Monday, September 13, 2010

Fish Tales

Something that I have heard in unison this past week is that there's just not enough time. Things change and some of our interest has to be put on hold in order to work our jobs, take care of our children or animals. I second this. But I refuse to give in!

This weekend Lee and I did something that we haven't done in years (together). We loaded up the truck and took the kids fishing.

When we arrived at the lake, Lee and I took a minute to remind the children to be respectful of the other fishermen; Steer clear of other fishermen, don't run, keep your voices low, and pick up all of your trash.

After we unleashed the rascals, I took a minute to absorb the atmosphere. There was a cool breeze blowing... stirring enough of a chill in the air that jackets were often necessary (for my son and I). The fishy lake water tickled my senses and made me nostalgic for years past. I smiled at the memories.

The sounds of "Mommy, mommy" dropped me out of my whimsical trance.

Lee and I spent the majority of our time re baiting hooks for the little ones. And just for the record, the Bluegill in this lake are now very well fed!

When Lee and I finally were able to drop our lines in the water, his remained still for almost an hour... My line on the other, well my bait was cleaned off shortly after I would cast it in the water. Several little hits but nothing of any consequence.

Later Uncle Joe arrived. He came with a smorgasbord of bait, chicken livers, tomato worms, night crawlers and...and some other unknown stinky substance.

Aubs caught a small Bluegill but due to the excitement of his first fish... I forgot to take a picture. Go figure. Anyways, Aubs took his little bluegill over to Uncle Joe who showed him that he could use his small Bluegill as bait as well. Uncle Joe sliced a piece of fish for his own line as well as for Aubs.

Thanks to Aubs little bluegill, Uncle Joe caught a 4.5 lb catfish. Shortly after that, Sissy began to keep us in fresh supply of Bluegill fish head bait.

I looked over at Lee to notice he had this quiet thoughtful expression across his face. "I haven't even got a bite yet", he mutters. I sympathetically smiled and returned my focus to my own line.

Then out of nowhere this giant catfish swims over to my line! He examines it and then swims the top of the water. I catch his intense stare just has he gives me a reassuring wink. Just then I was reminded of the disappointment in Lee's voice. My majestic water beast was just about to bite my line when I jumped up and shooed him over to Lee...

So here is my Lee's 7.13lb catfish. ;)

Due to the fact that EVERYONE caught something but me, there has been a change of venue for our date night this weekend. I am trading in my high heels and fancy restaurant dinner (that's sure to be a disappointment anyways) for a hook and sinker.  We are grabbing a case of beer and hitting the lake... just me and my Boo. ;)


  1. Wow that is completely awesome! I am so glad y'all had a good time fishing. Just sitting there taking in nature is awesome, but catching fish just makes it a tad bit better. Awesome blue-gill awesome catfish! I would trade in going to a restaurant for fishing any day. Way to go!

  2. There is NEVER enough time to do all the things we would like to do. Sometimes we just have to make the time before the opportunity is lost. :)

  3. That sounds like so much fun. I have spent the summer trying to find someone who fishes to take me fishing, with no luck. Your NEW date night sounds like heaven to me - the first one, involving high heels, not so much! Glad you're passing a love of the outdoors on to the kids - I think that's really important.

  4. You know, I'd trade the fancy restaurant and high heels for an evening out in the woods with my man any day, and I'd be humming that Brad Paisley song about ticks all the way there and back ;).

    We probably wouldn't be fishing, though, because Deus Ex Machina doesn't like fishing, which is just too bad, because cornmeal breaded fried catfish is probably one of my favs ;).

  5. BeMistified,

    That's the truth alright. Making time can be tricky but as you said... ya dont use it ya lose it.

    Dog Hair,
    Come on lets go fishin'!

    You come on down here and we'll take Dog Hair fishin'. Hell, we may even go Noodling! <- Just kidding, I dont have the cojones for that. :)

  6. Awesome! Fishing is one of the best activities in the world. I bought a jonboat so I could go catfishing down at the lake and in the rivers. Nothing beats sitting back and relaxing on a calm morning.

    Have fun

  7. Oh, very, very fun indeed! We usually go fishing up north when we go camping but haven't done that since we moved. I never had the chance to go fishing as a kid and truth be told I didn't see the allure but I do now, it's fun! Have a great date night, hope you catch one! : )


  8. Glad you and yours had a good time. Just a suggestion: if it's gonna be dark and yer gonna be sittin' on the bank, ya might wanna trade that case a' beer fer a sixpack!

  9. Gorges,
    Rolling on the floor laughing! Good point Sir! Good Point! ;)

  10. Nice catfish Lee! And Leigh, I'm sure next time will be yours. Can't wait to see the fish!

  11. Now that`s a fine looking catfish! Glad you found the time to go fishing, it`s one of our favorite past-times too!

  12. Dont' tell Wendy, but I might not have shooed the fish over. We still have our little competitions ... of course, if the fish hit her line then I just let her win. Great story!

  13. I'm with Deus, there is no way in hell I'd have shooed that fish, the competitive spirit between be and my Clare when fishing is beyond belief! Great post Leigh, and it's so nice of Lee to hold up 'your' fish for the camera. :-), Really great that the young un's are being brought up the right way, me thinks that your both great parents.
    Best regards and tight lines,

  14. I haven't been fishing for a long time...but I fished most of my life though. I loved fishing for catfish at nite. I lived on a houseboat and right behind my place was a light on a pole. Dropped my line right there and caught me some nice ones. Thanks for sharing this post...brought back those memories!

  15. Is that a white bullhead? Good God, it's the biggest one I've ever seen.