Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Never a fair weather friend

This evening while walking down to the barn to do the evening chores I looked up to see Jasmine and Jessica step out of the barn running towards me. Their tails were down and their fur was bushy as they shivered and cried out to me. Milo reluctantly took slow painful steps through the snow in my direction.... at that moment it dawns on me why is it that I love these guys so much....

Wind, rain, snow, cold; no matter the weather, they are still always willing to meet me half way....


  1. My daughter asked me once if it was wrong that she loved animals more than people. What you just described is the reason I told her it was just fine to love animals more than people. 'Nuff said.......

  2. I know people that won't even meet halfway when the weather is good! Nothing like the faithful heart of an animal - they are always glad to see you...

  3. Ahh! Your goats are so totally awesome!

    The snow is beautiful. I hope we get some soon ;).

  4. You're weather looks worse than mine right now! We've got rain, on top of frozen snow. Hoping for about 6 - 8 inches new snow so the grandkids can do some sledding when they come this week end. Hope you're staying warm (:

  5. I love how animals do truly care for people, beyond the need for food or instinct. I think they do. Who could really argue if they were in their company?

  6. The Good wife,

    2 Tramps,
    Me too! Agreed! Nothing beats the unconditional love of an animal.

    Thanks! I think they are pretty swell too!

    We haven't got that much really, it just drifted from the wind.I hope you get a good snow for the weekend! Keep warm as well!

    There are amazing stories out there about how far animals will go to show their love. I love hearing stuff like that! :) They are surly welcome in my company! ;)