Monday, September 20, 2010

The Horrible Dirty Rotten No Good Weekend....

Dinner and movie? How bout fishing and a funeral?

Lee and I planned almost a month ago to go out this past weekend with out the children. Now as many of you know an evening with out the children provides us with an array of options. O WHAT SHALL WE DO WITH OUT THE KIDS!?!?! 

Originally Lee and I had planned dinner and a movie but then we thought that since we are so rarely without kids, that it would be best to use our time wisely. We decided to get a head start on Christmas shopping. BUT then Lee showed me up last weekend and caught a 7lb catfish and well.... we all know that really burned my ass. ;) So we then nixed the Dinner and a movie for a short run to Walmart(s), <- that was for Karen. ;) and then  it was off to the lake. 
Friday afternoon Lee arrive home from being out of town all week with some bad news. His Uncle (by marriage) had passed away from an aneurism. The viewing was Saturday and the services were held on Sunday.

Now being one of those people who has children who owns one set of dress cloths (dedicated to our annual visit to church), unfortunately the children had grown out of their church cloths from last ... Christmas??? or was it Easter?? hmmm?Aye that doesn't matter... The children needed new dress cloths. So Lee and I decided Sat morning we would take the kids shopping and then that evening we would just go fishing.

Sat. morning I woke from a disturbing dream.  I dreamed that someone had been riffling through my purse and had made a statement about how messy it was. I think that this dream was a manifestation over my guilt from throwing a candy wrapper back it Friday night when the trash can was just a few feet away from me.... I knew it was wrong and lazy!!!!! The thought of someone insinuating that I was a slob made the guilt even worse. The only way to shake the guilt was to clean the darn thing. Being that I didn't have a lot of time on my hands, I reached my hand in there and scooped as much trash out with one hand that I could get... sorry but that was just going to have to do. I didn't have time, to clean and organize.

After I finished cleaning with my purse, Lee and I ran down to the barn to do chores and then head outside my beloved ten mile radius that I normally travel to the big city of Goodlettesville (about 35 minutes away).  Now I should let it be known that I do not like Goodlettesville. Despite the fact that it's also outside the ten mile radius that I normal like to travel, there are a lot of... assholes unfriendly people in Goodlettesville. I always come home grumpy. Which always reminds me that I am far to impressionable to live in a big city.

Anyways, so Lee was in charge of finding Aubs appropriate attire and I took Sissy with me. Mothers with young daughters, here is a question for ya, what up with the hoochie cloths for little girls? I found 3 dresses out of like 400. Only 3 would I have consider putting my daughter in. What are we trying to do raise a generation of hookers????? Next question.... Why is it so hard to find flat dress shoes for little girls? I don't know whats going on here. Maybe if I shopped more I would be immune to the vile cloths and shoes that they have to offer for kids. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe if I would have started wearing high heals at age 4 I would have known how to walk in them by now?

Finally I found a nice dress for Sissy and Lee picked up a really cute shirt and tie for our son. We stopped off at the cookie store to refuel. The cookie store is one of my most favorite places in the world. I am always happy to be there. Just being there is like a snack for the spirit.  We ended up getting the kiddos cookies with happy faces piped on them in icing... I mean who wouldn't love that? Even though I didn't buy a cookie for myself, it was a much needed break from the normal atmosphere of Goodlettesville.

Once we left the Mall we headed to a shoe store. Actually, it wasn't just a shoe store but a store that also sold shoes. Lee stayed in the car dosing up the kids with sugar, while I ran into the shoes store real quick. The store was packed! I ran over to the shoe section and grabbed a two pairs of shoes. I sat down and tried the first pair on. "Excellent, they fit", I thought. I grabbed the shoes and ran to the check out. I was pretty pleased with my quick choice and even faster exit from the store.

Lee and I left the city and headed towards his parents house. His mom was going to hem a pair of Aubs dress pants. We stayed there for about two hours and then headed home.

Mom was going to watch the kids so Lee and I could have our evening together. Once home, we decided to get a  pizza for the kids in order to make Memaws job easier. So after placing my order and waiting about 35min I had to go pick up the pizza. O crap, where's the keys??? So I started running around looking for my keys... "wheresmykeys, wheresmykeys, wheresmykeys", I chanted internally as I searched. "O yes my keys are in my purse!"..... "Wheresmypurse, wheresmypurse, WHERE IS MY PURSE!?!?!? 

I ran around everywhere searching for my purse. Dare I even say the feeling was slightly comparable to when Sissy once wandered off and was missing!?!?!? I felt even sicker once I realized I had left it at the store! I called and confirmed it. Yes someone turned it in. I must have laid it down when I tried on the shoes. 

My mom went to get the pizza and my dad watched the kids while Lee and I traveled back to Hades to get my beloved purse. On the way there I thought about my dream. OMAGAW! Somebody has went through my purse! My dream was an OMEN!!!!!! All these thoughts ran through my mind.... I hope they didn't open it.... If they did I hope they didn't think it was a mess.... I hope that everything is there.... what if they cleaned it out before they turned it in.... For heavens sakes alive, I know Lee can drive faster than this.... my life is in there... stupid,stupid,stupid.... I need to call the banks, and the credit card company, and ... o no, my camera was in there!

It was a long way back to the store!

Once I had my purse safely back in my arms where it belonged, I was SO happy. All the contents were there... even the trash. By the way... thanks to the good honest person that turned it in, I cant tell you how grateful I am.

Lee and I already had our fishing gear in the truck.  So we headed directly towards the lake. After a busy day with WAY to much going on, I thought that a relaxing evening was in order. But once we finally had our lines in the water, and peace and quiet surrounded us... I had the hardest time sitting still. The fish weren't biting at all, and frankly I was bored to pieces. I was really hoping to catch my whopping catfish but Sat just wasn't my day. Finally we packed up and headed home without so much as a nibble.

Sunday was about as great as any Sunday  with a funeral on the agenda could be. We did get to see a lot of family from out of town, which is always nice.

I would love to say that my Monday is going better than the weekend but after Lee left out this morning for Kentucky with my truck keys in his pocket.... Its just not showing a lot of  potential.


  1. Oh dear. Sometimes, I guess, we just have to roll with the punches, whether we like to or not. : )

    I had lots of stuff planned to do before it's too cold to get it done, but an oncoming cold bug had other plans. That really ticks me off!

  2. LOL. Looks like your day was a series of wrecks looking for a place to happen.

  3. Oh my gosh. I'm sorry about your hectic day, but this was HILARIOUS! I can totally picture the same thing happening to me. All the way down to freaking out about my dream being an omen.

    I swear the universe knows when I have a free days and throws crap at me to keep it from happening. Boo, universe!

  4. One thing about bad days, they help you better appreciate the good ones. I know it's trite, but it's true, especially as you get older and the good days seem to be spaced farther apart.

  5. My goodness I am so sorry! I am so glad that your purse was turned in, was everything in tact? Hope your week gets better!

  6. Rural,
    Very true! I have to say by Sat. night it was either laugh or cry... I laughed. ;)
    I know what you are saying about getting those things done before cold weather hits... and if you are anything like me... you were saying "I want to get this done before it gets too hot". Thats just how it goes sometimes. I hope you feel better. I'll send you a recipe for homemade noodles so the hub can fix ya some noodle soup. ;)

    Bob, I agree! I cant help but to think that I was the wreck... just looking for more than one place to wipe out at. In hindsight... it really was hysterical. :)

    I was laughing by Sat.Stuff like this just happens. You know how there are certain funny story that makes you laugh hysterically? Well this day made me think of all those times, I have four that stand out in my mind. Every time I think about them my ribs ache from laughter... Every single one of them surrounds from some form of bad day. Ill have to explain this in the next blog post.

    Very true. And I am an optimist... If I didn't have this awful weekend, I might not have had anything to write about or poke fun at today.

    Everything was in it... every last check in the check book, the credit card (for emergency only purposes), camera.... everything. I was pretty happy. Thanks

  7. No, it's not looking good. I'm buckled in for my third of three consecutive tough weeks---I knew they were on the calendar for quite some time, and I'll be through it in another 5 days or so! Hang in there!

  8. I SAW THAT!! (@ Walmarts) LOL
    Hope you're Tuesday will be better....

  9. Sad Lisa by Cat Stevens? Like your taste in music! I miss the old Cat Stevens. I'm a big fan of Moonshadow, Morning Has Broken, Father & Son, I Love My Dog, etc, etc.

  10. Sorry to hear about hubby`s uncle. Hope things look up soon!

  11. Swamp,
    I hope things go better for ya!Ill be on the count down for you. Better days are surly ahead. ;)

    I now always put an s on the end as a tribute to my dear friend living in Montana! lol ;)

    Australian Satirist,
    There isn't a Cat Stevens song that I don't like but I have yet to find a Yusuf Islam song that I do like. So I agree with ya buddy!

    There is always sun shine after the rain and today is looking pretty bright. Thanks.

  12. Interesting that your dream became a sort of omen. How do we sort out the ones that will come to pass and the ones that won't? That's the trouble with dreams.

    Though I don't have kids of my own, I find it disturbing seeing little girls dressed slutty. I'll never forget seeing the daughter of my friend's girlfriend wearing a t shirt that said "I'm a pornstar", incredibly short shorts, and heels. She was only ten or eleven years old.

    Don't get me going on those pageants, you know, the ones Joan Benet Ramsey used to be in. Very troubling when parents feel the need to parade their children around dressed like adults.

  13. Kevin,
    Im not sure if its the fact that I am one of those people who are always looking for a sign... the unknown meaning behind everything, or what but I seem to have a lot of dreams that plays as an omen in my day to day life... perhaps its the perception of subconscious mind? Example, I once dreamed that a tornado hit my husbands home town the next day we got confirmation that a tornado touch down there. Did my sense unconsciously pick a change in the weather patter? Who knows... dreams are very interesting though.

    I also always find it disturbing when I see a young girl dress up as an adult. It seems that our society not only excepts but encourages this... then we wonder why there are so many pedophiles. I find it disgusting. All I want for both of my children is to be care free kids as long as possible. Adulthood happens creeps up so quickly, why cant we just let them enjoy being little girls?

  14. Hi Leigh. I just found your blog today. Your crazy day made me laugh because I have to admit that I relate to the chaos! Have you ever read that children's book, Alexander and the Terrible No Good, Very Bad Day? I used to read it to my boys when they were little. To this day, whenever we have a day like the one you described above, one of us will say, "I think I'll move to Australia!" (a line repeated throughout the story) Thanks for sharing. Wishing you better days.

  15. Hello Leigh, Lovely to be reminded of life in TN.. Blessings. CML

  16. won't get on this soapbox but being a father and grandfather i do have strong thoughts. Society takes direct aim towards child sexuality- we buy them tight jeans,short shorts,allow bare midriff shirts, string bathing suits, body piercing everywhere imaginable. Very few role models out there for them that they can relate to-Check out Lady GAGA
    for example or Brit Spears-and how they talk, dress and act in public.-nuff said These are your childrens role model- ask them who they would like to be like when they grow up-you might get some disturbing answers. Jim

  17. Kim,
    Welcome! I think we all have days of chaos. :)

    Crystal Mary,
    A fellow Tennessean? Welcome! :)

    O goodness I think we could talk for hours about that! Unfortunately my daughters role model is Miley Cyrus. Yes... I stay awake at nights. ;)

    Lady GAGA nauseates me... :)