Thursday, September 16, 2010

Projects Projects Projects

My blogging is kind of getting sparse these days, and I apologize. But have no fear, I have a ton of great excuses!!! I have been keeping fairly busy. 4:30 am I wake up, hit the treadmill for a bit, and typically do a household chore or two. Then I have to get Sissy up and ready for school, go to school, come back and do farm chores. Once thats finished I throw myself into a project. That is unless I have to drive outside of the dreaded 10 mile radius to run errands.(Yuck) Luckily I have the kids on a pretty good bed time schedule so after they are sound asleep at night I still have time for my Dulcimer "tutorials".  How did I ever find the time to work a real job (ya know, the kind that actually pays ya cash)!?!?

Just trying to cram a lot into the day. See, busy busy busy. Just thinking about it is making me sleepy. (yawn) I need a nap...zzzzzzzzzzz zzzz  zzzz
zzzz zzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz    zzzz.

Huh, what!?!? (Yawn and stretch), O sorry I must have dozed off for moment!

 So you see I have several different projects... all of which I have had every intentions on blogging about but by the time I wind down in the evenings my creative energy has been depleted.

Ok enough excuses... here is my most recent project...

Inspired by the amazing works of Jon Mac...

Here is the blank I started with...

I used a scrap piece of Basswood

 I started whittling before I remembered to take a pic. ;)

Phase 2

Phase 3

Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration Jon... One day I'll give Kuksa a try. I encourage anyone who is interested in woodcraft to check out Jon's Blog.
He is one talented fellow!

O and it doesnt end there...Sneak peak... next project


  1. FOE THIRTY?...dang girl...I so need to be hittin the treadmill myself. But .."excuses, excuses" Lol
    How's the quittin smoking thing going? And what are you using if any to quit. I'm nosey, thats all, No, I dont smoke, not me, nope, sure don't ; )

    P.s. Love your spoon....turned out great.

  2. That is way awesome! I am afraid to know what my piece of wood would end up like. O.o Oh goodness.

  3. tberry,
    lol trust me... the foe thirty aint easy most mornings! Lol Um the quit smoking thing... hmmm Well since you are a "non" smoker ;) it may be hard to believe but there are certain times I like to reach for the smokes... like in THE WOOD shop for instance. LOL Its hard and I had many set backs... but I continue to try to kick it and I will eventually. We dont smoke in our house or cars and tend to avoid it around the youngins so with limited time to do it, I think helps. I am not on any kind of "aids" although I considered Chantix but opted to try it naturally as I have heard of many side effects from it.

    Thanks. I feared my results as well but you never know until you try and you may just surprise yourself. :)

  4. Omigod! What an awesome spoon! We've tried carving spoons, but none of them look quite that good. I was reading Jean Hay Bright's Meanwhile Next Door to the Good Life about being a neighbor of Scott and Helen Nearing, and she describes how their only eating dishes are wooden bowls from which they would eat a whole meal - one "course" at a time, but all in the same bowl. I've been thinking I want to carve some bowls like theirs ;).

  5. I may be a tad prejudiced, since I'm a former sawmill operator, but anything made from wood is beautiful to me! Still, I'm impressed when I see a woman entering a so-called male bastion and doing well. Congratulations on your spoon!

  6. Man, I thought 5:20 was darn early! I've always had a fascination for those gourds. I'd really like to grow some, or try anways. Can't wait to see the project!


  7. I await the arrival of a companion for the spoon . . . perhaps a fork?

  8. Wendy,
    I have been thinking about a bowl as well. I love the looks of the wooden salad bowls but they are expensive to purchase... I may just have to make one of my own. ;)

    I like your appreciation of the wood, I have to agree too, I like just about anything made of wood. Thank You!

    Rural Revival,
    Gourds are really easy to grow. We still had these drying is why we didnt plant any this year. Once we use these, making room in our drying space, we are going to try a different type of gourd. I like the looks of ladle gourds... or maybe we will try the loofah gourd. We are cleaning out the insides now, If you would like me to send you some seeds I would be happy to.

    Perhaps I will just convert the spoon to a spork. ;) lol

    The spoons companion will probably be a bowl or cup... a kuksa.

  9. How very cool! I`d have my fingers whittled as opposed to the wood I`m afraid! Well done!

  10. Hey Leigh,
    You are gifted at this sort of work. Projects eh? I've just thought of another ten this week to add to the endless list, argghhhhhh
    Oh and cheers for the link, excellent blog.

  11. Great spoon!

    ...and, you get up at 4:30 in the morning to exercise?...

    I'm feeling inadequate.

  12. nice spoon...and I'm with you wondering when I would find ime to work outside the home. I wasn't as happy as now...

  13. Wow! Love the spoon you made. And I enjoyed going to the blog and reading about carving. I have always wanted to do a bit of carving because I remember one of my Great Uncles who was always carving something. I think I will add spoon carving to my want to do list. Thank you for commenting on my blog!

  14. I love the spoon, but I am SO envious of the birdhouse gourds. I have tried growing them, and have done FAIRLY well, got some decent sized ones, but I have NEVER had any luck drying them, mine or other, larger, purchased ones. THey always get moldy and rot. I SO want to make an actual birdhouse out of them. I've seen some fantastic painted ones, on Ebay I think. Did you grow loofah sponge gourds this year? I have a nifty soap recipe that uses a circular slice of loofa in it - and it acts as soap and scrubber at the same time. Great for garden dirt under the fingernails!
    And 4:30? No way, no how. NEVER!!! Good for you. You have a bazillion tons more self discipline than I do. NEVER NEVER EVER!