Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Catching a beat down and some colorful words...

This evening was slightly warmer than our last few evenings due to the sun finally gracing us with her presence. Yet I still decided to throw on my bib overalls anyways. I may as well be comfortable if I am going to be at the barn for any amount of time this evening.

 I really wanted to check Jasmine over again. Her bawling is driving me nuts.... sometimes I can hear her crying when I am not even at home! Her nays have gotten to my brain like a terrible song stuck on repeat in the memory!

I bundled up good and made my way down to the barn. The walk in the cool evening air did my spirit a lot of good. As I met the far corner of the fence Jasmine and Jessica ran happily in my direction.

"Good evening girls", I cheerfully said.
"And Miss Jasmine, what seems to be the problem with you dear?"
Jasmine ignored my small talk and walked a few feet in front me batting her tail around and occasionally crying out.

I figured I would use this opportunity to sneak a peek and see if we have any type of heat indications in the female regions....

Here I was walking along sort of minding my own business. Ok, I wasnt minding my own business really. I was trying to keep up with Jasmin with out spooking her and look towards my left trying to see if there was any "activity" under her tail and then WAM! What the!?!?!?! A sweet gum tree jumped out of NO WHERE! O yeah that'll teach ya!

Anyways, after I regained consciousness (just kidding), but I did have to scrap together my dignity,  I managed to really check Jasmine.... and yep... she is in heat. I mean I hope thats what that was!

So this evening I started emailing people about trying to obtain stud service. I really really wish we had a buck of our own because trying to find someone on the spur of the moment isn't very much fun.O which reminds me, I have learned a new Dairy goat Lesson that I would like to share with all of you.... take note of these little trial and error lessons and learn from my mistakes. These are the little things that they don't teach in the "how to books".

Lesson In obtaining stud service for your Does:
While seeking out stud service for your doe's you will find that very few people will want to offer stud service. They are much more inclined to try to sell you buckling (baby boy goat)!  Remember, no matter how frustrating it gets during your mass emailing expeditions.... DO NOT title your email subject line with,  "AT THE MOMENT ALL I NEED IS STUD SERVICE". Your emails may not get opened... or you may just get some very colorful responses....

All the Best,


  1. HAAAAHAAAA! I sympathize with you on the stud service thing. For me it's also nerve wracking to have someone else's goat on your property and there is no way I'm going to let my girls leave the just bought a buck. You know, Tommy of my post? Yeah, I'm not leasing him, I bought him. He's healthy and I got him cheap, so I'm going to use him then move him on down the road. Unless I decide to keep him that is..........LOL! I just hate having a buck here year round, they are so nasty and smelly, but you are right, finding a gentleman at the right time is a BIG hassle! Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the tip, I will most definitely keep it in mind! : )


  3. I only know about Stud Dogs, not stud goats. Sorry. Darn gum trees....jumping out in front of you like that! Hope a breeding will be easier.

  4. Maybe you can lease your own goat out after Jasmine is settled. I'm sure you're not the only person needing "stud service!"

  5. leigh=did you buy the land next door?-
    will you have room and patience for baby goats? I have a visual of you durng this post. Should one say it's a prerry sight or should one say it is not. JIm

  6. The Goodwife,
    I think that everyone who raises goats with out a buck understands. I hate the idea of leaving my girls any where so it will be a... "quicky". LOL

    Happy to pass along my knowledge. lol

    Im considering a caution sign... maybe some flashing lights... gum trees a dangerous. lol

    Glad you liked it.

    I have considered leasing him out. In an ideal world it would be a great idea unfortunately I have yet to meet many people that I would trust to care for my animals the way I would.

    No not yet. We are still mauling it over. I don't think it is selling anytime soon and we have decided to get our property paid off before we start buying anything else. I am actually really excited about having baby goats. I have two kids of my own and well... lets just say that they have taught me a lot in the patience department. :)
    I think the most diplomatic term is "It was a sight"! LOL! :)