry Christmas! :)

  7. Leigh... I love those moments... those that start out as one thing and end as a special, almost stolen, treat of a moment. I find those mostly early in the morning, but they are almost always found when I am alone and just experiencing the wonder that is nature. I honestly detest the sound of motors as cars and trucks and motorcycles jolt me back to the rush of the "real world." I sincerely appreciate the natural sounds... sounds every bit as deafening at times, but so alive.

  8. You are such a great storyteller! I always feel like I'm there with you.